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  • LomoLit: The Man of the House

    LomoLit: The Man of the House
    There is a house in a village perched on a hill, overlooking a road that winds down the town below. Ours is a quiet town in a small island surrounded by the Mediterranean waters, but the man living in -- or I dare say, visiting -- this house is never quiet.
  • LomoLit: A Drop

    LomoLit: A Drop
    You write your desire on the palm of my hand I clench my fist, afraid to let it go
  • LomoLit: Slip

    LomoLit: Slip
    Countless lives meet one another at this busy intersection everyday. Some are aware but most of the time, nobody even gives a second glance at things. And in a matter of minutes, three lives intertwine as the traffic lights change.
  • LomoLit: Haze

    LomoLit: Haze
    Orbs of light penetrated the thin skin of her eyelids. They kept on moving sideways - left to right, right to left. Cold air touched her still damp neck.
  • LomoLit: Keepsake

    LomoLit: Keepsake
    This week's LomoLit entry takes on the joys of traveling and different memories and stories with souvenirs from each trip.
  • LomoLit: Flutter (Part 4)

    LomoLit: Flutter (Part 4)
    Losing someone is not always through break ups, over a fight, or text messages. Sometimes, it’s the fleeting moments of indifference that can make a then close proximity into a gaping divide that just ends it all for a relationship.
  • Lomolit: Flutter (Part 3)

    Lomolit: Flutter (Part 3)
    What they had was a beautiful orchestration when looked at from the outside – much like a thunderstorm on a cloudy night with all its forked bolts hitting the ground, or the eruption of a volcano with its fiery display of pent-up force.
  • LomoLit: Flutter (Part 2)

    LomoLit: Flutter (Part 2)
    He had long quit smoking. During the time that he was still churning out smoke clouds like a Wall Street broker in the 40s and 50s, he always felt sorry for the silver paper that came with every pack of cigarette he bought.
  • Monday Moodboard: The Lines We Cross

    Monday Moodboard: The Lines We Cross
    Poetry was never one of my strengths as a writer, but sometimes, verses find a way to squeeze themselves out from the deep recesses of my mind onto paper or a text editor. Seeing one of my old lomographs somewhat prompted me to write a piece of Lomo-Literature, albeit a very random and mediocre one.
  • LomoLit: Sisters

    LomoLit: Sisters
    It all started when the care package that Maggie sent them came in.
  • LomoLit: The Wrong Kind of Color

    LomoLit: The Wrong Kind of Color
    "We need to have more color in our life." Darcy declared one morning as they searched for something to wear.
  • New Magazine Series: LomoLit

    New Magazine Series: LomoLit
    When was the last time you indulged yourself to a nice and delectable piece of prose? Or took a stroll in a garden of full of poetry? Need not worry because this new magazine series aims to give you that literature fix! Find out more after the jump!