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  • The Sumida River Cruise Ships

    The Sumida River Cruise Ships
    The Sumida River is a river which flows through Tokyo, Japan. It branches from the Arakawa River at Iwabuchi and flows into Tokyo Bay. The Sumida runs through Tokyo for 27 kilometers, under 26 bridges spaced at about one bridge per kilometer. Let me introduce the cruise ship in this river.
  • The Lomography Spinner 360° is starting its shipping voyage!

    The Lomography Spinner 360° is starting its shipping voyage!
    The Spinners are finally ready to set sail on its voyage towards their new Lomography owners! We know they will all find excellent homes and we prepared a little something for everyone while they wait for their Lomography Spinner 360° arrivals.
  • Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship

    Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship
    Need to take a break? Have 7 days of vacation time saved up? Yes? Then let's go sailing...
  • Vasamuseet (The Vasa Museum) Stockholm, Sweden

    Vasamuseet (The Vasa Museum) Stockholm, Sweden
    There are many great museums in Stockholm, but the one that fascinates me most is The Vasa Museum. The amazing story of this museum begins more than 380 years ago...
  • Cruising On The Fun Ship, Carnival

    Cruising On The Fun Ship, Carnival
    How many people think going on a cruise cost a lot of money? If you are one of them, you could be wrong, and may be missing on a fantastic vacation!
  • The Rock Boat

    The Rock Boat
    Every year in the heart of winter many a cruise ship depart from the ports of Florida and sail to some fine, tropical land. This cruise however, is a bit different.
  • The Seaport - Porto Leixões

    The Seaport - Porto Leixões
    About the sessions?? – We have many ways to get into a new city. You can drive your own car or bike. But when you do that, in fact you have no arrival spot at all. You can go to London in your car, but in fact when you arrive in London? It's when you get a hotel? Or when you see Piccadilly? "In our minds" (not in maps) "destination was always a state of mind."
  • Ferry harbour cruise - Hamburg

    Ferry harbour cruise - Hamburg
    Hamburg, Landungsbrücken. Men with blue hats advertise the “Große Hafenrundfahrt” (harbour cruise). Their shouts ring in my ears while I make my way to the ferry pier. I don’t want to pay a lot of money for a harbour cruise when I can have one without stupid cock-and-bull stories.
  • Ghostship-Ride, El Viaje Grande

    Ghostship-Ride, El Viaje Grande
    I wanted to go from Germany to Algeria. Like always, things were getting complicated and you had to adjust smartly to the odds. The possibilities were taking a plane, a ship or do the walk instead of just of talking the talk. I fell in love with the idea to take a ferry from Spain to Algeria. Those are the most common option for most of the Algerians living abroad.
  • Vigo to everyone !! Spain

    Vigo to everyone !! Spain
    Vigo is the biggest town in the Northwest of Spain. Whooo!!! There are a lot of peculiar things in our town: Boats, graffiti, Commercial areas, rubbish, misery, happiness, parties, ducks in the gardens, big squares, little ones, … I think that you can meet all you need (more or less …)
  • Tall Ship The Bounty

    Tall Ship The Bounty
    In August 2007, the tall ship The Bounty, visited Maryport on the west coast of Cumbria. The ship, a replica of the one famed for the 1789 mutiny between Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh in the South Pacific, docked in the tiny port as part of a world voyage which continues through 2008.