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  • Venice: Romance for the Masses

    Venice: Romance for the Masses
    Venice is a beautiful city full of romantic spots and picturesque corners, and I am not the only one who thinks so. The city suffers from the masses of tourists walking and floating around every day. Look further and enjoy my photos and memories!
  • Explore: Venice, Italy

    Explore: Venice, Italy
    We know we've been raving about Venice since last month, but how can we not get enamored with it, when our fellow lomographers have nothing but postcard-worthy lomographs and wanderlust-inducing stories to tell about it?
  • Awesome Albums: Venezia 2013 by wesco

    Awesome Albums: Venezia 2013 by wesco
    Before we usher you into today's awesome album, we think we should give you a fair warning first. If you're currently enduring a mild to severe case of wanderlust, please proceed with caution!
  • Three Girls on a Wild Island

    Three Girls on a Wild Island
    My friends and I discovering the Venice islands forgotten by tourists. Many tourists come to Venice and see always the same things, the most famous monuments and places are also the most touristy; but this city hides many other wonders.
  • Romance and Masquerade: Venice During Valentine's Day and the Carnevale

    Romance and Masquerade: Venice During Valentine's Day and the Carnevale
    There have already been written a few Location-articles on Venice but this one concentrates on the romance of Venice during the Carnival. When I was in this beautiful city in the Adriatic Sea I absolutely fell in love with it and I am sure you will too, so give it a try!
  • Venice and the Biennale

    Venice and the Biennale
    The Art Biennial of Venice for our little family, is an event that we absolutely must attend, and this year in particular, is my first serious opportunity to go "analog" there. A romantic weekend full of art!
  • The Colorful and Spooky Venice Carnival

    The Colorful and Spooky Venice Carnival
    This year, like every other one, the carnival arrived. I was in Venice studying, and went to see the event. I always thought the carnival was somehow a little freaky and spooky with really expensive costumes, whose prices may vary 500€ and upwards to rent, something I could never afford.
  • Tra I Canali Della Bella Venezia

    Tra I Canali Della Bella Venezia
    Venezia - La Città dei Ponti - La Città dell'Acqua - La Città degli Amanti - La Città dei Canali - Venice Many different ways to designate one of the most fascinating cities in Europe (and probably in the world). For one whole year, I had the opportunity to live in "undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man" as once described by the New York Times.
  • Fall in Love with Venice

    Fall in Love with Venice
    There really is nowhere else quite like Venice. It is a place where history and romance are mixed together perfectly. Here, you can listen to breathtaking stories, meet amazing people, and feel like you are in a different world.
  • Ghetto Nuevo, Venezia

    Ghetto Nuevo, Venezia
    Student photographer Dominic Clark revisits and retells his visit to Ghetto Nuevo, Venezia with his LOMO LC-A! His vibrant images of the infamous ghetto is now on exhibit in Lincoln Universities, as well as being featured in Source magazines graduate exhibition website.
  • Venezia

    Venezia is built on 120 small islands connected by 400 bridges that cross 150 canals!
  • Piazza San Marco (Venezia)

    Piazza San Marco (Venezia)
    It is the center of the city, the city of water: Piazza San Marco in Venezia. I am not easily blown away, but Venezia has got the something that makes refrain and thinks: ' it is awesome to be here at the moment!`. Besides the whole water-thing this very spot is outstanding.