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  • Lovely Lumps of Paint Closeups

    Lovely Lumps of Paint Closeups
    Lumps of paint. This is the subject matter of Ben Weiner's latest series of photographs. Enthralling? Yes, very much so. What we've left out here is the fact Weiner's images make you want to run your fingers all over the textured surfaces contained inside his flat photographs. There's eye candy for you too, with the magical, intertwining colors found in the oil paint closeups.
  • LC-Wide and Cats

    LC-Wide and Cats
    LC-Wide gets fantastic features, ultra-wide angle and close up. Who is the best model? Definitely – Cats!
  • Putting the Strip on the Strips

    Putting the Strip on the Strips
    What to do with those film leads or film strips from rolls that didn't turn out well (aka screwed up)? Grab some short strips of film and place them in all sorts of places. Take photos of them ... bearing in mind that this will be the first exposure. I used an old SLR and set the exposure compensation to -1.
  • The Nose Knows Gallery

    The Nose Knows Gallery
    It is one of the first things that you'll notice when you see a new face. It also warns you if said person hasn't bathed in a week. Here's Lomography's very own ode to the nose, which gives us the joy of the sense of smell.
  • Instant Wonders!

    Instant Wonders!
    I bought this accessory to use with my LC-A refurb the day it came out, and at first unfortunately i had a few problems, e.g. flat head screws on my hinge, not Philips head screws and the advance wheel being stuck when the back was on...
  • The Hills Have Eyes Gallery

    The Hills Have Eyes Gallery
    Do you find them enchanting or downright creepy? This gallery is all about those 2 little balls that give us the vision to shoot pictures!
  • Diana+ Splitzer = Instant Fun

    Diana+ Splitzer = Instant Fun
    Combing the Diana+, with the Instant back, cable release, the Splitzer, and the Wide/CloseUp Lens is nothing but Mad Scientist fun at its best. This combination has provided me with hours and hours of entertainment...and the possibilities for split image experimentation are litterally endless.
  • Tunnel Vision Lens - Lomo Macro!

    Tunnel Vision Lens - Lomo Macro!
    What some of you might not know is that there is a brilliant part of the Tunnel Vision Lens that lets you (following the golden rule) to get as close as possible!