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  • So Many Launches, So Many New Products!

    So Many Launches, So Many New Products!
    As an intern at Lomography's HQ, I was kept busy with a number of product launches. You've seen the new stuff. There was the Fisheye Baby Bauhaus, the Maps Edition Cameras and the Diana Baby 110. I haven't even memorized all of the old products that Lomography has, but I already have others to add to the list! But there is one product that I believe every Lomographer should buy.
  • Gifts That Give Back

    Gifts That Give Back
    From toys to clothes to gadgets and books, we've all received a number of gifts for our birthdays, Christmas, etc. Imagine if instead of spending money for material things, it is used to help the needy? Here's a list of gift ideas that will leave both you and the person you are giving it too feeling great and useful!
  • Guideline to Donating

    Guideline to Donating
    Those of you who are already familiar with donating your time and money for charitable causes are probably doing it because you are used to doing it since you were small or maybe because of something that's more personal. For those of you who are looking for a way to start donating, here's short guideline that you can use before you decide to donate.
  • The Science of Charitable Behavior

    The Science of Charitable Behavior
    There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself. Who wouldn't enjoy a nice cashmere sweater or a dining in the finest restaurant in the city. But let's consider the concept of giving to others can make you feel good. Research says that charitable behavior might lead to benefits for the giver.
  • New LomoKikuyu Microsite!

    New LomoKikuyu Microsite!
    See our new LomoKikuyu microsite with your very own eyes! The cause hasn't changed, but we are making change happen and believed a microsite makeover was in store. We'd love for you to share this easy to navigate site, with all information contained on one single page, with your friends, as well as good willed strangers!
  • LomoKikuyu - Buy a Book and Help Save Lives

    LomoKikuyu - Buy a Book and Help Save Lives
    Lomography and Light for the World have once again joined forces to help the people of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. This time, we want to help train and educate future ophthalmologists to fight the crippling effects of cataracts and poor eye care, and your donation can help. Read on to find out more about this great cause.
  • Help Stop the Famine in East Africa!

    Help Stop the Famine in East Africa!
    Find out how you, your family, and friends can help efforts currently underway to better the lives of those in Somalia and bordering countries and to eventually put an end to the ongoing food crisis in East Africa.
  • Lomo Kikuyu Status Report

    Lomo Kikuyu Status Report
    Wow! That's the sound that follows as a truly amazed member of the Lomography team checks how many Kikuyu Books have been purchased over the last 2 weeks - a grand total of 219, which amounts to over 1300 EUR/USD raised!
  • Kikuyu Eye Clinic: The Treatment Process

    Kikuyu Eye Clinic: The Treatment Process
    For the many who bear the burden of a cataract, the journey to an eye clinic to get the much needed surgery is one that spans many years. For the average patient, who is older and already has impaired vision, the quick surgery is a long time coming.
  • What is LomoKikuyu?

    What is LomoKikuyu?
    In 2006 Lomographic Society International founded the community aid project "LomoKikuyu" in collaboration with international aid organization Light for the World. Their aim: to finance eye surgeries for those in need, so that they may gain (or regain) sight.
  • Who are the Kikuyu?

    Who are the Kikuyu?
    The Kikuyu are the doctors, nurses and patients that make up the Kikuyu Eye Unit in Kenya. So allow us to introduce the Kikuyu people by sharing their history, culture and photos taken of and by the Kikuyu.
  • Get a Book and Train an Eye Doctor

    Get a Book and Train an Eye Doctor
    They say, “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime Lomography and the international organization Light for the World are looking to do just that. ”. Get your hands on a LomoKikuyu book and teach a man to help others. With your help, we will be training future eye surgeons and fighting the famine in East Africa at the same time.