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  • PYHOF: Fly Me to the Moon

    PYHOF: Fly Me to the Moon
    It's been 45 years since man left Earth on a historic voyage to set foot on the moon for the first time. Here's a playlist to celebrate this momentous event!
  • PYHOF: 1984

    PYHOF: 1984
    Put your dancing shoes on and groove to #1 hits from 30 years ago. Consider this your Flashback Friday fix!
  • PYHOF: These Songs Were Made For Slow Dances

    PYHOF: These Songs Were Made For Slow Dances
    Excuse us for bringing out the mush, but we just can't resist these tunes that remind us of the good old days and the lovely social dances that come with it.
  • PYHOF: Lord Huron

    PYHOF: Lord Huron
    What do you get when indie folk rock clashes with jumpy tunes? Put your head phones on right now and listen to the music of Lord Huron.
  • PYHOF: The Smiths

    PYHOF: The Smiths
    It doesn’t matter if the listener is a long-time follower or just a new listener. Music by The Smiths can ease anyone into a humming and bopping mood.
  • PYHOF: Born in the U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen

    PYHOF: Born in the U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen
    There’s something infectious and totally engrossing with Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 album “Born in the U.S.A.” that we can’t just point out. Wait, we got it. It’s Bruce all along.
  • PYHOF: The Clash

    PYHOF: The Clash
    Spike your hair up ala Simonon, raise the UK flag, and scream out with this week’s playlist featuring songs from The Clash.
  • PYHOF: Sweet like Honey

    PYHOF: Sweet like Honey
    This week’s instalment of PYHOF brings you a mix of everything from punk, blues, rock and roll, and maybe a little bit of everything in between that will hit nothing but the sweet notes. Plug those headphones in and take dive.

    Straight out rock aficionados will surely recognize the songs of this band by their guitar riffs alone. PYHOF brings you a rocking good time with the boys from AC/DC.
  • PYHOF: The Velvet Underground

    PYHOF: The Velvet Underground
    Laid-back tunes, cool black leather and shades, and a partnership with Andy Warhol for an album cover – what more could they have asked for? Take a quick hit of The Velvet Underground’s tunes that got the ball rolling for the band in the ‘60s.
  • PYHOF: The Ramones

    PYHOF: The Ramones
    Ever wondered what made the leather jacket donning boys of the Ramones famous in the music scene? Take a dive into a mosh pit of stripped rock and punk in this week’s instalment of PYHOF.
  • PYHOF: Springtime Blues and All that Jazz

    PYHOF: Springtime Blues and All that Jazz
    It may be the time for chirping birds and fresh tunes but PYHOF will take a break from usual programming to bring you songs from two of the most talented blues and jazz singers top have ever walked the earth. We bring you, Ella Fitzgerald and Albert King.

    Wherever you are this spring, it’s always good to know that you can lean on some good friends and make memories that will last forever. Or that’s just us when we heard GROUPLOVE’s amazing music samplers.
  • PYHOF: Bon Iver

    PYHOF: Bon Iver
    When winter’s ice gives way for lush greens, you know that spring is just round the corner. Spring carries the songs of birds in the air. And to accompany the songbirds in their choir, we give you Bon Iver.
  • PYHOF: The White Buffalo

    PYHOF: The White Buffalo
    This week’s PYHOF instalment is all about baritone vocals, deep-cutting lyrics and tunes that are so western that you’d feel like you need to dust off your shoulders since you got back from the saloon. Ladies and gents, presenting the White Buffalo.
  • PYHOF: Party On

    PYHOF: Party On
    We’re not even feeling a tiny shred of guilt with this line-up of songs that make us want to party. Come and join us with this week’s instalment of PYHOF. Take a dip, the party temperature feels fine.
  • PYHOF: SXSW 2014 Samplers

    PYHOF: SXSW 2014 Samplers
    As far as music festivals go, the SXSW and its amazing line-up of musical talents are surely reserved a spot in any festival fiend’s to-go list!
  • PYHOF: Big Musical Hitters at the 2014 Oscars

    PYHOF: Big Musical Hitters at the 2014 Oscars
    The biggest movies at the Oscars will not be complete without compelling scores and soundtracks that can make your ears ring and strum your emotions.
  • PYHOF: A Visual and Audio Trip with Gorillaz

    PYHOF: A Visual and Audio Trip with Gorillaz
    Outrageous music videos, animated performances and not to mention songs that are still buzzing years after they were first released, Gorillaz really has a bit of everything for every music lover.
  • PYHOF: Dog is Dead

    PYHOF: Dog is Dead
    No, that’s not an anagram of one of Nietzsche’s most famous words. It’s the featured artist for this week’s instalment of Put Your Headphones on Fridays.