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  • Lomography/TONY "New York Love" Winners!

    A recap of the winner and runners-up for the Lomography/TONY "New York Love" competition.
  • Pandre's Shopping Guide

    Pandre's Shopping Guide
    Here's another weekly update on our online shop happenings:
  • Code Pink! Lomography's thing for Pink goes Global!

    Code Pink! Lomography's thing for Pink goes Global!
    When you visit the Lomography Gallery Stores between 9th February and 15th March you will discover plenty of pink things going on in celebration of Valentine’s season of lurvvve! Read on to find out how you can get juicy discounts in store, win freebies, attend workshops AND join in with all the other fuchsia festivities we’ve got lined up! Also, find out how you can win 100 Piggies for taking part in our Potty about Pink rumble. Plus, prepare to be tickled pink by our selection of swell analogue lifestyle goodies and be tempted by a special Mr. Pink offer!
  • Potty about Pink ended almost 6 years ago

    Potty about Pink
    Pink! Pink! and even more pink! We are mad about this hot color especially round this time of the year. We have even released a special edition Diana F+ camera to fulfill our pink needs - "the Mr. Pink":http://shop.lomography.com/go/?where=shop&pro=dmr !
  • Photos from NYC Diana Dialogues Workshop

    Photos from NYC Diana Dialogues Workshop
    On Saturday, we held a workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store in New York called Diana Dialogues, where we learned all about the cult camera, from its birth at the Great Wall Plastics Factory, to its rebirth as the analogue sensation that the world is buzzing about. We had 30 lovely guests for the workshop, who all showed up with wide-eyes and armed with questions. After about 90 minutes of chatting, we hit the streets with loaner DianaF+ cameras, and a free roll of film for all who attended, shooting the bustling Greenwich Village neighborhood that we now call home.

    Today’s "Snatch!":http://www.lomography.com/snatch offer features a reproduction of a 60s classic, and a pocket-sized 35mm camera.
  • People With Books Winner Announcement

    People With Books Winner Announcement
    Celebrating the undying medium of physical, analogue reads, we present to you our three best picks for our recently-concluded "People With Books" rumble - people who would go the extra mile just to get their hands over a great life-changing companion!
  • The LomoGirls' Valentine Wishlist

    The LomoGirls' Valentine Wishlist
    Yesterday, the guys at the Lomography office in Vienna shared with you the Valentine's treat that would tickle their senses. This time, it's our dear fair ladies who'll get the chance to share the Lomographic love toys they'd like to be presented with come the 14th! Do their choices mirror your lovebird's desires too? If so, it's not yet too late to place an order for that '100% analogue romance' gift to be delivered in time for Valentine's Day!
  • Are You In Love? Rumble Winners

    Are You In Love? Rumble Winners
    Five hundred twenty five thousand six thousand minutes - celebrate the seasons of love this Valentine's. Love is definitely in the air, and what more to celebrate with your special someones over an extravagant dinner or even a romantic walk at the park? Or maybe give that special someone the "Mr. Pink Diana+":http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/blog/2009/01/26/mr-pink-diana-f-plus-limited-edition perhaps?
  • The LomoGuys' Valentine Wishlist!

    The LomoGuys' Valentine Wishlist!
    Love is definitely in the air at the Lomography HQ in Vienna. We got to thinking about what could be the perfect Valentine's gift - and while chocolates and flowers are fine for some, we think nothing says 'I lurrrrve you' like a shiny new Lomographic treat! (We could be biased ;) So we asked some of the LomoGents what one Lomographic present they would like to get from their sweetheart this Valentine's Day. Take a tour d'amour into the minds of a few of our LomoStuds. Who knows, you just might get a gift tip or two for your beloved! Or why show yourself some love and pick yourself up a nice present!
  • The Scarecrowman x Diana F+

    The Scarecrowman x Diana F+
    Make way for another Japanese limited exclusive! This special edition features The Scarecrowman from the Japanese animation of the same title. From the movies to your shutter-happy hands, The Scarecrowman is inching his way to your analog heart by collaborating with the medium-format darling, Diana! Hopping alongside the "Scarecrowman Diana F+":http://www.lomography.com/diana/ is a bevy of Japanese cameras and films that will keep you snapping up like crazy.
  • Pandre's Shopping Guide

    Pandre's Shopping Guide
    Welcome to February and welcome again to pan_dre's shopping guide.
  • SNATCH! Get A Free Diana 35mm Back With This Special Edition

    SNATCH! Get A Free Diana 35mm Back With This Special Edition
    We are proud to say that one of the earliest clones of the Diana+, "Meg", is available again in very limited numbers. On top of bringing back this instant classic, we are tossing in a free 35mm Back (worth 45€) offering you full small format compatiablitly. Unfortuantly there might be minor, and we mean minor, visual flaws on the red front paint with some cameras, but please have a look at the shop pictures to see what we are talking about.
  • Chatuchak Market, Thailand

    Chatuchak Market, Thailand
    Chatuchak Park is located in Chatuchak District in Bangkok. But more than a park, there is something here that no tourist would miss : the week-end market. To go there, you can use Sky train and stop at Mo Chit, or the subway at Chatuchak. Or the bus, but don't ask me what lines, there are too many in this town...
  • Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes ended almost 6 years ago

    Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes
    We count no less than *6* different lenses in the Diana arsenal, the Fisheye, the Super Wide, the Wide, the Close - Up, the Telephoto and the standard. But the Diana will also do her work with an entirely different option - the pinhole! Remove the lens, set the camera to bulb & pinhole - chose your subject and take photography back to basics! Are you already an expert?
  • Mr. Pink Diana F+ Limited Edition

    Mr. Pink Diana F+ Limited Edition
    *Mr. Pink Diana+ your ultimate analogue new man!*
  • K-J Bowl, Edmonton

    K-J Bowl, Edmonton
    I'm sick of constantly relying on my car to get to where I need to go, so I'm always on the look-out for interesting things to do in the neighbourhood close to home. This strip-mall basement bowling alley is a throw back to the 60s, and I've totally fallen in love with it. I've discovered that 5 pin bowling is something the whole family can enjoy - me, my wife, my five year old, and my 2-1/2 year old all have a blast at K-J Bowl.
  • Impossible Beach, Bali

    Impossible Beach, Bali
    Don't be intimidated by the name. It is possible. IF you know the way. Just don't miss the turn. Park your car right up the top and go all the way down by foot. Before you start making your descent, you will be halted on the top of the cliff as your sight fills up with a spectacular view of the beach below and you will stand in AWE for about 4 minutes.
  • Are You In Love? ended almost 6 years ago

    Are You In Love?
    There is nothing such as the feeling of being in love as all those that have experienced this wonder will testify. In the end it is about two people, and even if the world falls down around them it does not matter because they have each other. But what about you? Are you in love? Do you have someone's hand to hold when you walk down the street? Do you have somebody to tease and play with through the night? Does your heart ache when your other half is not around you?
  • Plashes of Sunlight With Nothing Else but the Diana Camera!

    Plashes of Sunlight With Nothing Else but the Diana Camera!
    Lomo is about experimenting with your gear, looking through its sprocketed holes, touching every driving gear, pushing all the buttons and trying to see what happens. Sometimes, really interesting results can be achieved, some of them even worth to be shared as tips.