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  • Huaqing Hot Spring, Xi'an

    Huaqing Hot Spring, Xi'an
    The Huaqing Hot Springs is located about 35 kilometers east of the city of Xi'an. Huaqing Hot Springs is located at the foot of the Lishan Mountain, a branch of the Qinling Range. Standing 1,256 meters high, it is covered with pines and cypress and looks very much like a dark green galloping horse from a long distance away. In ancient times, a black horse was called "Li", and this is how it got its name, Lishan.
  • Wakefield

    The city of Wakefield, the place where my parents were born and where I have spent most of my short life. Its handy for shopping but it's not as good as Leeds. It's got a great strip of pub and clubs with fairly decent music and after you've hit the clubs you can always got to the ever so handy subways. But lets not forget the magnificent Cathedral that gives the goths and the moshes a place to hang out.
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

    Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
    Have u ever eat and buy souvenir during a ride on a boat in the river? Floating market is a place where the Thais sells food, vegetables during the early days and now had become one of the most interesting tourist spot in Thailand. According to travel books, there are a few Floating Market around Bangkok. Most of them is commercialized imitation of Damnoen Saduak. Today, this Bangkok Floating Market deals with more tourists than it does local people
  • Dream Team - Fisheye & Ringflash

    Dream Team - Fisheye & Ringflash
    "This here is the team that set my summer into fire! Grab a Fisheye No. 2 and a Ringflash and start colouring everybody you know. Start with your family memebers then ask some friends, try some neighbours or even have a go at strangers in a bar! The funniest shots are taken indoors or at night so the last ingredient to this kind of photo Strudel would be the Fuji Press 800 film. Give it a try! Oh, and don't forget to get close."
  • Out and About in Iceland

    Out and About in Iceland
    Iceland – the land of Vikings, hot springs, volcanoes and Hákarl (putrefied shark)…. where the beer flows plentifully and the coffee has kick…. what more could you ask for? The landscape is stunning with active steam vents lining the countryside, basalt as far as the eye can see and volcanoes popping up amidst the dramatic and rolling landscape. A “Disneyland” for a volcanologist like me!
  • Reykjavik

    A city of just over 120,000, home to almost half of the population of Iceland, Reykjavik is a modern European city with traditional charm, offering a little of everything to a wandering traveler. The cafes serve wonderful coffee, delicious chocolate cake and cold Viking beer.
  • Fisheye 2 -Take Some “Flavor” Shots!

    Fisheye 2 -Take Some “Flavor” Shots!
    Fantastic little camera, great fun, just makes you wanna go out and take photos till the sun goes down...and then on through the night!
  • Hooked on the Fish

    Hooked on the Fish
    Ridiculously fun, absolutely flexible and always dependable. I bought a Fisheye 2 Camera a year ago. It was supposed to be a platform for catharsis and the vehicle that would introduce me to the wonderful world of Lomography. Now countless rolls later and an arsenal of cameras at hand it remains to be the closest one to my heart.
  • Genoese Fortress

    Genoese Fortress
    You want everybody to see it, to come close to their walls of rough gray lime-stone, to go through the gates protected by two powerful towers, to see the empty hill which hides the ruins of beautiful trade and handicraft city, to come up to the Consul Castle and than by steep path go up to the Krepostnaya Mountain to the lonely Dozornaya tower (it is also called Devichya covered with romantic legends).
  • Luna The Fisheye No.2, My Lomo First Love

    Luna The Fisheye No.2, My Lomo First Love
    To be honest this is my very first Lomography Camera. I bought this beautiful camera in 2007 as a birthday present from my parents. I bought it from Lomographic Society Indonesia. I just remember my heartbeat goes crazy when my fisheye no.2 arrived at my house. I run from my bedroom and take the fisheye no.2 from the delivery man. It was that happy excited feeling and that feeling always come when I bought a Lomography camera :)
  • Fisheye No. 2 - What I've Learned

    Fisheye No. 2 - What I've Learned
    Surely we all know about the Fisheye 2 camera and its features by now - 170 degree perspective, double exposure "mx" button, "b" setting to allow endless opening of the shutter, and ability to distort objects. But during the past year or so, I've been documenting everything from road trips to everyday life with my Fisheye 2, and I've learned a few things through my experience.
  • Hat Yai, Thailand

    Hat Yai, Thailand
    Hat Yai is the commercial center of Southern Thailand and a popular weekend destination for visitors from Malaysia. It is located 1300 km from Bangkok and about 50 km from Pedang Besar on the Malaysian border. Hat Yai’s particular interest is shopping – driven by Malaysian weekender the market stalls offer virtually everything.
  • Tioman Island (Pahang)

    Tioman Island (Pahang)
    One word to describe Tioman Island - Peaceful. A small island located 32 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang, it's indeed one of the beautiful islands in Malaysia.
  • Tipster Of The Day: Everything Is Illuminated

    Tipster Of The Day: Everything Is Illuminated
    Most owls and Lomographers have something in common: they are both nocturnal beings and are always on a hunt. If you're one of them, don't go wandering at night without this survival guide...
  • White Beach (Torrijos, Marinduque)

    White Beach (Torrijos, Marinduque)
    Traveling to the island province of Marinduque during the Holy Week was a test of patience. But rewards are abound. The stretch of white sand beach of Poctoy is proof to that. The privacy of a beach cove was perfect for sleeping right at the shore. The following day was excellent for getting a tan, playing beach volley, throwing Frisbee or just take a dip!
  • Lomography Fisheye No. 2 - Staff Review

    Lomography Fisheye No. 2 - Staff Review
    The Fisheye No.2 camera offers the same 170-degree field of view as the original Fisheye, but this one's equipped with extra features, such as the Multiple Exposure switch.