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  • Back to Basics: The Zim & Zou Analogue Project

    Back to Basics: The Zim & Zou Analogue Project
    In the times of the all-encompassing digital medium, as a working graphic designer in today’s world, it is very refreshing to find such handmade beauty. Especially when they feature such analogue delights, and bring forward so many fond memories. Come and meet the Zim & Zou ‘Back to Basics’ art project.
  • DIY: Fashionable Camera Straps @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village ended almost 3 years ago

    DIY: Fashionable Camera Straps @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village
    Come and craft with us! Get ready for the bright summer fashions by jazzing up your boring old camera strap.
  • Film Canister Emergency Kit

    Film Canister Emergency Kit
    In times of emergencies, you might find it a hassle to rummage around your bag and look for the items that you need. Here's a quick and simple tipster that will help you. Read on for the steps.
  • The Colours of Christmas by Children

    The Colours of Christmas by Children
    Every kid is waiting for Christmas. The children in my arts and crafts club aren't any exception. This year the week before Christmas was extremely busy. My 5-6 year-old artists were super excited about making Christmas gifts and decorations. Handmade with love. It can't get more analogue than this.
  • Ceramic Polaroid Coasters

    Ceramic Polaroid Coasters
    Check out this cool crafty idea. Pretty Polaroid picture ceramic coasters by photographer and craft artist Parul Arora. These nifty analogue trays are perfect this holiday season. Read more...
  • How to Make Your Own Clever Collage!

    How to Make Your Own Clever Collage!
    Butchering your photos can be beneficial! Exercise your creative muscles and create something cool in the process. Let's collage!
  • Splitzernister

    Use film canisters to create a splitzer for your DianaF+.
  • Crochet and Lomography

    Crochet and Lomography
    About a new skill that I really didn't need, and a new Lomography camera I needed to spoil myself rotten with!
  • Craft yourself a Flash Filter Organizer-card

    Craft yourself a Flash Filter Organizer-card
    I was always annoyed that It took me so long to find the right flash filter while in low light. So I had an idea! The result is this little card that allowed me to quickly select a filter. It also fits in any pocket, since it is only the size of a postcard. With a little skill you could easily craft your own. :)
  • Cheap Water Bottle Tripod

    Cheap Water Bottle Tripod
    We've all been there, its a hot day and you only have room in your bag for either a tripod or a water bottle. But why compromise? With this not-entirely-pointless How To, you can soon make your very own Bottle Tripod! Hallelujah i hear you cry! I shall never go without water or photos again! Finally an answer to all my tripod/bottle related problems!
  • Create your own Lomography bookmark!

    Create your own Lomography bookmark!
    It is certain that all of us have more hobbies (or passions!) besides photography... and if one of your other interests is reading, why not unite them both somehow?
  • Re-Cap of Fireside DIY at the Lomography Gallery Store LA!

    Re-Cap of Fireside DIY at the Lomography Gallery Store LA!
    The Lomography Gallery Store LA put your arts and crafts skills to the test, holding a free workshop letting you create one-of-a-kind holiday presents for your loved ones near and far! They are sure to appreciate these awesome analogue style creations!!!
  • Making Mobile Art from Scrap Film Supplies

    Making Mobile Art from Scrap Film Supplies
    Turn your scrap film products into unique lomography mobiles. It’s simple, great for the environment, and looks excellent hung over a bed or on the wall.
  • Artscape Festival

    Artscape Festival
    The largest public arts and music festival in Baltimore (happens every summer).
  • In the Shop: Q&A with Bear & Bird

    In the Shop: Q&A with Bear & Bird
    *Amanda Magnetta*, creative whirlwind and owner and operator of *Bear & Bird Gallery* (upstairs in Tate’s Comics) in Lauderhill, Florida knows a thing or two about art, style, and a DIY approach to life. Bear & Bird Gallery hosts awesome art shows, creative craft classes, and of course has a shop full of hand picked, aesthetically conscious goods. The gallery is a place for the community to connect, express, and inspire. We caught up with Lady Magnetta about her life in and out of the gallery, her inspirations, and her two adorable canine companions.
  • Shao He Ting Antique Market

    Shao He Ting Antique Market
    Chaoheting Market originated from a fair called Lung-an Market, run by the Taipei City Government. It was full of stalls selling all kinds of meat, fish, and fowl. Located in the heart of one of the most popular tourist areas in Taipei city, Shao He Ting sells a wide variety of antiques from Taiwan's Japanese colonial era (1895-1945). These include ticket stubs, movie posters, toys, jade ornaments and store signs, as well as larger items like tables, chairs and cabinets. Every weekend, this market is crowded with antique dealers from all over the island, as well as local residents and tourists. I like old lights here, they are so special and old. But I have too many lights in my room now.
  • Kaziuko Muge

    Kaziuko Muge
    Kaziuko Muge (English: Kaziukas Fair) - is a biggest annual Lithuanian folk crafts fair dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, held on the Sunday nearest to St. Casimir's Day, March 4, the day Saint Casimir Jagiellon died, and is referred to as Kaziukio mugė in Lithuanian, literary - Little Casimir's Fair. Kaziukas is a diminutive of Casimir in the Lithuanian language.
  • Masai Market

    Masai Market
    Masai Market is also called 'Tuesday Market', which is in the capital city of Kenya - Nairobi. There are over fifty Masai women who sell traditional wares including beadwork and baskets. In Kenya's market, even in some stores, bargaining back and forth is very natural matter. Art of bargaining has a very deep foundation in Kenyan culture, and was considered as must-be commercial skill.