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  • Lomography Embassy Store Bratislava

    Lomography Embassy Store Bratislava
    Bratislava Lomography Embassy has gone a long way, going through many changes since 2009 but keeping it analogue all the time. Even a fire couldn't stop it!
  • PhotoSynthesis Art Center in Sofia, Bulgaria

    PhotoSynthesis Art Center in Sofia, Bulgaria
    PhotoSynthesis Art Center is Bulgaria's largest retailer of photographic equipment. The core part of company's social activities is the popularization of photography in Bulgaria. In the past few years they have successfully organized a great deal of exhibitions and other photography-related events, courses, workshops, etc.
  • 6 Cool Café Hangouts in Sydney

    6 Cool Café Hangouts in Sydney
    If you are looking for good cafés to chill at while exploring the various suburbs in Sydney, here’s a guide that may just help you. It comprises 6 eating spots in 5 suburbs (in alphabetical order) that you can stop by to rest your tired feet and fill that empty stomach of yours.
  • Interview with Boey, the Artist Who Draws on Foam Coffee Cups!

    Interview with Boey, the Artist Who Draws on Foam Coffee Cups!
    Every morning we take a cup of coffee and leave it there forgotten, without paying much attention to it. But there is someone who sees in them much more than a drink. That is Boey, a Malaysian artist that uses foam coffee cups as a canvas for his amazing drawings.
  • I Love Watching People Doing Their Work

    I Love Watching People Doing Their Work
    I claim: you can´t get more authenticity than with people at work! I guess a lot of poeple can´t think of stepping into a store,bakery, coiffeur or whatever, take out their camera and ask if they can take a few pictures. But you being an (silent) observer ensures you getting authenticity and you decide the moment which is worth being captured - not the right facial expression you need to quick pull the trigger.
  • Through Berlin with Clara Moto: at the Maybachufer

    Through Berlin with Clara Moto: at the Maybachufer
    As an electronic musician and DJane, Clara has seen some of the best clubs in the world. Born in Austria, she now lives in Berlin Kreuzberg and is currently working on her second studio album. Here she shows us her favourite spots at the Maybachufer
  • FULL/half: A Cozy Café for Your Sweet Tooth!

    FULL/half: A Cozy Café for Your Sweet Tooth!
    If you’re looking for a decent dinning place to enjoy some nice food with friends or if you’ve got a sweet tooth like us, FULL/half is the place that you can’t miss in Hong Kong!
  • Horniman Museum: Built for the People

    Horniman Museum: Built for the People
    The Horniman Museum and gardens stand on the brow of the hill in Forest Hill, South London. The museum has unique collections of musical instruments, artifacts from around the world, and enough stuffed animals to make a taxidermist squirm!
  • [Requested Location] Café Gartensalon, Munich

    [Requested Location] Café Gartensalon, Munich
    Café Gartensalon is probably one of the most wonderful and most colourful cafés in Munich at the moment. If you have some spare time, you should definitely go and try the home-made cakes there!
  • Urban Café (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

    Urban Café (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)
    In the heart of Aguadilla is the coziest venue you'll find around. Full of fun, crazy, comforting times. Step right in! A mother is probably the most special person you'll ever meet. She will always support, love, and be there for you. That is why when my mother's birthday came around this year, I had to gift her with photos from her special night, so into the town's smallest venue we went!
  • Kahvila Majurska in Lappeenranta

    Kahvila Majurska in Lappeenranta
    Café Majurska: a place which I didn’t want to leave. Old furniture, many handicrafts and yummy cakes and pastries make you feel like visiting your grandma.
  • Berlin Hot Pool The Best Billard-Café in Town

    Berlin Hot Pool The Best Billard-Café in Town
    If you like to play Pool or Snooker and you're in Berlin - then this is the place to go to.
  • Berlin Körnerpark

    Berlin Körnerpark
    The Körnerpark may be quite small, but it has a lot to offer.
  • FlyverSwing @ Råhuset

    FlyverSwing @ Råhuset
    Every Tuesday night, this is where you'll find the swing dancers of Copenhagen.
  • Café de Paris - Gießen

    Café de Paris - Gießen
    A very small, cosy café in an old, beautiful street in Gießen.
  • Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)

    Andy's Milchbar (Weimar)
    Okay, this is only special for Non-US-American lomographers - nevertheless, worth a visit for everyone enjoying nostalgic interiors and tasty and hand made fast food.
  • Le Fontainas, Brussels

    Le Fontainas, Brussels
    Welcome to one of my favorite cafés in Brussels any time of the day: Le Fontainas is for sure one of the best places downtown to sip a coffee in the morning reading the paper, have a simple lunch and a beer at noon or enjoy some cocktails in the evening with friends, all of this while listening to some of the most interesting music selection in Brussels. In winter, you can sit inside and warm up with a hot chocolate. The interior decoration is cozy, with a nice vintage touch and huge photographs on the wall :). I particulary like the recycled chairs and tables, each one in a different shape and color.
  • Murinsel Graz

    Murinsel Graz
    When I heard of the Murinsel project for the first time I was very curious to see it: A cafe swimming in the midst of the river Mur! When I came to Graz I surely visited this extraordinary cafe. And I was fascinated by the realization of this project.
  • Cappuccino

    There is absolutely nothing that can beat an authentic Italian cappuccino. I've always been a big fan of coffee and though many parts of the world are known for their different coffee varieties and beans...the cappuccino has always been a favourite of mine (and incidentally I discovered the cappuccino actually originated from Vienna!). When in Italy, it doesn't matter where you go, be it a fancy 100-year-old cafe or the little corner snack bar with two tables out front, the cappuccinos they serve are always top-knotch. I must've drunk about 42 cups in my 2 week stay and not once did it disappoint.
  • Dalida Café

    Dalida Café
    Dalida café is XiMenDing's latest hippest addition to the icing of western Taipei. Dalida takes its name from a French diva, who makes regular appearances on the sound system of this Euro-style cafe. Taking advantage of its location on the square in front of the Red Theater, Dalida expands outwards with an outdoor patio and a terrace on the second floor.