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  • The History Rally Grounds (Nuremberg)

    The History Rally Grounds (Nuremberg)
    The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds Nuremberg is a place you will discover the dimensions of the era of National Socialism and take strange pictures. This was a beloved destination for excursions since 1876. The Great Dutzendteich was a popular and the first open-air bath in Nuremberg.
  • Gyeongju

    This city is known as an 'outdoor museum', for good reason. Everywhere you look there are ancient buildings, Buddha statues, old temples and, best of all, giant mounds called 'tumuli' in which are buried the bones of ancient kings. Most tumuli are just huge, bare, grassy hills, but one in particular draws me again and again. This tomb of a 1300-years-dead king has about six trees on it - Tim Burtony, craggy trees.
  • The Parking Garage (Florida)

    The Parking Garage (Florida)
    For my favorite spot of lomo fun, I go to a tiny parking garage in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. When I had a class nearby I went fairly regularly and there was a lot of construction going on and a lot of fun signs all about, which I love because I always feel as though signs are shouting at me. Once I was brazen enough to slip past security (who was blaring classical music and chatting up a fairly bootylicious woman) and construction hazards and make it up to the rooftop.
  • Qingdao Christian Church

    Qingdao Christian Church
    Located near Xinhaoshan Park ,the christian Church at No.15 Jiangsu Road is a famous piece of religious architecture in Qingdao.
  • Lyon City Walk

    Lyon City Walk
    Lyon is a beautiful city in France. The first time I went there I was really charmed by the mood and the characteristics of the city and now, every time I go back there, I'll see always a lot of new things.
  • East Cemetery

    East Cemetery
    As you have read from the website this is an old azz cemetery dating back before the French and Indian War in the North American Colonies.
  • Institute of Arab World

    Institute of Arab World
    The "Institut du Monde Arabe" (Institute of Arab World) is a beautiful architectural and cultural place in Paris near to the river Seine in the centre of the city. Very futuristic building, its conception was planned to be synthesis between modern European style and traditional Arabic one.
  • Fukuei Cape Lighthouse

    Fukuei Cape Lighthouse
    Fukuei Cape Lighthouse lies at the very northern end of Taiwan Island. Fukuei Cape Lighthouse often has to deal with fall and winter mist as well as with an unstable climate. To solve the problem, Japanese added a foghorn in the lighthouse, which can warn the boats when the mist is too strong.
  • Holiday Resort in San Jhih

    Holiday Resort in San Jhih
    It is an abandoned holiday resort in San Jhih, a mall town on the north coast of Taiwan. It has been abandoned for more then 20 years. People call it "UFO house". The man who supposedly designed the flying saucer room is an architect from Finland Matti Suuronen. He designed the flying saucer shape in 1968 (UFO). The glass fiber system house calls "Futuro". Bit later the same year, the production cost of Futuro became more expensive, as well as producer Polykem had not consummated the plan to develop Futuro, and sold the design idea right to many countries carelessly, therefore you can see Futuro in so many places around the world.
  • Airport of Nice

    Airport of Nice
    If you come to Nice by plane, you'll be very quickly fascinated by what you see. Sure, whenever you arrive - during daytime or at night, the view of the Cote d'Azur by plane is always fascinating, but the airport to which you arrive is also a very interesting building! The T2 terminal is one of the recently constructed airports by a French architect Paul Andreu (see the links) who made a lot of great airport buildings around the world (and many other interesting constructions) and who designed this new building for Nice international airport who was inaugurated year 2002.
  • Spinnaker Tower

    Spinnaker Tower
    I went to Portsmouth a couple of weeks ago and was told to visit Spinnaker Tower. My first thought was: Oh, what a touristy rip-off, do I have to go there? But when I got to Portsmouth the first thing I saw was that enormous, futuristic-looking tower and I was immediately fascinated.
  • Narita

    The place that you must see when landing in Japan is not the hi-tech city of Hello Kitty, but instead the view of rice fields and the pace is slow. The location you should see is Narita, Japan. Narita city is located next to Tokyo's International Airport and is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Narita is packed with temples and tradition. Sushi restaurants are plentiful and the locals are friendly.
  • Esplanade

    When one is in Singapore, there is always a strange structure looming over the horizon. Upon closer inspection this curiosity appears to be a massive architectural masterpiece that looks like one of the country's favorite fruits, albeit its stench, the durian. The Esplanade Theaters on the Bay is built to be the focal point for performing arts in the region.
  • St Mary's Church

    St Mary's Church
    Belfast's most famous place of worship is probably St. Anne's Cathedral, located by Cathedral Quarter, a hive of activity at its annual Arts Festival. But in a most unlikely place, St Mary's Church also provides some astonishingly silent sanctuary. A few doors up from Castle Court, Belfast's biggest shopping centre, St Mary's is in a rather odd location, but still a retreat in the midst of city centre madness. Built in 1784, it was Belfast's first Catholic church - before it opened its door, Belfast's Catholic population met to worship at a site called Friar's Bush. Inside the church can be seen brightly-painted statues, Italian artwork, dramatic arrangements of candles and, of course, a depiction of the Sacred Heart.
  • Lijiang

    Lijiang is another old town in Yunnan Province and the second stop of my trip. It is a little more than 3 hours drive from Dali (check my other story).
  • Island of If

    Island of If
    One of the best known islands in the whole world - the island of If. I could not find the story about the island, why is it called like that - If. But one thing I know for sure is that this island is famous because of the Count of Monte Cristo. As you can remember the story of Alexandre Dumas, this Count was jailed there and the whole story is about how he tries to escape from this small island, where only the building of jail is located. I do not remember the exact amount of time, but I guess that he escaped only after several years (maybe 7 or 13) by digging the whole in the wall with the spoon.
  • Skogskyrkogården: The Woodland Cemetery

    Skogskyrkogården: The Woodland Cemetery
    Two young architects: Erik Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz converted in 1917 a forest on the outskirts of Stockholm in a place really sacred. You don't need to be a believer. You just have to walk around the cemetery to feel the magic of the place.
  • Chinatown Bangkok

    Chinatown Bangkok
    Like in other countries in the world, Bangkok also has its own Chinatown. The Bangkok's Chinatown district runs along Yaowarat Road from Odeon Circle up to the Ong Ang Canal. It's made famous for its gold shop and pawnshops or just about anything you wanted to buy could be found here.
  • Saint Clair Convent Cemetery

    Saint Clair Convent Cemetery
    The Franciscans funded the Saint Clair Convent back in 1673 and their cemetery is on the right side of the convent complex. It's very peaceful place, where Taubaté's people commemorate their loved and missed ones. It's one of oldest cemeteries of the city. On that same cemetery were they buried lots of important Taubaté's historical characters, we can see many Christ's statues, cool stone tombstones and the richest families mausoleums that are very creepy at night (ok, I can walk inside the cemetery at night, but shhhhh, don't tell to anyone), but very cool to shot at daytime.
  • Exeter College Chapel

    Exeter College Chapel
    Although Oxford is packed full of (probably) lovely college chapels, the best one is definitely Exeter College's (although I am perhaps biased since it's my college and all, but that doesn't matter, it's definitely worth a visit). It might not be St. Peter's or the Sistine Chapel or anything, but one thing it certainly has over them is how quiet it is - it's a hidden gem of Oxford, in a college that most tourists seem (stupidly) to pass by, so you'd be very unlucky to be stuck in the middle of a big tour group.