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  • Unforgettable Iloilo, A Queen of a City

    Unforgettable Iloilo, A Queen of a City
    Not even a troublesome trip can deny the beauty of the Queen City of the South - Iloilo.
  • Welcome to Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo - Known as the Football Capital of the Philippines

    Welcome to Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo - Known as the Football Capital of the Philippines
    Last December I went to the Football Capital of the Philippines, locally known as Barotac Nuevo to spend the afternoon and take some photos. There were some guys practicing football and I just can't help but start clicking away.
  • The Town of Sara

    The Town of Sara
    Sara, Iloilo is a town non-comparable to other towns. This is the place where I grew up. It's really simple. Places like this where you enjoy living in simplicity is like a gem to my heart. Read on for more of my childhood adventures!
  • Skimboarding in Villa Beach

    Skimboarding in Villa Beach
    Do you like to go out and enjoy the beach with your skimboard? Have a lomographic fun in Villa beach while going skimboarding!
  • Christ The King Park Memorial

    Christ The King Park Memorial
    This is located near my house. I love the architectural structure of their chapel.
  • Calle Realle

    Calle Realle
    So much I have seen from this famous street that I have heard this name since 3 years of age.
  • Welcome To Leganes!

    Welcome To Leganes!
    Leganes is a 45-minute ride from the city of Iloilo. Decent place but is now currently upgrading.
  • Sarabia Manor (Iloilo City)

    Sarabia Manor (Iloilo City)
    As our body temperature drops down, it's again that time to regurgitate the summer fun. Join this as we visit my top five places of summer getaway! Enter number one entry -- Sarabia Manor!
  • The Wharf in Muelle Loney (Iloilo City)

    The Wharf in Muelle Loney (Iloilo City)
    The wharf here in our place where most photo enthusiasts would spend an afternoon here taking pictures. For travelers, one doesn't get a glimpse without seeing Muelle Loney, the wharf of Iloilo. Let me share to you a little knowledge about this Wharf.
  • Relaxin' in MO2 Water Park (Iloilo City)

    Relaxin' in MO2 Water Park (Iloilo City)
    If you love booze, party, hang-outs and hangovers, this is the best place to go. Great for events, parties, assemblies and conferences too!
  • Zigzag Zarraga

    Zigzag Zarraga
    Zigzag because from the city of Iloilo going Zarraga requires one a strength over zig-zag roads! Going there is like riding a big snake; the car is going to the right direction and suddenly, to the left! Very strange, indeed.
  • Pavia, Philippines

    Pavia, Philippines
    This is where my heart is. Pavia is just a 15-minute drive away from the Downtown Iloilo City. It is a suburban place where most of the people would consider living in this side of town rather than the busy streets and night life of the city.
  • Cygnus' Trip to the Coastal Road

    Cygnus' Trip to the Coastal Road
    The mark of a New Year is something a good way to start the whole entire 365 days of living. Three days after the firework blasts and the popping of champagnes (and even Buena Noche), Vince, me, Kharen and some friends of Lomo went to the Coastal Road. We had a mini-shoot there together with our NFF's (new-found-friends) who are models.
  • Top of the Tower

    Top of the Tower
    During the Olympics, me and some of my friends had a time to hang-out over their place. Well not really tall and high, only 15 floors high, but it is really a great scene and view to experience sitting there and watching the sunset, the big river, the whole city and even some islands.
  • Jaro, Iloilo

    Jaro, Iloilo
    After visiting the Jaro belfry, I think it's best to serve you with yet another toast of this beautiful town. Jaro is a suburban place with more than 10,000 population. It is taken from the word Saro or Salog (floor) which Spanish inquisitors cannot pronounce thus the naming of Jaro en-official. Once it has been the trading center of Siam and Chinese merchants since this place is located in-between Dungon Creek and Jaro River, making an easy-access to the mouth of the ocean.
  • The Jaro Belfry

    The Jaro Belfry
    The belfry, campanario, or bell tower is a given fixture of every Catholic church. It houses the bells, which basically toll the hours, call the people to mass, and announce important events.
  • Alubihod, Philippines

    Alubihod, Philippines
    We all love beach, don't we? We all bask ourselves under the heat of the sun every summer! But what about during the Christmas Holidays?!
  • My Secret Place

    My Secret Place
    A few walks away from my house lies a secret place where the sunset is lovely. I always stop there and enjoy the view. The sun never fails when it is about to sleep.
  • Cabatuan, Philippines

    Cabatuan, Philippines
    Welcome to the infamous, little town of Cabatuan. It is located in the northern part of Iloilo. The town is typically filled with 50,861 people who are mostly farmers. It is said that Cabatuan is the heart of cultural and religious activities in the whole province of Iloilo.
  • Dinagyang Festival (Iloilo)

    Dinagyang Festival (Iloilo)
    The Dinagyang festival of Iloilo is one of the biggest and most colorful religious and cultural festivals in the Philippines. The Dinagyang is held on the fourth Sunday of January every year to honor the Santo Nino (the holy child Jesus) through group dance performances accompanied by drums. Various dance groups called tribes compete for awards such as best performance, best choreography, best costume, and best music.