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  • Petzval LomoAmigo: Victoria Schofield

    Petzval LomoAmigo: Victoria Schofield
    There are a lot of talented people who work at Lomography Gallery Soho and Victoria Schofield is no exception to that rule. She is a student who has already built an extensive portfolio of photographs and is serious about music photography. We lent her a Petzval lens to test over the weekend and here are the results.
  • The Land Down Under: Melbourne's Graffiti Lane

    The Land Down Under: Melbourne's Graffiti Lane
    Since the 1990s, Melbourne has been home to some great street art, with two lanes, Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane, being something like a giant, open air canvas for graffiti artists for years. Here's some amazing graffiti I had the chance to see during my stay in the city!
  • The Land Down Under: A Week in Lakes Entrance

    The Land Down Under: A Week in Lakes Entrance
    Schoolies refers to the traditional end-of-year holiday Australian teenagers go on to celebrate the end of their secondary schooling. Having completed Year 12 at the end of 2013, my friends and I went to Lakes Entrance for a week in December to celebrate. It is a sleepy town by the coastline with lots of waterfronts, perfect for a trip with friends.
  • Hosier Lane, Melbourne: the Famous Street Art Lane-Way

    Hosier Lane, Melbourne: the Famous Street Art Lane-Way
    In only the last 10 or so years, street art has gone from the 'vandalising' of tags to a celebrated art form in Melbourne. Hosier Lane is one of the most popular places to find some street art and is also very centrally located across from Federation Square in the city center. I headed here on a walking tour of the city and here is what I found.
  • “First the Worst”: Not True with Lomographic Luck

    “First the Worst”: Not True with Lomographic Luck
    When feeling dejected after getting prints back from a recent Holga workshop, I looked back at my old photos and realized that with a bit of practice and the correct mindset, my Lomographs were actually pretty good! When you're lomo-down, sometimes all you need is a nostalgic reminder (and a new roll of film!).
  • Queen Victoria's Portraits from the Late 1800's

    Queen Victoria's Portraits from the Late 1800's
    As the earliest photographic processes were invented during her reign, Queen Victoria also holds recognition as one of the first monarchs to enjoy highly detailed and realistic portraits taken in film.
  • Rock down to Electric Avenue

    Rock down to Electric Avenue
    If you want to experience one of London’s most vibrant and ethnically diverse areas jump onto the Victoria line, head to Brixton and rock down to Electric Avenue.
  • Please Mind the Gap

    Please Mind the Gap
    If you have ever been to London, you've been on the underground - if you knew what was good for you. If you were in London for any amount of time you would have learnt that loading up an Oyster Card was the way to go. If you were a roaming Lomographer you would have seen the beauty in riding the sardine can carriages and the scenes that played out on the platforms.
  • Summer Wine

    Summer Wine
    "Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring. My summer wine is really made from all these things"
  • Victoria Peak aka 'The Peak'

    Victoria Peak aka 'The Peak'
    Also known as the highest point in all of Hong Kong, it's a must-visit for those who want to experience such great heights!
  • Old Ballarat Train Station

    Old Ballarat Train Station
    The Ballarat Train Station is a two-minute walk from the city center in Ballarat. Despite that new fast trains have been installed, the structure of the station remains the same as it was in the 1860's. It is also the spot where I went to the first Ballarat Lomographer's meet up! That was a spectacular evening involving Holga's, tripods, light meters, the golden hour of light, and lengthy discussions about photography.
  • Hanging Rock, Victoria

    Hanging Rock, Victoria
    Hanging Rock is situated in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, about an hour out of Melbourne. It is an 'all-rounder' tourist spot - there is a long history attached to it that pre-dates European Settlement, it is a rare volcanic formation, its great for walking and scrambling over rocks, the views are fantastic and it's also the spot where, fictionally, a group of schoolgirls went mysteriously missing in 1900 while on a picnic excursion.
  • In the Shop: Street Level Espresso.

    In the Shop: Street Level Espresso.
    You’re wandering the streets of lovely Victoria in British Columbia and you need to satisfy your hunger for analog imagery while quenching your thirst for a perfectly crafted espresso. Good thing for you **Ken Gordon** has opened the perfect little spot, aptly titled: **Street Level Espresso**. The walls are adorned with large framed prints from a familiar plastic artillery. With a true eye for taste and a true taste for all things coffee, we knew there was more to the man behind the counter.
  • Victoria's Inner Harbour

    Victoria's Inner Harbour
    Even though it's a 1300 km drive from my home, this is the place that I need to go to at least every other year. There's just something in the air and the atmosphere here that relaxes me like no place else.
  • Ogden Point Breakwater Walkway

    Ogden Point Breakwater Walkway
    Ogden Point is located at the entrance to Victoria's Inner Harbor, and serves as the major deep water port for the city. Visiting Naval Vessels and Cruise ships dock here regularly.
  • Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

    Beacon Hill Park, Victoria
    This always seems like a park made up of many little parks to me. Probably because I get a little turned around and occasionally lost every time I visit this little piece of west coast paradise. There are delicately manicured gardens, fountains, monuments, a petting zoo, and much more. The fresh coastal air and well kept grounds keep me coming back.