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  • LomoPeople: Barbara Azevedo

    LomoPeople: Barbara Azevedo
    Barbara is a peculiar and interesting person. She's very intelligent, sensitive and girlie, likes flowers, ribbons, animals and everything lovely. She also enjoys music festivals, tattoos and has been a vegetarian for 9 years.
  • LomoPeople: Camu y Peich

    LomoPeople: Camu y Peich
    Here's a short story about my two best friends from childhood. Hope you enjoy!
  • LomoPeople: zoezo! Captain Z! Zoe!

    LomoPeople: zoezo! Captain Z! Zoe!
    You've all most likely seen her in the shout-box, liking your pictures or in the Popular pictures section! And if you haven't been so lucky yet, I'm going to introduce you all to her now, and you'll be happy about it, trust me. :)
  • LomoPeople: Svala

    LomoPeople: Svala
    It was one day in August that fate would play an unexpected turn. She came out of nowhere bedecked in a bowler hat and full of enthusiasm for her newly adopted city of London. She changed everything. She taught me about a whole range of new and delicious things that life had to offer. One of them, Lomography, really stuck. The other: Communism, unexpectedly grew.
  • LomoPeople: Carmine

    LomoPeople: Carmine
    He inspires me to capture the moment and with his portraits, I totally feel like I’m home.
  • LomoPeople: Jerome

    LomoPeople: Jerome
    Who would have thought that a dormant love for Lomography would be resurrected by a photo "civilian?" This is the story of how my great friend--who knows nothing about cameras--unknowingly brought back my enthusiasm.
  • LomoPeople: Maria

    LomoPeople: Maria
    There are probably tons of ways how you could write a text like this. This could be a celebration of kitsch, a love song, a poem or even a tribute to the idea of a blind and greasy romance. But that would not be fair.
  • LomoPeople: Beth Cartwright

    LomoPeople: Beth Cartwright
    All great adventures require a copilot. Somebody who can watch your back and tell you when things are a little dicey or out of hand. A pal, friend and lover. That’s why I married her. My wife, Beth, is my most important Lomo Person.
  • LomoPeople: Vernon

    LomoPeople: Vernon
    Fivedayforecast tells the story of his good friend whose selflessness is inspiring. This week's LomoPeople is all about friendship and the relationship that the analogue life brings!
  • LomoPeople: Marie

    LomoPeople: Marie
    All the previous LomoPeople articles have featured a portrait of a person's face. Well my sister wouldn't allow that, and I think the fact that you can't see her face in this picture more accurately portrays her than any headshot ever could.
  • LomoPeople: John C McKinney

    LomoPeople: John C McKinney
    The saying, "Grandfathers are just antique little boys." relates to my grandpa more than anything else. I can't help but take his picture, my camera seems to be drawn to him on a regular basis. The face I get on the other side of the lens is always a pleasant surprise.
  • LomoPeople: Lauren Deits

    LomoPeople: Lauren Deits
    The name of the person that I find most inspiring, is Lauren Deits. This portrait weaves the story of how she became that inspiring person to me, how instrumental she is in making me follow my dreams, and how I became better as a whole.
  • LomoPeople: Kelvin

    LomoPeople: Kelvin
    Not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone whom they can share their passion with. But there are some people who are indeed fortunate, and they are very happy and more than willing to let us know about their analog love story!
  • LomoPeople: Cay

    LomoPeople: Cay
    We're rounding out Chrisdafox's LomoPeople series with this portrait of Cay, one of his newest, albeit stunning acquaintances. Want to know how he got introduced to her? Read on for Chris' story and a better look at the portrait after the jump.
  • LomoPeople: Trisha

    LomoPeople: Trisha
    Chrisdafox has more LomoPeople to introduce to us through portraits! For this week, we're going to meet Trisha, one of his closest friends and favorite subjects. Check out the story behind his intimate portrait right after the jump.
  • Special Feature: LomoPeople Callout

    Special Feature: LomoPeople Callout
    Think about it. What makes us pick up our camera on the way out the door? It´s because we may see something interesting out there isn’t it? The world is full of passing strangers doing weird and wonderful things as well as the friends and family we share our life with.
  • LomoPeople: Kris

    LomoPeople: Kris
    Next in line for our new LomoPeople series, we follow chrisdafox, who's been busy taking pictures and shooting portraits of his friends and chronicling their less than ordinary tales through the discerning eye of his analogue lens.
  • LomoPeople: Travis Meadore

    LomoPeople: Travis Meadore
    Sometimes when you point your camera at someone, it just clicks. There's no ridiculous poses needed, nor any amount of coaxing to be done. Sometimes, just like with our LomoPeople series for today, it is just plain natural.
  • LomoPeople: David Mushegain

    LomoPeople: David Mushegain
    It isn't often that photographers, especially the ones at the top of their game, are the subjects of intimate portraits but for LomoPeople, our lenses are fixed on David Mushegain, one of top fashion photographers out there!
  • LomoPeople: Brandon Lomax

    LomoPeople: Brandon Lomax
    We've got the next installment of LomoPeople from photographer and professional longboard surfer Candice O'Donnell. This time around, she sets her sights on graphic designer Brandon Lomax and tells a little bit about his story!