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  • Capturing Autumn’s Natural Colours

    Capturing Autumn’s Natural Colours
    What do you like to see when you’re browsing through Autumn photos? Is it all about the natural colours or do we need some special glow?
  • Out to Sea: Amazing Sea View Around the Corner at Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong

    Out to Sea: Amazing Sea View Around the Corner at Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong
    Hong Kong is a city full of skyscrapers. Yet there are places just around the corner where you can admire the beauty of nature. Wu Kai Sha is such a place. With the beautiful sea and sky in view, you can hardly believe that you are still in the urban area.
  • Bulguksa Temple of Gyeongju, South Korea

    Bulguksa Temple of Gyeongju, South Korea
    Bulguksa Temple was a temple designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO back in 1995. It is a famous tourist spot and a must go place in Gyeongju. It was built in year 528 during the Silla Kingdom. It underwent several renovations ever since it was built.
  • Busan in the Summertime

    Busan in the Summertime
    You might know Busan for its famous mountain for hiking and perhaps for Gwangan Bridge or for its night view. But Busan also has a lot of interesting places to visit and you would definitely enjoy it even during the burning summer season.
  • GyeongJu of South Korea [GolGul Temple]

    GyeongJu of South Korea [GolGul Temple]
    Gol Gul Sa Temple would not be something familiar to most Koreans and they probably would mistakenly thought you are talking about Bulguk Sa Temple. Golgulsa Temple is the only temple cave in South Korea and built completely out of stone back in the 6th century. I, hereby, sincerely suggest you should go to Gol Gul Sa Temple for a walk, though it would be very exhausting but it would not disappoint you.
  • Display the Bright Colours: Kodak E100G E6

    Display the Bright Colours: Kodak E100G E6
    Failure is often the answer of E6 processing to me. The first time I tasted the feeling of satisfaction was when I got the photos taken by Kodak E100G.
  • The Imposing, Floating Torii

    The Imposing, Floating Torii
    One of the most photographed places in Japan, this is a clear and spectacular example of the fusion of nature with man’s handy work. The warrior chief Taira no Kivomori, built the first Torii in the 12th century. The current structure (constructed in 1875) measures about 16 metres in height and has a four-pillar structure for stability.
  • Thailand - A Homeland for Everyone

    Thailand - A Homeland for Everyone
    Last year, I spent a whole month in Thailand. I am not Thai, but I must say I treat Thailand like my homeland. The people, the shops, the atmosphere, the views and the hotels, finally, you find a place to relax yourself. I think that the reason why Thailand is my must go place every summer.
  • Feel the nature - Nam Sang Wai

    Feel the nature - Nam Sang Wai
    Its beauty is natural rather than grandiose. There isn't unbelievable hills or breathtaking landscape, but this is just a piece of simple and untouched land full of flowers and trees. Happiness can be so simple.
  • Art Nouveau on the Helsinki Peninsula Katajanokka

    Art Nouveau on the Helsinki Peninsula Katajanokka
    Do something good for your health, have a walk in the fresh air and feed your hungry cameras with architecture motifs! Helsinki is full of Art Nouveau architecture. Okay, you have to keep your eyes open. But probably the collection with the highest density of this very appealing style of architecture can be found on the peninsula Katajanokka.
  • Lomo Invasion of Düsseldorf's Flea Market

    Lomo Invasion of Düsseldorf's Flea Market
    On the 27th of March a few passionate Lomographers met, to enjoy the first sunny days this year and to hunt for great shots. The meeting was organized in the Lomoforum.
  • Kusadasi,Turkey

    wonderful city, full of sun,cats, mandarins and historical surroundings.
  • The Sanur Kite Festival 2009

    The Sanur Kite Festival 2009
    I was on my 5 days holiday in Bali. It's been a blaaaaasssst! oh well.. on Saturday 15 August 2009, my lomo bali friend ask me to join them to go to the Sanur Village Festival. After agreeing, we went there and suddenly I see these giant kites flying on the beach."WOOOOOOW" was the first reaction and then quickly I began to shoot with my LC-A+ RL, Fisheye No.2 and Supersampler. You all know what its like be excited right? to see those big colorful kites and bring your all time favorite Lomo camera :)
  • Bukit Tabur; Good Morning Jungle

    Bukit Tabur; Good Morning Jungle
    On the 18th January 2009, it was my second visit to the Bukit Tabur, and this time, I had a totally different experience from my previous visit. Firstly, I came with more friends. Secondly, I saw a completely different view of this hill. That's the main reason of why I am sharing this location once again to everybody right here!
  • Location of the Week

    Location of the Week
    "a-l-b-e-r-t-o":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/-a-l-b-e-r-t-o- discovered an island in the mouth of Amazon river. Bikes footballs and buffaloes fill the streets of this isolated and to a large extent uninhabited place on earth. A truly wonderful location with plenty of pictures to make our eyes drool, "a-l-b-e-r-t-o":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/-a-l-b-e-r-t-o- takes home this weeks award. Congratulations!
  • Location of the Week

    Location of the Week
    "Azurblue":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/azurblue shares first hand what beauty has sprung from volcanic mass from almost 280 million years ago! Colors, nature, sun, beauty and a hint of when one should visit this place! What more could one ask for?
  • Cycling to work, York UK

    Cycling to work, York UK
    I have a bit of a bad habit of documenting most things I do with a camera.. at least one photo relevant to something I do/have done! well I cycle to work everyday and Im proud of myself when I say it's 7 mile a day! I have a lovely purple ladies cycle with a basket on the front and a luggage carrier on the rear and to be totally honest - I LOVE it. I get to have some me time with my cameras.
  • San Gimignamo

    San Gimignamo
    Ahhh, the lovely fortress town of San Gimignano! It was declared a UNESCO architectural world heritage site and no doubt indeed. The town is surrounded by massive walls and the entrance arch frames narrow cobbled streets lined with shops and cafes all bearing the specialities of the region. From hand-painted ceramics, glassware, pounded silver jewelry and of course the famed wines.
  • Dropzone Airport Luetzellinden

    Dropzone Airport Luetzellinden
    The Dropzone (an airport that is used by skydivers/airport Luetzellinden in the middle of Hessen, approx. 45 km northern of Frankfurt is a very (dog)friendly and comfortable place to spend a weekend. Whether you are a skydiver, a hobby pilot or just interested in watching or doing a tandem jump - you'll certainly be pleased with what you find there.
  • St Benezet's Bridge

    St Benezet's Bridge
    I don't know if foreigners have ever heard of it, but in France, everybody learns in primary school the song "Sous le Pont d"Avignon, on y danse, on y danse" (on the bridge of Avignon, one dances round and round...)