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  • Marajò, land of buffalos and bicycles

    Marajò, land of buffalos and bicycles
    When I decided to come back to Brazil, I studied the geographic map and I was fascinating to discover this big island at the mouth of the Amazon and Tocantins rivers. It’s roughly the sides of the Netherlands and Switzerland, but no more than a dozen villages are scattered in Marajò.
  • WalkWalk n' SeeSee In George Town

    WalkWalk n' SeeSee In George Town
    It's not just the end in George Town, there are so much to see around the town. Let's continue the story before the GiaGiaKuaKua Exhibition. We arrived at the hotel main entrance before it was opened, but the excitement before the challenge started of our people were so crazy.
  • Northern Palawan

    Northern Palawan
    The Calamian group of islands in Palawan intrigued me for so long. Busuanga Island, being the biggest and most populated, is the jump-off point. You can get to Busuanga in about an hour by plane or 14 hours by sea travel. I fell in love with this place in 2007 on a spontaneous weekend getaway. I was raving so much that I made a second trip, and this time, I made reservations and a list of places to see.
  • Dry Tortugas, a Private Island

    Dry Tortugas, a Private Island
    A couple of months ago, me and some friends spent a weekend on a beautiful and remote island on the Gulf of Mexico. We arrived there by ferry with 20 other people, but those people would take the ferry back later in the day.
  • Alcantara is not only a fabric …

    Alcantara is not only a fabric …
    Alcantara is a strange island, it seems the time have stopped. Sometimes, some places, make you think you’re in an abandoned village, churches, houses, streets, fields, all belong to another time.
  • Isla de Tabarca

    Isla de Tabarca
    The Island of Tabarca is a spanish island at the Mediterranean sea. At first called Isla de San Pablo or Isla de Santa Pola, as the cape Santa Pola near by, it's actual name comes from the tunisian island of Tabarqah, from where the first setlers came, at the reign of Carlos III (XVIII century). By that time it functioned as a pirate stronghold and a fort remained until today. It is the only inhabited island of the Comunidad Valenciana.
  • Location of the Week

    Location of the Week
    "Ukaaa":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/ukaaa managed to snap a perfect photo the jury thought. A wonderful setting in Comino, dazzling colors and a pair of legs sticking out of the water!
  • Elunda town in Crete Island

    Elunda town in Crete Island
    If you are tired of your job, of routine and everyday running, you need a vacations and good rest? Well then this location is write thing for you. Elunda - it’s a small fisherman village located in Crete island. I have heart that lot of tourist love that place and now I understand why:
  • Comino

    Last summer me and the missus went traveling to Malta. While Malta is a really beautiful country, I think it's definitely worth taking a boat to the nearby island called Comino. Comino is a deserted little island with 2 small hotels and otherwise nothing. That's right: NOTHING!
  • Block Island

    Block Island
    A small island off the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island is a wonderful place to visit for a relaxing getaway. Its small and easy to get around, you don’t even need a car!
  • Spinalonga Island

    Spinalonga Island
    Spinalonga is a Spinalonga island - tiny dot of land and Cretan sea guarder! It's an island situated in the Bay of Elounda. The history of the name 'Spinalonga' is in itself subject to conjecture but it is widely accepted that its roots lie somewhere in the Olous, Olondi, Elounda location and the words meaning long and thorn. Spinalonga is actually the name of the sizeable but slender peninsula and on maps the small island is identifiable by the name Kalidon.
  • Ithaca

    You have surely heard the name of Ithaca (Ιθάκη or Ithaki in Greek) in connection to Odysseus (or Ulysses), hero of Homer’s epic poems Iliad and Odyssey. The truth is it’s still unclear where Odysseus actually existed or whether he was from Ithaca (the most likely it’s that Homer was from the island or at least lived there).
  • The Mystic Island of Guimaras!

    The Mystic Island of Guimaras!
    The population in the Philippines loves to eat mangoes (well, who does not?), and they all depend mango products from yet, only one source: Guimaras Island. They produce the finest mangoes all over the world! But not only that, taking pictures in that Island is so EXHILARATING.
  • Porquerolles

    Porquerolles is an Island in the South of France. A very small one indeed, with only 200 inhabitants. Its circumference is about 30 km so that it's very easy to do a whole tour in just one day. But don't be fooled, this island has a lot of secrets to share, and one week wouldn't be enough to appreciate all of them.
  • Tioman Island (Pahang)

    Tioman Island (Pahang)
    One word to describe Tioman Island - Peaceful. A small island located 32 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang, it's indeed one of the beautiful islands in Malaysia.
  • Aurora

    Aurora Province is located on the East-Central side of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Many of its municipalities were once part of Quezon Province. Aurora became an official province in 1979. This is why when I told some friends I went to Aurora, they said, “Oh you went to Quezon.” I had to correct them.
  • Capones Island (Pundaquit, Zambales)

    Capones Island (Pundaquit, Zambales)
    Part of a group of islands frequented by campers, mountaineers and other city folk, Capones Island and Camara Island are small isles near the Shoreline of Pundaquit in Zambales. A centuries old lighthouse updated with and powered by solar panels stands steadily atop of the island of Capones and is known as Faro de Punta Capones or simply Capones lighthouse.
  • Usedom

    Usedom is an island in the Baltic Sea whose biggest part lies in Germany. The eastern part belongs to Poland. Because a lot of the towns and villages are health resorts it’s kind of quiet there. But sometimes the only thing you need is to escape from the rest of your life.
  • Helgoland (The Red Island)

    Helgoland (The Red Island)
    Helgoland is known as Germany's only offshore-island situated somewhere in the North Sea. It belongs to Sleswig-Holstein although it is about 60km away from the coastline. The island is famous for its cliff line of red stone and especially for the only freestanding rock in Germany, the “Lange Anna”. Besides, there are millions of birds populating the island, most of them protected species which you can watch on guided tours exploring the island.
  • Chincoteague & Assateague

    Chincoteague & Assateague
    A really unique national park. These barrier islands off the coast of Virginia are preserves with an amazing amount of diversity. Many migratory birds, horseshoe crabs, turtles, large squirrels(!) and threatened/endangered species make their home here.