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  • A Spring Sunday in Parque del Retiro

    A Spring Sunday in Parque del Retiro
    The traditional way to spend spring afternoons in Madrid is to head out to Parque del Retiro on a Sunday and just relax. A picnic on the grass and a walk close to the lake; seeing the boats rowing in the pond, fortunetellers predicting the future, "alive statues", performances, mariachis and magic bubbles paint a pretty portrait of just a regular weekend afternoon in this place.
  • Plaza de la Virgen and Around, Valencia

    Plaza de la Virgen and Around, Valencia
    Scouring for my next Lomo Location can be a toughie at times although when I do spot a location that inspires me, I instantly get a hold of my camera and start clicking away. Lucky me, I didn't even have to go far especially with something like the picture perfect Valencia Square nearby.
  • Parque María Luisa - Sevilla

    Parque María Luisa - Sevilla
    A beautiful park in the middle of Seville, Parque Maria Luisa, is a charming city location that makes for an instant sanctuary for those who want a break from busy city life. Whether you choose to check it out during the springtime or in the summer, you're bound to have a wonderful experience.
  • City of Arts and Sciences by Night

    City of Arts and Sciences by Night
    When it comes to capturing the beauty of the City of Arts and Sciences at night, all you need is your LCA and a good supply of film! While this is a popular tourist attraction, it's much advisable to pay it a visit at night when you can finally have it all to yourself.
  • The Rough West Coast of Fuerteventura

    The Rough West Coast of Fuerteventura
    It's hot and everybody's already sweaty, our feet hurt and in the background, there's a monotonous clicking sound. Where exactly are we?!
  • La Casa de los Dulces, Valencia

    La Casa de los Dulces, Valencia
    One of the oldest sweet shops in Valencia, La Casa de los Dulces offers a gamut of delightful sweets that will surely satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings. Feast on sweet rolls, marzipans, sweet cakes - basically anything that catches your fancy. Be careful though if you don't have much self-control as you're allowed to have a taste of everything.
  • Jardines de Turia

    Jardines de Turia
    The Gardens of Turia (Jardines de Turia) in Valencia is 9km of greenery surrounded by ancient walls and buildings. As this place has always been prone to floods, it actually got severely damaged back in 1957 that even a number of people lost their lives and most of the city was ruined. Because of this, Valencia decided to divert the course of the river paving the way for the birth of this lush garden.
  • Santa Isabel Graveyard - 200 Years of Death

    Santa Isabel Graveyard - 200 Years of Death
    A place full of heroin addicts, tomb raiders, pagan rites. Rumors or truth? Anyway, it's still scary to walk across that place on a foggy morning when you are a child...The graveyard of Santa Isabel is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I've ever seen.
  • Sunday in León

    Sunday in León
    My boyfriend is from Salamanca and each time we go to his parents' home he takes me to new places for me to explore. This time around it was the turn for León, a sweet city that you might not have heard of, but you must know!
  • Encants Vells - One Big Flea Market in Barcelona

    Encants Vells - One Big Flea Market in Barcelona
    The Encants Vells Market is Barcelona´s biggest and at the same time, oldest flea market. With over 15,000 square meters of space and literally hundreds of little stands this is the perfect place to get lost with your camera.
  • Lost in the Parc del Laberint d' Horta

    Lost in the Parc del Laberint d' Horta
    The Labyrnth of Horta is the oldest park in the the city of Barcelona. Its labyrinth, gardens, terraces, springs and statues just complement its historical value and mysterious ambient. Right in the outskirts of Barcelona the park offers an excellent alternative when you are looking for an escape of the city and its complications.
  • Barcelona: Sónar Festival

    Barcelona: Sónar Festival
    The festival of advanced music and multimedia art Sónar is held in mid-June in Barcelona. You will find established artists of electronic music like Orbital, Jeff Mills and Carl Craig along with other proposals lesser known but much more interesting to me. Although electronic music has a lot of weight on this festival, there is variety of proposals, ranging from the pop-rock to classical music or traditional.
  • Brunete, a classic little town of Madrid

    Brunete, a classic little town of Madrid
    Brunete is a small town situated 28 kilometers to the south east of the capital. Historic for the famous Battle that broke out during the Civil War, leaving the village destroyed, today it is a tranquil haven of peace and silence. Its urban area its own Herrerian style from the reconstructions during the dictatorship, with little farming houses.
  • Music and Colors in the Seville Fair

    Music and Colors in the Seville Fair
    The Seville Fair is celebrated in April every year. Last year I was lucky enough to be there and witness an event that brings together the best characteristics to photograph. There was so much color, motion, tons of music and above all many people happily ready to be “lomographed” with their traditional outfits giving a special flavor to one’s photographs.
  • Discovering the Beaches at Tossa de Mar

    Discovering the Beaches at Tossa de Mar
    Tossa de Marr is located in the province of Gerona, Cataluña, 103 kms away from Barcelona. It is part of the region known as Selva, which stands in the Costa Brava. According to INE (National Institute of Stadistics), in 2008 had 5.854 inhabitants.
  • The Madrid Cableway

    The Madrid Cableway
    If you're one of those people who has ever dreamed of flying over the blue skies of Madrid like a bird of prey and being able to photograph the city from above, but can't seem to levitate yourself even one millimeter off the ground (even after you've put on your cape and worn your underwear over your jeans), then you should take your Lomo camera and take a ride on the Madrid cableway.
  • The Unhappy Story of Plaza de San Felip Neri

    The Unhappy Story of Plaza de San Felip Neri
    The great Plaza de San Selip Neri, hidden away in the heart of the Gótico district, far from the bustle of the tourists but only a step or two from the eminently visitable Cathedral, conceals a sad story in its heart. Interested to know what it is? Read on!
  • El Río Guadalquivir

    El Río Guadalquivir
    When the heat hits Seville, people enjoy the beauty of the Guadalquivir, the river at the city´s heart, more than ever. If you fancy a scenic and romantic boat-ride, or even a swim if you're so inclined, Guadalquivir will certainly make you happy!
  • Holidays in Fuerteventura

    Holidays in Fuerteventura
    This was the first big trip for me and 'the lady', which was decided one night with friends and drinks. This was it, we're gonna go to The Canaries! Fuerteventura is the oldest from the Canaries. The place is a surfing paradise. The landscape is perfect too!
  • The Telamon

    The Telamon
    Saturday night, October 31, 1981 was an unusual night in the port of Los Marmoles, in Lanzarote. There was a storm warning and the wind was blowing hard across the archipelago. The sea showed all his strength for the misfortunate travelers that sailed those waters.