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  • Laiya, Batangas

    Laiya, Batangas
    With my parents dragging me to this beach my whole life, I should be tired of the scenery by now. But every time I visit Laiya, I still look forward to swimming in the clear sea water and waiting for the sun rise early in the morning.
  • Go Goa!

    Go Goa!
    Visiting India's smallest (and most fun!) state with my ActionSampler. Gotta love the sunny and sandy beaches of Goa!
  • Kuantan 01: Teluk Chempedak

    Kuantan 01: Teluk Chempedak
    Getting tired of working nonstop? Always stressed out due to heavy workload? Why don't you take a leave to relax your mind a bit and come back fresh? Run away for a while from your hectic city life and enjoy the scenery and peaceful breeze. Where else but in Teluk Chempedak, one of the most famous beaches in Malaysia.
  • Kodak Ultramax 400

    Kodak Ultramax 400
    The Kodak Ultramax 400 is a great and versatile color negative film. It works well in all light situations, be it sunny daylight or low light conditions. It is fairly cheap and widely available in the states. I recommend that every lomographer keep some rolls of this film in the fridge!
  • Yokohama, Japan

    Yokohama, Japan
    This is the 3rd Lomolocation in my series documenting last December's trip to Japan, and it is one of my top favorite areas that we visited. Yokohama, which includes the famous Ferris Wheel once "destroyed by Godzilla," and the Ramen Museum in the Shin-Yokohama district.
  • Leaving Winter Behind: Palm Beach

    Leaving Winter Behind: Palm Beach
    Whenever I need to escape the gray, frigid winter weather, I always hop on a plane and head down to Palm Beach, FL, where it's usually 80 degrees and sunny.
  • Making the Most of My Weekends

    Making the Most of My Weekends
    As I look forward to the rest of 2011, I have thought of an excellent resolution that I would really like to put into practice. I think that if I manage to carry out the resolution, it will massively improve my lomographs and the quality of my shooting through both better context and more practice.
  • My Favorite Spot to Get Some Sun: Tavira Island (Part One)

    My Favorite Spot to Get Some Sun: Tavira Island (Part One)
    An island located in the Algarve region, it may not be paradise but it is close enough.
  • Exploring Memphis

    Exploring Memphis
    Upon my arrival in Memphis, Tennessee for college, I was surprised at how many interesting sights there are in such a city. Memphis is a decently-sized city with many nooks and crannies.
  • Asakusabashi, Tokyo, Japan

    Asakusabashi, Tokyo, Japan
    Up until last winter, I was an international travel virgin. I had spent 23 years dreaming about the world outside the U.S., with Japan being the epitome of all the places I could possibly wish to go to. After some thoughtful planning, money-saving, and passionate dreaming, I made it happen!
  • Your Companion in Any Weather - Lomography CN 400iso

    Your Companion in Any Weather - Lomography CN 400iso
    It was a crazy idea to go to Rome for 3 days in January, and it was even crazier to wander around all day with 5 minutes of sun and 5 minutes of rain!! Thankfully I had the Lomography Color Negative 400iso with me, so I could shoot in any weather condition.
  • Sunshine Everywhere at Siesta Key

    Sunshine Everywhere at Siesta Key
    Florida is a well-known vacation destination for those in search of the sun's sunny warm rays. However, not all beaches in Florida are created equally. If you find yourself in the central part of the state and on the west side, allow me to point you to one of my favourite beaches to soak up the sun.
  • The Seaweed Farms of Jambiani

    The Seaweed Farms of Jambiani
    Bright violent sunlight streams from a nearly cloudless, blue sky striking the soft wet sands of the early morning Swahili Coast. Wooden dhows rest motionlessly atop of tiny pools waiting for the ocean's water to roll back in, waiting to bob and weave while in pursuit of fish with their fishermen friends again. Cloaked in vibrant khanga cloth, the women of the village move away from their jagged coral, shell, and concrete constructed abodes.
  • A Look Back In Time: Tunis

    A Look Back In Time: Tunis
    It is a sentimental moment looking at all these photos of Tunis. After I went to Tunis in the summer of 2010, I waited for about five months before I can have these processed in the lab. I actually just got these not long ago - after the demonstrations started.
  • Fun, Fresh, Fierce and Fisheye!

    Fun, Fresh, Fierce and Fisheye!
    More than a tongue twister title, this Lomo Location is about my trip to a private beach house back in 2009. With new friends, a gorgeous place, and everyone just desiring to take off some steam from the stress of college life, it was the perfect beach weekend getaway. Our adventures took place in Matabungkay, Philippines.
  • Roma: Exploring the Beaten Path

    Roma: Exploring the Beaten Path
    Perhaps I am a bit snobby in my selection of place. Too snobby for my own good. I desire off-beaten paths in less visited stretches of the planet with few conveniences. Urban madness, smog and city life are too familiar for me. I've lived in cities and in towns.
  • Paris 101

    Paris 101
    I knew that 4 days wouldn't be enough for Paris, but hubby promised me that this would only be an introduction, a "101" to Paris, and now I can't wait to go back!!!
  • The Other Peru

    The Other Peru
    I know you are going to Peru to see Machu Picchu, as well you should, but just remember that the Incas were not the only people in pre-colonial Peru. The Nazca people pre-date the Incas by a thousand or more years.
  • Cleveland, Ohio: Rock On!

    Cleveland, Ohio: Rock On!
    This past summer, my husband and I spent a few days in Cleveland, OH, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He had never been there before. "What?" I said. "Seriously?" I said. We live only a few hours away and I was sure everyone who was ever born in our area had been there. Apparently not. This is our story.
  • San Francisco: Where Little Cable Cars Climb Halfway to the Stars

    San Francisco: Where Little Cable Cars Climb Halfway to the Stars
    If I could live anywhere, I would live in San Francisco. The city has everything a tourist could ever want all packed into 49 square miles. A trip to San Francisco during the Christmas break was the perfect way to cap off the year.