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  • LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia

    LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia
    Sabah and Sarawak are two of the largest Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. Besides being the vastest states in the country, Sabah and Sarawak are very much different from other states in Peninsular Malaysia, especially in culture, religion, attractions and even food! There are many interesting experiences to indulge in and we want you to share your stories!
  • LomoLocations Call-Out: Johor, Malaysia

    LomoLocations Call-Out: Johor, Malaysia
    Johor is a Malaysian state located in the southern portion of Peninsular Malaysia and it's one of the most developed states in Malaysia. It is also the nearest point to Singapore. So, what’s hot in Johor?
  • LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia

    LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia
    We are looking for locations in Pahang, Malaysia - our third largest state in the country! We have the highlands, the rainforest, and the coastal areas all in one state! Nevertheless, Pahang would always be one of the best tourist spots in Malaysia!
  • Wonders of London Bridge

    Wonders of London Bridge
    London Bridge is not just a rail station or a tube station, there are many sites and scenes to explore, ranging from the Thames, bridges, markets and many more.
  • Two is Better than One: Berlin² Workshop

    Two is Better than One: Berlin² Workshop
    What's better than a roll of film with pictures of Berlin? A double exposed film with pictures of Berlin, that's what! Simply Berlin²!
  • New Hampshire Roller Derby

    New Hampshire Roller Derby
    Roller derby, a sport with a long and interesting history, suffers the same fate of many female-based competitive sports in America: a relatively small number of fans and very little public exposure. Recently, I discovered firsthand that roller derby deserves much more attention and appreciation when my university hosted a game for local teams.
  • The 9+1 Colony of Artists

    The 9+1 Colony of Artists
    How work is like in the 9+1 Art Colony in a little village in St. Moravica, Serbia.
  • Night on the Town: Hotelstaff Party

    Night on the Town: Hotelstaff Party
    I haven't been a fan of the Fisheye when it came to indoor shots. But that all changed after I got back my negatives from a club night in central Frankfurt!
  • The Flipflops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011

    The Flipflops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011
    Last month, there was a 3-day, 2-night event called Flipflops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011 at Damai Puri and Spa at Santubong, Sarawak, Malaysia. I attended this carnival with my friends because I won passes to go. The events there included a concert, rave party, water sports, and on-the-beach activities.
  • Battersea Park

    Battersea Park
    Battersea Park is on the south bank of the River Thames and with 200 acres of green space, you'll get plenty of space for some amazing shots. The park has everything from wildlife, sports, gardens, a children's zoo and even a pagoda! What more can you wish for?
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
    A lovely relaxing day spent at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. I have been living in Taiwan for four years and regret not coming here sooner.
  • Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

    Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!
    Hello analogue freaks from Malaysia! Did you go anywhere this summer? Did you pay a visit to the wonderful beach near the East Coast yet? What about some heritage places at Malacca? Have you been to the countryside and had a Lomo-relaxing-walk with your loves one? Or maybe participated in any of the happening events, festivals, or concerts in Malaysia for the past few months?
  • Carters Steam Fair

    Carters Steam Fair
    Don't know what to do this summer? How about following the Carters Steam on their annual tour? You'll definitely get to see some fantastic shows.
  • Rock and Roll: MusikMesse 2011

    Rock and Roll: MusikMesse 2011
    The Musik Messe in Frankfurt am Main is one of the biggest international music conventions in the world. The only competition for it is the famous NAMM Convention in California. From classical music to death metal and techno, there's all to see and hear at this event which I am inviting you all to visit!
  • Grand Metro Auto Fest 2010

    Grand Metro Auto Fest 2010
    The Grand Metro Auto Fest presented by the Girl Racers Club, Monster Radio RX 93.1, Slimmers World, and Xenon Bulbs was held at the Megatent Hall, Ortigas Center on Sept. 11, 2010. There was also an Inter-Collegiate Streetdance Competition held at the event. This is probably the fourth Grand Metro Auto Fest while the streetdance competition is on its ninth year.
  • Pain and Pleasure at the International Tattoo Convention 2011

    Pain and Pleasure at the International Tattoo Convention 2011
    Frankfurt am Main has been home to the International Tattoo Convention on April 15th-17th. With over 400 tattoo artists from all over the world and "U.S.A." as the main theme, it was one of the most visited tattoo conventions of the last years, with live boxing and muay-thai, live bondage shows and live bands to entertain. And of course tattoos, tattoos, tattoos!
  • Secret Cinema

    Secret Cinema
    Secret Cinema gives you an opportunity not only to watch a film, but to actually be a part of it and experience cinema on a whole different level!
  • Leicester Square Film Premieres

    Leicester Square Film Premieres
    Leicester Square is the location of most major film premieres in London.
  • Let's Enjoy the Pillow Fight in Amsterdam

    Let's Enjoy the Pillow Fight in Amsterdam
    On April 2, lomographyNLD organized a Lomo meeting in Amsterdam. A second meeting in such a short time (remember the meeting in Nijmegen?), how great was that?! The day of the meeting, there was a pillow fight on "De Dam" in Amsterdam as well, a great opportunity to combine the two events.
  • Lahti Ski Games - An Event for Fans of Winter Sports

    Lahti Ski Games - An Event for Fans of Winter Sports
    Once a year, all the world's top cross country skiers and ski jumpers come to Finland to the rather small city of Lahti. Held for the first time in 1923, this winter sports event offers a lot for the fans of winter sports and is also a great event for lomography, so take your lomo babies with you!