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  • LC-A+: The Light of Analogue Life

    LC-A+: The Light of Analogue Life

    Any time of the day, the LC-A+ can capture every passing moment. Don’t let those memories slip away, take a wonderfully vivid keepsake to take with you! Enhancing the capabilities of this handy but powerful little camera is made easier, thanks to a wide assortment of accessories. Instant eye-catching shots are made possible with the LC-A Instant Back+ ‘s ability to print your shots in mere seconds! Wide Angle and Tunnel Vision Lenses made specifically for your LC-A can turn a regular shot into a quirky work of art. Of course, the LC-A+ can’t be without protection from rain or shine, so the LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing keeps it nice and safe for underwater shots, while the L-Case keeps it nice and safe on regular days. All these accessories and more are available at the shop with a 20% discount. This discount opportunity is only available until January 22, so hurry and get your LC-A+ accessories!

    The LC-A+ is a ray of warm sunshine in the world of Lomography, and you can get it at the Online Shop!

  • Shop Now And Get A Free Poster With A 10% Off Coupon!

    Shop Now And Get A Free Poster With A 10% Off Coupon!

    Free treats await Lomography online shoppers – on your next purchase, we will toss in a free poster! At a glance you’ll see Lomography’s super-fun, extremely-colorful and unpredictable collection of analog items on one side, and some sample snapshots on the other side.

    Not only that, but you’ll also get a 10% Off Coupon that you can use for your online purchases! So if you’ve been craving for a LomoKino or want to stock up on Lomography Film, you can save 10% off these items when you use the coupon on online purchases. These freebies are available in limited quantity, so better scoot to the Lomography Shop to get your treats!

  • Blissfully Blue

    Blissfully Blue

    When it comes to idiomatic expressions, blue is usually associated with sadness. Here in Lomography, we don’t want anyone in our community to be blue. So we’ll show you just how fun it is to be blissfully blue!

    Recently, the latest additions to the Fisheye One family was released and one of them is the Fisheye One in a brilliantly bold blue. It’s a fun new look to the classic Fisheye One Camera. Another camera that calls for a second look is the Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Blue. Not only is it in an eye-catching hue, the sprockets that are a staple in its prints are sure to keep those vintage fans talking. For a camera with a hint of mystery in its tinge, the Diana Mini & Flash Package in Twilight Blue is the perfect choice. Handy, reliable and uses widely available 35mm film, this little legend is one of Lomography’s most dependable choice for newbies and connoisseurs alike! And don’t forget to add a handy Peacock Blue Handstrap to keep your camera safely attached to your wrist during those photo walks.

    All these sapphire sensations are available in the Online Shop!

  • Fisheye One Blue and Green

    Fisheye One Blue and Green

    One of your favorite Lomography classics has received yet another shiny new coat. This time, it’s in a beautiful shade of deep blue and divine green! These two new additions colours are a definite must-have for those of you who are fans of cerulean shades. We’re proud to introduce the Fisheye One Blue and the Fisheye One Green.

    It has the same features as the original Fisheye One, with a 170-degree perspective, built-in flash and requires the ever available 35mm film. Take your circular creations to your Lomographic adventures and see the world with dazzling distortions! As with all the other Fisheye One creations, accessories are available at the online shop. So with these two new additions, you’ve got the convenience of Fisheye’s familiar features and accessories, combined with a fabulous new look.

    Fun, familiar and fabulous, the Fisheye One Blue and Fisheye One Green are just waiting for you in the Online Shop!

  • La Vie en Rose

    La Vie en Rose

    La Vie en Rose is a French idiom which roughly means we’re seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. It’s the sort of feeling that just makes you want to break into song, and dance like no one’s watching. Though Lomography can’t guarantee to give that feeling, we can still have you seeing red… Literally.

    To start off, have your pick from our blushing burgundy cameras. We have the LC-A Russia Day clad in vermillion leather to represent passion. There’s also the La Sardina El Capitan, which comes with its own Fritz the Blitz Flash, complete with colour gels. A more glamorous Sardina is the Czar Metal Edition, with classy crimson accents. If action’s your passion, the bright scarlet Oktomat would be the perfect companion.

    Of course, the film of choice would be the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 which makes your subjects glow with a warmly romantic red hue. But if you’ve already got another film in mind, you can always use the Colorsplash Flash or the colour gels from the Diana Flash or Fritz the Blitz Flash to get the right amount of scarlet lighting. Lastly, for bringing your Lomography equipment during photowalks, the Sling-On Bag in Red would be the cherry on top of this crimson combination.

    It’s La Vie en Rose at the Lomography Online Shop!

  • Perfektion is Within the Horizon!

    Perfektion is Within the Horizon!

    These days, with the onlaught of digital convenience, taking panoramic pictures can be done by taking a few pictures, doing a little photoshop magic, and voila! A panoramic shot is created. But here at Lomography, where analogue reigns supreme, beautiful panoramic shots are also possible. The Horizon Perfekt is the ideal candidate for taking those photos. Just imagine a 120º view with a 28mm multicoated swing lens which would give you prints twice the length of a standard frame!

    But don’t be intimidated by the motorized movement of its lens, you’ve still got full control of your Lomographs when you experiment with the manual aperture and shutter settings. The aperture can go from 2.8 for lovely landscape shots to 16 for more in-focus shots. And as for the shutter speed, you can choose from a quick snap at 1/500s to 1/2 of a second to actually see a feeling of movement in your subjects, much like some of the Multi-Lens cameras.

    Pair the Horizon Perfekt with some Slide Film for saturation effects or some Color Negative Film for that realistic look. Invest in a Horizon Case to keep your camera safe (this would fit the Horizon Kompakt as well!). Remember, all of these are available in the Online Shop so go grab this panoramic Perfektion!

  • Lomography's Best of 2011 Films

    Lomography's Best of 2011 Films

    To go with Lomography cameras, of course Lomography Films had to be made and released. In 2011, we’ve released a several new films to keep the analogue spirit going! This is a short recap of last year’s releases.

    Black and white photography with genuine Lomography Film was made possible with the release of the Lady Grey and Earl Grey Films. Available in both 35mm and 120 format, stunning monchrome shots can now be taken with any Lomography camera of your choice! Lomographers waiting for the right film to take electrifyingly gorgeous pictures waited no more with the release of the X Tungsten 64 in 35mm. However, if you want to sample this limited edition film, you better buy now while stocks are still there!

    And of course, who can forget the three-in-one deal from the Mixed Film Packs? In the Mixed Film Pack 35mm you’ll get one roll of Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO and Lady Grey Black and White 400 ISo. And for the 120 format users, the 120 Mixed Film Pack includes one roll of Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 ISO, Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO and Lady Grey Black and White 400 ISO. You can’t go wrong with one roll of each awesome Lomography Film!

    Paint the town red and get some of the 2011 Lomography Films in your camera by getting them from the Online Shop!

  • Staff Picks: Ko from Lomography Thailand

    Staff Picks: Ko from Lomography Thailand

    Today’s staff pick is the very funny and very talented Ko from Lomography Thailand. He has taken a lot of lovely pictures with his Horizon Perfekt and Lubitel 166+ . Let’s see what he has to say to the Lomography community!

    – Sunsern Poontavee (ko)

    - kokakoo

    What you do at Lomography:
    - I’m online manager at Lomography Thailand.

    - Photography (absolutely!), reading and I enjoy eating!

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers?
    - Horizon Perfekt

    - This camera is very special format that you will not see in another cameras. Its photos are not short like square format ones and not too long like Spinner 360. I love its perspective and alway take this camera to go to every my trip.

    Please share a photo of you, and tell us something about this photo.
    - This picture was taken by my GM from an LC-Wide camera when I’ve tested this camera last year. I love the color and my face; it’s very funny.

    Your message to Lomographers:
    - You MUST have one!

    Thanks, so much Ko ! Tune in next week for the next Lomography Staff Pick. In the meantime, you read what Ko said, the Online Shop is the place to go to for your Lomography camera!

  • Triple Treats with the Lomography Mixed Film Packs!

    Triple Treats with the Lomography Mixed Film Packs!

    So here’s the deal with film: sometimes, you just don’t know which film is right for you and you have to experiment with a lot of them. But Lomography has just released the solution to this analogue problem: Two sets of Mixed Film Packs! You can choose between the Mixed Film Pack in 35mm or the Mixed Film Pack in 120 format! Each pack has one roll of Lomography’s finest film. So instead of buying a pack of each type of film you like, you get all three in one pack!

    The 35mm Mixed Film Pack has one roll of Lomography X-pro Chrome 100 ISO, one roll of Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO and one roll of Lady Grey Black and White 400 ISO. So you’ve got your film for the saturated effects, the film for more realistic hues and a lovely black and white film for a more dramatic effect. The 120 Mixed FIlm Pack, on the other hand, has one roll of Lomography X-pro Slide 200 ISO, one roll of Lady Grey Black and White 400 ISO and one roll of Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO. Three rolls of film for your medium format desires.

    Grab a pack now at the Online Store and have a taste of Lomography’s finest films!

  • 30% Off on Your Favorite Films!

    30% Off on Your Favorite Films!

    Redscale, Color Negative, Black and White, Color Slide Film, Infrared Film, Expired Film. For a limited time, you can get these films with a 30% discount, if you buy your film with a Lomography camera. Whether you’re a fan of 120 film for cameras like the Diana F+, or of 35mm film for cameras like the LC-Wide, you’ll definitely need some film for your daily shoots. Add a new camera to your Lomography collection and get the discount!

    No voucher code is needed, it’s all automatic when you reach the checkout. Don’t miss out on this deal, because it ends on January 8! So, shop away at the Online Store!

  • Multi-Lens Cameras: Perfect for Lomographers On-the-Go

    Multi-Lens Cameras: Perfect for Lomographers On-the-Go

    Can’t get enough of just one lens? Check out some cameras made for sequential shots of moving subjects. You can choose from 4, 8 and 9 lenses!

    The Supersampler is the undefeated queen of multi-lensed cameras. It takes four panoramic shots on a single 35mm photo. It’s simple, lightweight and easy to use! It works great in the outdoors where there’s a lot of light, and it works even better when paired with a high ISO film such as the Color Negative 800. It’s definitely worth getting exciting about since it doesn’t have a viewfinder, and you wouldn’t know what to expect!

    The Supersampler isn’t for night owls, however. The ActionSampler Flash would be a better choice. It uses the 4-shot format of the classic ActionSampler, but it adds four sequential flashes which are perfectly synchronized with the shutter! Parties and night clubs will no longer go undocumented with the ActionSampler Flash!

    Four frames aren’t enough? Check out the Oktomat and the Pop 9 cameras! With the Oktomat, you’ve got 2.5 seconds to tell a story in 8 frames. It’s no tough feat if you’ve gotten the hang of focusing on moving subjects! The Pop 9, on the other hand takes 9 identical images in one print. With the right subject and light, it will surely make your pictures pop right out of its frame!

    You can find these fantastic cameras and more in our Online Shop, and if you get the film to go with your multi-lensed camera, we’ll slash 30% off the film!

  • It's Time to Look at a Bright New Year Ahead!

    It's Time to Look at a Bright New Year Ahead!

    Happy new year, Lomographers! Another year has passed and our community is growing bigger and better. Let’s start the year right by taking lots of new photos!

    The Shop is filled with cameras , camera accessories , films , and fashion items which would cater to any Lomography enthusiast. If you’re new to the community, now would be the perfect time to explore and look around. There’s bound to be something to catch your fancy.

    Also, don’t forget, you can still get the 30% discount on any film if you buy a “camera”: from the Online Shop !

  • A Quick Recap of 2011

    A Quick Recap of 2011

    Before the end of this year, and as we welcome 2012, let’s have a quick recap of the awesome new releases from Lomography. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the Lomography community, the online employees and of course, all the other Lomography enthusiasts from all over the world. Thank you for your support this year.

    Lots of products were released this year; one of the most remarkable and innovative cameras Lomography has released is the Lomokino, the analogue moviemaker. With its simplicity and ease of use, lots of community members shared their movies with us. Combined with the ingenuity of Lomographers and the right film, the Lomokino is the perfect tool for aspiring directors!

    The Lomo LC-A Russia day was also a successful release. Clad in lovely red goat leather and fertility symbols, it celebrates the passionate art of love. It comes with the original Russian Minitar Lens that started the Lomographic movement, this pioneer piece is both a collector’s item and a wonderful camera for taking vivid lomographs!

    Gold is the colour of the season with the release of three Gold Edition Cameras. The Diana Mini, Diana F+ and Fisheye in Gold are revered for both the reliable features of Lomography originals and the beauty of their new shiny coats. Possibly rivaled only by the sumptuous La Sardina Metal Edition Cameras, they’re definitely the most luxurious of Lomography releases.

    Before we welcome the new year, why don’t you head on out to the Online Shop for one last glimpse this year. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures this year! May you have a wonderful new year!

  • Panoramic and Fantastic!

    Panoramic and Fantastic!

    It’s the last day of the year. A few more hours and the fireworks will be all over the night sky. Of course, you’d want to be there to take in every single view. But how can you do that if you haven’t got a wide-angle camera? Well, fear no more because Lomography has a range of cameras to cater to the wild wide-angle seeking side of you!

    For the full 360 degree experience, we’ve got the Spinner 360 and the newly released Spinner 360 Leather Edition. Just pull on the metal ring and watch it spin! If you want the wide angles with the added touch of sprockets, for that vintage look, the Sprocket Rocket is perfect for you! Available in delectable colours such as yellow, green, blue, yellow and white. Perfection is guaranteed with the premium panoramic combos: the Horizon Perfekt and Horizon Kompakt.

    Get these wide-angle wonders and get any film for 30% off! They’re all up for grabs on the Online Shop!

  • A Light Display that Lasts Throughout the Year!

    A Light Display that Lasts Throughout the Year!

    Fireworks and light displays await the coming of 2012. You’ll definitely want to take a few shots of these lovely wonders in the sky. To rival these luminous lights, Lomography has a couple of flashes that would definitely catch anyone’s wandering gaze. The best part is, you don’t need to wait for another year to recreate the same effects that fireworks have!

    Behold, the Fritz the Blitz Flash, the most powerful flash ever to reach Lomography’s shores. This handy flash, which may come with the La Sardina camera, also has an Adapter Kit which can be used to attach it to a Diana F+ , LC-A+ or any camera with a tripod thread and hot-shoe adapter. It also comes with four color filters in blue, yellow, red and white.

    Surround your lens with the Lomography Ringflash to make your subjects glow and shine! The burst of light emitted by this round flash casts light evenly enough that close-up portraits have a unique look. Use the plastic adapter to attach this beauty to your Fisheye, LC-A and Diana Camera!

    With these two fantastic flashes, you’ve got a light display you can take with you anywhere and any time! Visit the Online Shop and get these goodies now!

  • Not All that Glitters is Gold, Sometimes It's Better!

    Not All that Glitters is Gold, Sometimes It's Better!

    The year is coming to an end, and fireworks will soon be lighting up the night sky as we welcome the new year. However, for us here on land, we don’t need explosions to welcome 2012 with a flash. We’ve already got some Lomography cameras which are sure to glimmer, shimmer and shine!

    Three new Gold Edition cameras were relased not too long ago. Clad in luxurious gold, the Diana Mini Gold Edition, Fisheye No. 2 Gold Edition and Diana F+ Gold Edition are sure to delight anyone who looks their way. To add to this list of golden eye-candy, the Pop 9 in Gold is a classic multilens camera which takes 9 mind-blowingly awesome shots!

    Shiny and sparkling versions of your wide-angle fishy favourites, the Czar and Beluga are a pair from the La Sardina series of cameras. Equipped with the Fritz the Blitz Flash and an intricately designed metal exterior, these two cameras are by far the most opulent of Lomography’s creations.

    Gold isn’t the only colour we’ve got here. Not to be mistaken for a flash going off in the distance, these chrome beauties are as lovely as the pictures they take. Multi-lens fanatics with a preference for shiny silver would be enticed by the Supersampler in Chrome or the Cybersampler, also in chrome. Taking four pictures in quick succession, they pack a punch when taking shots of moving subjects. Lastly, a reliable camera with a fresh silver sheen, the Diana F+ in Chrome is the perfect mix of versatility and bling!

    Get your own glitzy and glamorous cameras at the Online Shop now!

  • Lomography Accessories for Unlimited Creative Possibilities!

    Lomography Accessories for Unlimited Creative Possibilities!

    Unleash your Lomography camera’s full potential with a wide array of accessories. Not sure which accessory to get? Here’s a quick guide so you’ll know which would suit your tastes.

    If you’ve got an LC-A+, have a look at what we’d recommend. Get the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ if you want your shots in a snap. For those who fancy some underwater fun, the LC-A+ KRAB is perfect for you. If you’re tired of stuffing your LC-A+ into an ordinary bag, the LC-A Leather Case is just the thing you need so you won’t have to worry about protecting your precious camera.

    Diana F+ lovers are definitely in no shortage for fabulous accessories. The Diana Instant Back is ideal for those in a rush to see their dreamy shots. The Diana 35mm Back, on the other hand, is for those who want to use 35mm films instead of the usual 120. Looking for some Fisheye fun? Get the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens to recreate those circular shots with your Diana+!

    Fisheye fanatics are in for a treat with some of our best selling accessories. Cut your prints to size with the Fisheye Circle Cutter, and then display them in the Fisheye Triple Frame. For protection, get a Fisheye Camera Case or the Fisheye Submarine, if you’re going for a dip in the water.

    Lastly, for the nighttime Lomographer, flashes are highly recommended. To add a dash of colour to your shots, use the Colorsplash Flash. Use the Ringflash if you want a burst of perfectly even light, even for close-ups! Lastly, the Fritz the Blitz flash is a must-have if you’re looking for the most powerful and most versatile flash we have.

    So head on over to the Online Shop and accessorize to your heart’s content.

  • It's Time to Give In to Your Analogue Desires

    It's Time to Give In to Your Analogue Desires

    We’re sure you were able to receive presents from friends and family this season, but how about receiving another gift from yourself? The Online Shop is definitely the place to go so you can indulge in some analogue goodness. Check out some of the all time favorites, fit for every lomographer out there. Choose from the classic LC-A+ , the lovely Diana F+, the little La Sardina El Capitan, the Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! or the pretty Diana Mini En Rose . We’ve also got some new releases like the Lomokino the Pattern Edition LA Sardinas and the Gold Edition Cameras.

    Save a few bucks when you buy our bundles! We have Deluxe Kits for the Diana F and La Sardina , as well as the Spinner 360 & DigitaLIZA 35mm Bundle and LC-A+ Instant Back+ and LC-Wide Instant Perfection . For those of you who are willing to shell out more, have a look at our premium cameras such as the Horizon Kompakt , Horizon Perfekt, Fuji Natura Classica and the Lubitel 166+ And of course, you’ll definitely need some ammunition for your “cameras”: . Try out our wide assortment of Lomography Films and be amazed by the results!

    Oh, and don’t forget about those “Free Cookie Cutters”: for every purchase. You could be included in The Holiday Cookie-Cutter Competition and get lots of Piggy Points. Shop away at our Online Shop now!

  • Happy Holidays from Lomography!

    Happy Holidays from Lomography!

    Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, here’s wishing you all a very merry Xmas from the whole Lomography team! Whether you’ve just finished the yearly game of charades or are just about to tuck into the mammoth festive meal, we hope you have a fantastic day full of fun, festivities and, of, course, photos!

    As a little present for you, until 8th January we’re offering 30% off on any Film when bought with a Camera. Just add the camera and film you’d like to your cart and the discount will be made automatically at the Checkout. Have a fantastic holiday and get ready for loads more analogue fun in 2012!

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  • Today Only - Get 10% off any Keychain with the Voucher Code 10OFF10.

    Today Only - Get 10% off any Keychain with the Voucher Code 10OFF10.

    The gift-giving starts today and we’re giving you 10% off any Lomography keychain! We’ve got keychains for Diana Cameras, Fisheye, Lubitel 166+ and the LC-A+! Just use the voucher code 10OFF10 to avail of this limited discount! Remember, only one voucher code may be used per purchase.

    Check the Shop News daily to know which items qualify for the daily discount. But in the meantime, head on over to our Online Store to get this awesome discount!

    We’re also giving away free Lomography Cookie Cutters this holiday season! Every order from our Online Shop entitles you to one camera-shaped cookie cutter, but if your purchases reach 120 EUR/USD/GBP, you get the whole set of eight! These cookie cutters make great stocking stuffers, so you better check them out in our Shop.