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  • Graphic Fever with the New La Sardina Pattern Editions!

    Graphic Fever with the New La Sardina Pattern Editions!

    Prints are a great way to spruce up your style, and with the new La Sardina Pattern Editions, geometric gorgeousness is set to invade your analogue life as well. We are proud to introduce Quadrat, Cubic, Möbius, and Domino – the freshest members of the La Sardina family!

    These cameras display elegant looks, all dressed up in the classiest patterns around. They also possess amazing wide-angle lens, simple focus settings, and dual winding knobs and MX switch for easy multiple exposures. These special editions also come with matching Photo Accordions so you can show off your shots to your friends.

    Visit our Online Shop now and get your own La Sardina Print Edition Camera! With these cool cameras, you’ll surely be the talk of the town.

  • Wide-Eyed Views from Lomography’s Panoramic Cameras

    Wide-Eyed Views from Lomography’s Panoramic Cameras

    There is beauty everywhere around us, and having the right camera in hand to capture the loveliness is very important. Lomography has a selection of panoramic cameras that will never leave any detail out of frame.

    For gorgeous landscape shots you may want to try the Spinner 360°. Just aim it at your subject and pull the cord – everything around you is recorded on 35mm film. For those who can’t get enough of those charming perforations, the Sprocket Rocket delivers super-wide angle shots that especially showcase these holes. For complete control over your images, choose the Horizon Perfekt. Manual controls and multicoated glass lens combine to give you the greatest panoramic photos ever.

    If you’ve never gone wide-eyed, now is the time. Head to our Shop now and meet your panoramic match.

  • Automatic Awesomeness with the Lomo LC-A+

    Automatic Awesomeness with the Lomo LC-A+

    Lomography espouses a spontaneous approach to photography, and what better way to express this philosophy than to take loads of pictures wherever you go! Good thing the Lomo LC-A+ is here to make your analogue life a little easier!

    Just point and shoot—this compact camera will capture every moment perfectly. With its extended ISO range, you have limitless opportunities for experimentation. Easy focus settings will allow you to shoot scenes even when you’re in the middle of the action. And multiple exposures are made easier than ever with the MX switch.

    The Lomo LC-A+ is the camera that started the whole Lomography movement. If you don’t have your own LC-A+ yet, head to our Shop now and take a piece of Lomographic history.

  • Profess Your Analogue Love with the Prophecies Packrat Bags!

    Profess Your Analogue Love with the Prophecies Packrat Bags!

    We, Lomographers, have taken it upon ourselves to keep the analogue spirit alive. We always bring our cameras with us and often have to explain to our friends (sometimes even to strangers!) why we love shooting with film. Now with the Prophecies Packrat Bags, we can spread the analogue message in style!

    You can Leave the Digital Grind Behind in blue or Let Loose in red; whichever one you choose, you’ll surely be successful in catching people’s attention and telling them about Lomography. Ultra durable and extra-spacious, these Packrat Bags have enough space to fit all your favourite cameras, a stash of films, and all your essentials – perfect to bring along to any photographic adventure.

  • Hey Lomographers, We’ll Make Your Wishes Come True

    Hey Lomographers, We’ll Make Your Wishes Come True

    The Wish and Win Rumble is here again! If you’ve been eyeing anything in our analogue arsenal for a while now, we’ve got a treat for you! We’d like to be your personal genies and grant the wishes of one very lucky community member!
    The rules are simple: head to our Online Shop, choose at least five items you’d like to have, select the “Add to Wishlist” option, and leave a comment on the competition page. It’s that easy to join! We’ll be announcing the most wished for item on 19th October, and if you have that item in your list, you’ve got a chance to win!

    Visit the Shop now and start wishing. Who knows? Maybe we’ll make your analogue dreams come true!

  • Luxurious Lomography with La Sardina Metal Editions!

    Luxurious Lomography with La Sardina Metal Editions!

    The freshest catch has come to our shores. We proudly introduce the La Sardina Metal Editions! These brass-coated cameras are out to take you on an extravagant wide-angle journey. With great features such as mindblowing wide-angle lens, easy-to-use scrolling knobs, and simple focus settings, you’ll surely be treated to a life of analogue luxury. There are two designs to choose from, red Beluga and blue Czar. A special book comes packaged with these cameras as well – “The Caviar Diaries” written by renowned community member Wil6ka.

    Experience Lomographic extravagance with the brand new La Sardina Metal Editions, available in our Online Shop.

  • A Mystery Is Approaching Our Analogue Shores

    A Mystery Is Approaching Our Analogue Shores

    A wonderful surprise is coming really soon, and you, dear Lomographers, must make sure you are ready for this analogue invasion. Something shiny and splendid will be hitting our shores, and it’s all set to take your photography to a level of luxury you’ve never experienced before.

    We can’t reveal any more details, but be sure to return here tomorrow or you might just miss the boat.

  • Crazy for Colour? Get Your Own Lomography Camera Now!

    Crazy for Colour? Get Your Own Lomography Camera Now!

    We’re happy to share with you a fabulous new function in our Community Site, the Colors section. And there’s no better way to celebrate this great feature than to shoot some more pictures with your Lomography cameras!

    Lomography cameras are known for delivering ultra-vivid images that are sure to catch anyone’s eyes. With each photo turning out differently, you are always in for a pleasant surprise. And these cameras do not only give you colourful results; their vibrant looks will also put a smile on your face.

    Why don’t you try the brand new Monochrome Editions? These super bright cameras will surely cheer you up on gloomy days. Are you a fan of cool vintage designs? There are Diana F+ Clones and La Sardina Cameras to feast your eyes on. Want that wide-angle shot? The shocking hues of the Sprocket Rocket Superpop won’t disappoint. Going for the ultimate colour experience? The Colorsplash Camera will bathe your world in unbelievable shades.

    If you’re somebody who is crazy for colour, it’s about time you head to our Shop!

  • Shoot and Save with Lomography Films

    Shoot and Save with Lomography Films

    Photography can become quite an expensive hobby, but we’re here to save the day! For this week only, if you buy three or more packs of Lomography Film, we’ll give you 15% off on each! That’s right – you don’t have to spend a fortune on an activity that gives you so much joy.

    Now’s the time to experiment with emulsions you’ve never tried before. Give your images an explosion of colour with X-Pro Slide. Bathe your shots with tones of blue with X Tungsten. Go for that mysterious vibe with Earl Grey. Get real life beauty with Color Negs. Whatever film you choose to use, you’ll definitely have tons of fun with Lomography Films!

  • Going Back to Our Analogue Roots

    Going Back to Our Analogue Roots

    Pinhole photography has been around for so many centuries, yet it never fails to fascinate us with truly remarkable results.
    The mechanics of this very early photographic technique is actually quite easy; just let light pass through a tiny hole and an inverted image is formed on your film. The simplicity of the process combined with the allure of the medium make pinhole shots all the more captivating.
    Here at Lomography, we truly love pinholes, and we want to share that love with you. We’ve got a wide array of pinhole cameras that will surely get you excited about this technique. From DIY paper pinholes to sturdy plastic ones, there’s something in our Online Shop that will entice you to go back to your photographic roots.

  • Take a Break and Shoot with Lomography Film!

    Take a Break and Shoot with Lomography Film!

    Saturday’s here – our short break from the sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating daily grind. Why waste it in bed when you can go out with your camera and shoot great weekend memories!

    Take a stroll in the park or simply get yourself a cup of hot chocolate – amazing moments are happening every time and everywhere that it’s difficult not to capture even just a single frame. And the good news is, no matter what kind of weather you’re having, you can carry on with your analogue ways because you can choose from the wide range of Lomography Film we have in our Online Shop. Bright and sunny? Take Redscale XR or X-Pro Chrome to the beach. Got a little drizzle? Choose fast films like Lady Grey or Color Negative 800.

    Whatever adventure you have in mind for this weekend, don’t forget to bring along some Lomography Film!

  • Perforated Fun with the Sprocket Rocket

    Perforated Fun with the Sprocket Rocket

    People used to ignore sprockets, often opting for smooth and clean edges. Now they’re seen as a feature that adds character and interest to a print.

    Lomography’s Sprocket Rocket brings sprocket-hole photography to the next level. Dedicated to keeping these tiny perforations while capturing your memories on film, you’ll have tons of fun with this super wide-angle camera. Add more cool features like dual winding knobs for easy long exposures, simple focus settings, and convenience of 35mm film, and we’re sure you’ll be taking this camera wherever you go.

    Get your own Sprocket Rocket in our Online Shop. Available in classic black and white, as well as in ultra bright yellow, green, blue, and orange.

  • Speed and Sharpness in One Super Film

    Speed and Sharpness in One Super Film

    You bring your camera along, with no definite destination in mind. You walk around the city, taking one amazing shot after another. Once the darkness falls, you see your surroundings in a whole new light. You wish you could capture this beauty on film, but you’ve loaded your camera with a low ISO film. When you find yourself in this sticky photographic state, don’t worry because we’ve got just the right emulsion to take you back to your analogue groove.

    Lomography Color Negative 800 120 is great paired with your favourite medium format cameras, especially in low light conditions. Aside from its ultra-high speed, this film will give you vibrant colours and stunning saturation and contrast in all situations. So the next time you choose to go Lomographing all day, get this film because it will deliver fine-grained images from sun-up to sundown!

    See the full range of Lomography Films here.

  • We’re Extending the Greatest Deals of the Season!

    We’re Extending the Greatest Deals of the Season!

    Hey, Lomographers, we’ve got awesome news for you! The Attic Sale and Free Shipping Promo have been extended!

    Participation in the Attic Sale is just one of the perks of being a member of the Lomography community. Enjoy up to 50% discounts on a wide selection of cameras, films, accessories, and apparel – but only if you’re logged into you LomoHome. So if you don’t have an account yet, this is the perfect time to register because there are only a few days left before the Attic Sale comes to a close.

    And as if that’s not good enough, we’re also giving you one more week to take advantage of free or discounted shipping. Just place orders over 25 EUR/USD/GBP or get any film from our Shop, and we’ll have your package delivered to you for free. You can read the complete shipping details here.

    Hurry and visit our Online Shop now!

  • Take Your Friends Out for a Spin

    Take Your Friends Out for a Spin

    Although Lomographers love to have their alone time shooting away, there are moments when it’s much more exciting to have friends to share your photography with. And for occasions like this, a camera like the Spinner 360° is a must-have.

    The Spinner 360° is perfect to take on a weekend getaway or an impromptu day trip. This panoramic camera will capture not just the beautiful scenery around you but also the wonderful company you’re with. It is also very easy to operate, with only two settings to choose from and a ripcord for convenient 360-degree shooting. The easy mechanics takes away all the guesswork and allows you to concentrate on getting the most of out the time you have with your friends.

    The next time you plan to spend time with your buddies, be sure to take the Spinner 360° for an all-around fun experience.

  • Free Shipping Deals Are Extended Yet Again!

    Free Shipping Deals Are Extended Yet Again!

    Another month of awesome shipping deals will soon pass, but don’t worry if you haven’t had the chance to participate. We’re extending our free shipping promo until 9th October! All you have to do is place orders over 25 EUR/USD/GBP or get any film from our Online Shop, and your purchases will be delivered right at your doorstep for free! You can read the details of our shipping deals here.

    If you’ve been eyeing anything from our Shop, now is a great time to get it. Why don’t you go for our newest camera releases, the Diana F+, Diana Mini, and Fisheye No. 2 Monochrome Editions? Or why not experiment with fresh emulsions like Lomography’s X Tungsten 35mm and Earl Grey 120? Wherever you look, there’s always something wonderful for you to try. Start shopping and get free shipping before this offer sails away!

  • Vivid Hues Await with Our New Monochrome Edition Cameras!

    Vivid Hues Await with Our New Monochrome Edition Cameras!

    Feeling bland and bored lately? No worries, because with our new Monochrome Cameras, you can bathe your world in splashes of wild colours.

    Get to know your favourite Lomography cameras — Diana F+, Diana Mini, and Fisheye No. 2 — dressed in the most vivid of greens, yellows, oranges, and blues. And while you’re at it, we have also come up with the freshest cases and handstraps to use with these new editions or even with older models. These vibrant camera companions will always brighten up your day.

    So if you’re looking for that lively pick-me-up on a drizzly day, just turn to Lomography’s ultra-colourful cameras and accessories, and you’ll surely have your spirit refreshed.
  • The Lomography Attic Sale is On!

    The Lomography Attic Sale is On!

    There are many advantages to being a member of the Lomography community. You get to share your photos, learn tips and tricks from other photographers, read about analogue happenings, and the greatest perk of all – have access to exclusive price drops like our Attic Sale!

    Avail up to 50% discounts on fine Lomography goodies, but only if you’re logged into your LomoHome! This offer is only for registered community members, so be sure to create your account now so you can participate.

    The Lomography Attic Sale is only until 3rd October, so you better make sure you don’t miss out on awesome deals!

  • Eight Reasons to Love the Oktomat

    Eight Reasons to Love the Oktomat

    The Oktomat is a nice camera to have. But instead of talking about why it is so great, why don’t we let its features tell you?

    1. Its bright red colour is worthy of anyone’s attention.
    2. It feeds on readily available 35mm film.
    3. The clicks and clacks you hear when you take a photo fill you with excitement,
    4. If you’re after capturing movement, its eight lenses won’t let you down.
    5. With fixed shutter and aperture settings, all you have to do is point and shoot!
    6. Both you and your subject won’t be able to sit still in anticipation of the results.
    7. Every frame is like a mini movie with its own story to tell.
    8. Handy and lightweight, you can bring it along where action takes you.

    Can you now see the possibilities the Oktomat has to offer? Get it in our Online Shop.

  • Let Loose (and We'll Take Care of Everything Else!)

    Let Loose (and We'll Take Care of Everything Else!)

    You’re out for breakfast and you see a stack of delicious pancakes. Click. You’re walking by a park bench and you see a couple kissing. Click. You’re dancing the night away and you see the lights moving with you. Click.

    Spontaneity is at Lomography’s core, and we think it is important to always be ready to capture anything on film. Feeding your appetite for analogue is as easy, just visit our Online Shop. Shoot your favourite subjects with any of our cameras. Try something out of the ordinary by loading different films. Show your photographic pride by experimenting with camera accessories and throwing on something from our fashion line.

    Everything you need for a fuss-free photo adventure is here. Get your gear from the Shop and start shooting away.