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  • Don’t Own A LomoKino Yet? Pre-Order One Now!

    Don’t Own A LomoKino Yet? Pre-Order One Now!

    Everyone’s buzzing about our latest release, the LomoKino. With this handy 35mm movie camera, you fulfil your directorial dreams and shoot masterpieces, analogue-style!

    Last week, we sold out all LomoKino units in the International Online Shop. Calm down, there’s nothing to worry about – we’ve launched a pre-order system that ensures you will have a LomoKino in your camera collection soon. The first batch has been filled and will be shipped out tomorrow. We’ve opened another batch of Europe pre-orders which will be delivered on Friday, 11th November.

    If you haven’t placed an order yet, now is the best time to do so! Don’t miss this chance to get the LomoKino and enter a new era in analogue experimentation. Head to our Online Shop now!

  • Medium Format at Its Finest

    Medium Format at Its Finest

    Lomography takes pride at “shooting from the hip”, a technique that epitomizes the analogue movement’s adventurous spirit and spontaneity. Why don’t you get your hands on the Lubitel 166+ and see what a real shot from the waist looks like?

    The Lubitel 166+ is a loving recreation of a twin-lens classic. Packed with old-school elements plus all-new features, this camera will take you on a photographic journey like no other. The glass lens at the heart of its plastic body delivers the signature Lubitel look – sharp, crisp, colourful, and brimming with special analogue appeal. Fully manual controls allow you to manipulate what kind of shots you’ll produce, with the assurance that you’ll get exactly the results you want. And with the Lubikin Kit included in the package, you can even experiment with 35mm film!

    This classic TLR camera is the best choice if you are into analogue exploration. With the Lubitel 166+, you will experience medium format picture-taking at its best.

  • More Bundles for Analogue Filmmakers

    More Bundles for Analogue Filmmakers

    Pairing the LomoKino with various types of film will yield dramatically different results.

    Have an idea for a spectacular sci-fi flick? You may want to try the Cinechrome Bundle, which includes slide films that deliver stunning colour and contrasts, perfect for out-of-this-world plots. Want to chronicle a suspenseful story? Get the Cliffhanger Bundle, complete with a strap and colour negatives, to make sure your camera safe while shooting all the action. Eager to share your cinematic work online? The Matrix Bundle is perfect for you, because it comes with the DigitaLiza 35mm Scanning Mask, allowing you to create your movie and make a digital copy ready to take over the web!

    Score great discounts and have tons of filmmaking fun with the LomoKino bundles!

  • Get Bundle Fever with Our LomoKino Packages!

    Get Bundle Fever with Our LomoKino Packages!

    Shoot your own cinematic masterpieces with the LomoKino. We’ve come up with bundles that allow you to shoot whatever genre you can think of!

    Do you want to shoot a classic murder mystery? Turn to our Film Noir Bundle, which consists of black-and-white films that will lend an authentic and eerie air to your movie. Do you think you have a love story that transcends time? Shoot it with the Sepia Scope Bundle, complete with redscale films that are sure to add flair to your romantic flick. Do you want to create a colourful comedic film? Achieve results that are full of joy and vividness with the Kinemacolor Bundle. Do you fancy raw and rugged classics? Give the Joly Color Bundle a try and experiment with emulsions that will take you to the earliest days of colour photography.

    The LomoKino is sure to be the perfect analogue filmmaking companion. Be sure to head to our Shop and see more LomoKino Bundles.

  • Want to Shoot Your Own Analogue Movie? Pre-Order the LomoKino Now!

    Want to Shoot Your Own Analogue Movie? Pre-Order the LomoKino Now!

    If you’ve been out of the loop lately, you might have missed yesterday’s launch of the LomoKino, Lomography’s very own 35mm movie camera. This handy film camera shoots movies the old-fashioned way: no sounds, no Hollywood effects, just plain analogue action.

    Lomographers went crazy over the LomoKino and swept the Shop clean of all the stocks. In fact, all units in Europe have been sold out!

    Don’t worry, you can still get your hands on this fine filmmaking machine by pre-ordering in our Online Shop. The next shipment for Europe orders will be dispatched on Wednesday, 9th November. While waiting for your package to arrive, you may want to visit the Microsite to learn more about the LomoKino.

    Hurry! Don’t miss out on the analogue moviemaking mania. Place your LomoKino orders now and get your camera shipped to you next week!

  • Easy Analogue Filmmaking with the New LomoKino!

    Easy Analogue Filmmaking with the New LomoKino!

    Throughout the years, we’ve enjoyed making minimovies with the Multilenses, but now you can tell your story in more frames! We are proud to introduce the LomoKino, our very own 35mm movie camera!

    Lightweight and easy-to-use, you can take the LomoKino wherever you go, turning everyday errands into great analogue expeditions. There’s no need to worry about complicated settings – focus and aperture controls can be adjusted effortlessly during shooting. And with the convenience of 35mm, you can use different films to achieve stunning effects!

    Go back to the roots of filmmaking with the LomoKino. Head to our Online Shop and get yours now!

  • A New Mystery Product Is Upon Us!

    A New Mystery Product Is Upon Us!

    If you’re a hardcore Lomographer, you probably won’t be getting some sleep tonight. We’ll be launching a new and exciting product tomorrow, and we’re sure you’ll continuously be hitting “refresh” just to see what we have up our sleeves.

    Don’t rack your brains too hard trying to guess what the big mystery is. Relax and take a breather because tomorrow will be a great day for analogue lovers. In the meantime, please do check out our Shop and see what great Lomographic goodies we have on offer.

    We’ll see you back here soon!

  • Last Call! Grab Some Films and Get Free Shipping!

    Last Call! Grab Some Films and Get Free Shipping!

    Another awesome shipping deal is coming to an end, but don’t you worry because we’re giving you until the end of the week to avail this offer. Choose from the wide array of films available in our Online Shop and get free shipping! No minimum order amount necessary – if you have a film on your cart, we’ll send your package for free!
    We’re sure you’ll find a film that perfectly suits your needs. Going for the natural look? Get your hands on colour negatives. Crazy for wild colours and contrasts? Try shooting with slides. Want to give your shots a classic appeal? Load up on black and white films. Feeling experimental? Explore another dimension with infrared.
    What are you waiting for? Head to our Shop now and take advantage of this offer before it sails away!
    ***Please note that this offer is only available in the International Shop.

  • Keep All Your Analogue Ideas in One Place with the Lomo Notebook

    Keep All Your Analogue Ideas in One Place with the Lomo Notebook

    Photography is an inspiring experience – just looking at the beauty around you is enough to make your mind run wild all day. Keep the mental chaos down and write away on a Lomo Notebook.

    The Lomo Notebook is wonderful to take on your Lomographic journeys. It does not only contain ample space for all your ideas, it also has a lot of tips and tricks that can help you widen your photographic knowledge. Several LomoLocations are listed to inspire you to travel away from your usual spots and discover a whole new world. Important information such as dialling codes, time zones, and Embassy and Gallery Store addresses are also included for your convenience.

    The next time you are out and about, bring a Lomo Notebook with you and never let an idea go to waste.

  • Lady Grey: Classic All the Way

    Lady Grey: Classic All the Way

    Lomography is known for bright colours and unbelievable contrasts, but if you’re looking to explore another dimension of this analogue movement, we’ve got the film for you! Lady Grey is a traditional black and white film that allows you to be in touch with the subdued but no less elegant side of Lomography.

    Lady Grey is great to use when you need to capture monochromatic shots under all light conditions. Whether it’s bright and sunny or overcast, you can expect super-fine grain and stunning toned from this emulsion. Available in 35mm, you can conveniently use it with your favourite cameras.

    Add another film to your analogue repertoire. Get Lomography’s Lady Grey now!

  • Send Your Friends Some Love the Analogue Way

    Send Your Friends Some Love the Analogue Way

    We are a generation that finds it hard to imagine life without the conveniences of technology. But because of our interest in film photography and the analogue way of living, we are slowly getting a feel of what life was like before the digital age. Why don’t you share your Lomographic stories to your friends? Send them a note with the Freundschaftskarte.

    The Freundschaftskarte is a special stationery set that makes it easier for you to send your friends some Lomo love. Insert a photo, scribble a special message and place your carefully crafted note inside the envelope – your buddies will surely appreciate the kind gesture.

    The Freundschaftskarte comes in sets of 3 envelopes and 3 cards each. Choose from a wide design selection in our Online Shop.

  • Cool Apparel for Analogue Lovers

    Cool Apparel for Analogue Lovers

    What we wear reflects our personality and convictions, and there’s not a better way to express your love for analogue and your passion for photography by putting on a Lomography shirt. Each shirt is made from soft Egyptian cotton that will provide you utmost comfort whether you’re running errands or going to a party. The designs are silkscreened with environment-friendly ink, ensuring that your analogue love is extended to Mother Nature.

    Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you will find the perfect Lomography shirt for you. You can visit our Online Shop to see all designs. Start spreading your love for analogue now!

  • Malaysia Lomographers, We've Got an Exclusive Free Shipping Deal for You!

    Malaysia Lomographers, We've Got an Exclusive Free Shipping Deal for You!

    Hey Lomographers, we’ve got awesome news for you! We are offering a FREE SHIPPING deal on all Malaysian online orders from now until 31st of October 2011!

    Just place orders over 65 USD/500 HKD from our Shop, enter voucher code MYFREESHIPPING at checkout, and we’ll have your package delivered to you for free.

    If you’ve been eyeing anything from our Shop, now is a great time to get it. Why don’t you go for our newest camera releases, the La Sardina Pattern Edition, the La Sardina Metal Edition, the Diana F+, Diana Mini and Fisheye2 Monochrome Editions? Or why not experiment with fresh emulsions like Lomography’s X Tungsten 64 35mm and Earl Grey 120? Wherever you look, there’s always something wonderful for you to try. Start shopping and get free shipping before this offer sails away!

    Hurry and visit our Online Shop now!

    • Please note: This offer is is exclusively for Malaysian orders.
  • Be Your Own Local Lomography Ambassador

    Be Your Own Local Lomography Ambassador

    Lomography is a global film photography movement, and film enthusiasts from different walks of life are doing the best they can to spread the analogue word. Why not do your part simply by bringing along a Cotton Ambassador Bag wherever you go? Not only will you have enough space to carry your belongings, but you’ll also be inspiring some people to join the Lomographic cause.

    Our Cotton Ambassador Bags are made of 100% cotton, perfect for everyday use. Each bag is emblazoned with a unique silkscreened design from one of our Embassy and Gallery Stores all over the world. Super spacious and extra stylish, these bags will hold all your photographic paraphernalia while showing off your love for analogue. Visit our Online Shop to see all available designs in your region.

  • Cool Camera Cases for Lomographers On-the-Go

    Cool Camera Cases for Lomographers On-the-Go

    Shooting outdoors is super fun. You have the chance to capture scenery you don’t usually encounter everyday, and you can get heaps of inspiration from the hustle and bustle around you. But going outside on photo adventures sometimes poses threats to your favourite Lomographic cameras. Good thing we have a wide variety of camera cases to protect your precious snapshooters from the harshest of elements.

    Lomography camera cases are made from durable materials, keeping your photographic instruments safe from scratches. With snap buttons that offer easy access to your cameras, you will never miss a single scene. And there are various colours and designs to choose from, making sure you’ll find one that perfectly matches your camera. Head to our Shop and get yours now!

  • Chronicle Your Travels the Analogue Way

    Chronicle Your Travels the Analogue Way

    Going on a trip and exploring different places are two of the best experiences a person could ever have. The sense of independence and the thrill of adventure will surely get anyone excited. Why not take a camera with you and chronicle your journey the analogue way? Head to our Online Shop and get your own camera to bring along for the ride.

    There’s a camera for you, whatever kind of traveller you are. Are you after seeing the beautiful landscapes nature has to offer? Get a panoramic camera and you will never miss a stunning sight. Are you the type who likes to take a closer look? Grab a Fisheye and you’ll be able to explore even the tiniest details of any culture. Are you someone who delights in shooting everyday moments, immortalizing them on film? The compact body and auto-exposure capability of the Lomo LC-A+ will get the job done.

    Wherever you choose to go on your next trip, don’t forget to bring a Lomography camera to capture every moment.

  • Electrify Your World with Tungsten Film

    Electrify Your World with Tungsten Film

    Tungsten film is delivers great shots with accurate colours when used with incandescent lighting, but as Lomography goes, who cares about the rules? Grab your camera, get a load of Lomography X Tungsten film, and shoot images that are guaranteed to excite every nerve in your body!

    Lomography X Tungsten Film is a professional quality 35mm colour slide that is great to experiment with. Its low ISO is perfect for analogue exploration, delivering unexpectedly great results. Get tones ranging from pretty pinks to blissful blues; when shot under the right conditions, you’ll surely yield Lomographs that will shock your senses.

    Ready for a new and exciting analogue experience? Get Lomography X Tungsten Film now!

  • Supersampler, Super Fun!

    Supersampler, Super Fun!

    When you’re out and about, you need a lightweight camera you can trust to take every bit of the action. Take the Supersampler with you and you’ll never miss a single beat!

    The Supersampler is a thing of beauty. Its four lenses are great at capturing movement. Just pull the ripcord to advance your film and click away – you’ll have a mini movie right in your hands. There’s no need for a viewfinder; just point it at your subject and shoot! This handy camera is perfect for free spirits who live in the moment.

    Get your own Supersampler and start having some super fun now!

  • Graphic Fever with the New La Sardina Pattern Editions!

    Graphic Fever with the New La Sardina Pattern Editions!

    Prints are a great way to spruce up your style, and with the new La Sardina Pattern Editions, geometric gorgeousness is set to invade your analogue life as well. We are proud to introduce Quadrat, Cubic, Möbius, and Domino – the freshest members of the La Sardina family!

    These cameras display elegant looks, all dressed up in the classiest patterns around. They also possess amazing wide-angle lens, simple focus settings, and dual winding knobs and MX switch for easy multiple exposures. These special editions also come with matching Photo Accordions so you can show off your shots to your friends.

    Visit our Online Shop now and get your own La Sardina Print Edition Camera! With these cool cameras, you’ll surely be the talk of the town.

  • Wide-Eyed Views from Lomography’s Panoramic Cameras

    Wide-Eyed Views from Lomography’s Panoramic Cameras

    There is beauty everywhere around us, and having the right camera in hand to capture the loveliness is very important. Lomography has a selection of panoramic cameras that will never leave any detail out of frame.

    For gorgeous landscape shots you may want to try the Spinner 360°. Just aim it at your subject and pull the cord – everything around you is recorded on 35mm film. For those who can’t get enough of those charming perforations, the Sprocket Rocket delivers super-wide angle shots that especially showcase these holes. For complete control over your images, choose the Horizon Perfekt. Manual controls and multicoated glass lens combine to give you the greatest panoramic photos ever.

    If you’ve never gone wide-eyed, now is the time. Head to our Shop now and meet your panoramic match.