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  • The La Sardina Wild West Edition Cameras are Galloping In!

    The La Sardina Wild West Edition Cameras are Galloping In!

    No more need to go all the way to the west to get that Old West mood rushing in. Lomography’s got a pair of new rustic and fashionably distressed cameras that you’ll definitely want to feast your eyes on! Introducing the La Sardina and Flash Belle Starr and the La Sardina and Flash Coyote. And boy, this pair’s as fine as cream gravy!

    These two ace-high wide-angle cameras fits right into the saloons of the Wild West. You’ve got two swell designs to choose from. Go for the La Sardina Coyote with its classic cowboy charm etched with the Old West Landscape on an oxidized brass body. It’ll have you howling for more shots! The La Sardina Belle Star, on the other hand, ain’t no dainty damsel in distress with captivating swirls adorning its brass body. Both of these metal marvels come with the super powerful Fritz the Blitz Flash.

    So saddle up and get your hands on these beautifully rustic metal cameras by hook or crook at the Online Shop!

  • Staff Picks: Gelibee of Lomography Online International

    Staff Picks: Gelibee of Lomography Online International

    Hello Lomographers! This week, our choice for the Staff Picks is Gelibee, one of the hardworking bee workers in the Lomography office. Let’s see what sort of analogue wisdom she has to impart with us!

    Name: Gelibee

    LomoHome: gelibee

    What you do at Lomography: I am one of your friendly bee workers at LomoLand ;)

    Interests: Travel. Photography. Arts and Crafts. People Watching.

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? The Lomography Packrat bag.

    Why? It’s handy, sturdy and it can carry all your Lomographic desires or your everyday things. I bet even fit the Megalomaniac bundle and you can go crazy during your photowalks!

    About the photo: This was taken during our trip to Bangkok where I fell in love with the Diana Mini, the city, the clear blue skies and everything else in between heaven and paradise.

    Your message to Lomographers: Travel. Read good books. Have a warm cup of coffee or tea every morning. Travel. Know more and never settle for less. Write on your journal or in your blog every day. Travel a lot with your camera and spread the analogue goodness.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring insights, Gelibee! Hopefully the members of our community can take your advice and be just as positive as you are. Check back next week for the next Staff Pick. In the meantime, have a look at the Online Shop and see what we’ve got in store for you!

  • The 2 for 3 Film Promo Ends Today!

    The 2 for 3 Film Promo Ends Today!

    Hurry before your time runs out because the 2 for 3 Promo for Lomography Films ends today! It’s still not too late to purchase three packs of film for the price of two. Whatever type of film you prefer, we’re sure to have some for you! Whether you’re a fan of the Color Negative’s tantalizing hues, the Tungsten X’s electrifying effects, the Lady Grey’s monochrome magnetism or the Redscale’s sepia sweetness, we’ve got just what you need!

    Who can resist getting film at a discounted price? I know you can’t, so head on over to the Online Shop and grab those emulsions before this awesome promo ends!

  • Love, Love, Love is in the Air!

    Love, Love, Love is in the Air!

    The first week of February has just passed and it’s only a little more than a week before Valentine’s day hits us with a blast of cliched candy hearts and flowers. Resist the conventional and celebrate Valentine’s day with Lomography’s Lovable cameras, both new and old-time favorites!

    The Diana Mini is definitely in when it comes to the romantic motifs. Let the Diana Mini Love is in the Air take you to cloud nine with it’s cloudy-covered coat. But of course, this year’s Valentine Edition Diana Mini Leopard deserves a special mention, too, because it’s just asking you to unleash the animal in you this season! The Diana F+ Take My Heart’s name is just asking you to share the love this season, along with this year’s Valentine’s counterpart, the Diana F+ Zebra. And finally, your fishy favorite is also in the mood for some lovin’ this season with the Fisheye No. 2 I Love You and this year’s slithering sensation, the Fisheye No. 2 Python.

    Whether you want get the Valentine’s vibe the traditional way or the less conventional way, Lomography’s got something for you! So take your pick at the Online Store!

  • Staff Picks: Nadia of the Magazine Team

    Staff Picks: Nadia of the Magazine Team

    For this week’s staff Picks, we’re featuring Nadia, one of our editorial interns for the Online Magazine! Let’s see what she has to say:

    Name: Nadia S.

    LomoHome: soundfoodaround

    What you do at Lomography: Editorial Intern – Online Magazine

    Interests: French films, Surrealism, The Beatles, Expressive arts, coffee houses, and comic relief.

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? La Sardina Metal Edition – Czar

    Why? It’s a beauty that makes just-as-beautiful photos, also I appreciated the love I sensed went into making it from speaking to its designer, and, it’s heavy enough so you know if it’s missing from your bag!

    Photo attached: Someone was in the middle of sharing an amusing analogy, at the company Xmas party, which the cheeky, background, grins, and childlike, half-opened mouths do well in conveying the sentiment of. I love how it’s crooked, the fact there are two fun sweaters that are one and the same, and the fact it makes me think the camera had a bit of festive mulled wine to drink!

    Thank you very much, Nadia! Check back next week for another installment of Staff Picks. In the meantime, check out the Online Shop for the latest promos and freebies!

  • Lomography's Most Lovable La Sardina: Virginia is for Lovers

    Lomography's Most Lovable La Sardina: Virginia is for Lovers

    February is a month that would most certainly remind everyone of Valentine’s day. It’s the month of love. But here in Lomography, we’ve moved far from love in the traditional sense of the word. Where others would choose Paris, Venice or New York for a bit of romance, Lomography has chosen an entire state filled with southern hospitality and breathtaking views: Virginia, USA.

    What’s not to love about Virginia, where the old-school vibe never gets old? To mark this momentous occassion, Lomography has released the La Sardina: Virginia is for Lovers and the La Sardina & Flash: Virginia is for Lovers! The slogan which has defined the entire state is now available in a beautiful red, black and white wide-angle camera. You can get this lovable new camera at the Online Shop, but you better be quick because it’s a limited edition find!

    Fall in love with the La Sardina: Virginia is for Lovers and take it for a spin. Who knows, your shots might be splendid enough to qualify for the Love Unexpected Photo Contest! Check out the Magazine section for details.

  • Go Wild with Lomography Starter Pack Bundles!

    Go Wild with Lomography Starter Pack Bundles!

    Getting a new camera is definitely exciting. But sometimes, you have to tinker and experiment with it a bit before you can get the hang of taking the shots you want. Well worry no more, because along with the lovely line of animal-printed cameras are starter packs bundled to make experimentation easier!

    Each Starter Pack has one wild Valentines Edition camera and a Mixed Film Pack. So, you can get the Diana Mini Leopard, Fisheye No. 2 Python, La Sardina Sapphire Serpent or La Sardina Orinoco Ochre with the 35mm Lomography Mixed Film Pack at a cheaper price! The Diana F+ Zebra has its own starter pack with the 120 Lomography Mixed Film Pack.

    Don’t wait another minute and start shooting today! Get your starter packs at the Online Shop now!

  • Spinner 360: The Most Freewheeling 35mm Panoramic Camera in the Universe!

    Spinner 360: The Most Freewheeling 35mm Panoramic Camera in the Universe!

    It’s more than just a catchy name. This panoramic phenomenon is enough to make your head spin… Literally! It takes too much time to take snapshots of a view and splice them together to make a continuous shot. But with the 360-degree spinning capability of the Spinner 360, that’s now a problem of the past! Just load the Spinner 360 with your favourite 35mm film, hold it in one hand and pull the cord with your other hand and watch it spin! Each roll of film can yield up to eight 360 panoramas.

    You can pick between the black Spinner 360 and the snazzy Spinner 360 Leather Edition, which is coated with lovely patterned Toledo leather. Broaden your horizons with some of the Spinner 360 bundles, and save some money on your purchases. Check out the Spinner 360 & Digitaliza 35mm Bundle and see how easy it is to use the scanning mask to immediately upload your shots. If you’re a Panoramic fanatic, the Panoramic Lover’s Heaven would definitely tickle your fancy. Not only do you get the Spinner 360, but also the Sprocket Rocket and the Horizon Perfekt.

    Don’t forget about our 3 for 2 promo where you can get three rolls of film for the price of two! Check out the Online Shop now!

  • Great News! Get 3 Lomography Film Packs for the Price of 2!

    Great News! Get 3 Lomography Film Packs for the Price of 2!

    Are you dying to make analogue memories but are a little strapped for cash? We’ve got a great offer for you! For this week only, we’re giving you the chance to buy 3 packs of Lomography Films and you only pay for 2! This is a great time to choose from our wide selection of emulsions. Whatever your shooting style is, there is a film in our Shop films for you!

    Are you new to film photography? Check out our Mixed Film Packs 35mm and 120 and explore the different effects various types of films can bring. Are you a medium format maven? Try our Lady Grey B&W 400 120 for those magnificent monochromatic shots, or go for Color Negative 800 120 to satisfy your need for speed. Are you a 35mm snapshooter? Grab a hold of our X-Tungsten 64 35mm to get electrifying shots with stunning blue hues or experience the elegance only sepia tones can deliver by using our Redscale XR 50-200 35mm.

    This offer is only valid until 6th February, so you better head to our Shop and take advantage of this deal now!

  • La Sardina Seduction

    La Sardina Seduction

    The Valentine’s craze doesn’t stop with the Diana Zebra, Diana Mini Leopard and Fisheye No. 2 Python. Even your favorite wide-angle La Sardina Cameras have a new seductive coat. If you thought the previous three were wild, well these La Sardina Valentine’s Editions are fierce!

    Slithering their way into the analogue world are the La Sardina with Flash in Orinco Ochre and the La Sardina Sapphire Serpent. Named after South America’s famous winding river, the La Sardina with Flash in Orinco Ochre will set your heart ablaze! And it comes with its own Fritz the Blitz Flash in the same sumptuous colour. If blue is your hue of choice, the La Sardina Sapphire Serpent would titillate your senses. Dive into a wonderfully wide-angle world with this pair of sultry Sardinas!

    Sashay into the Online Shop and get your seductive La Sardina now!

  • Be Wild at Heart: Lomography's Latest Valentine's Edition Cameras!

    Be Wild at Heart: Lomography's Latest Valentine's Edition Cameras!

    Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. And yes, people are going to be buying flowers and candies and teddy bears for their significant others. But we all know how overdone that routine is. So here at Lomography, we’ll show you how to be a little bit different, a little more bold, and definitely a little wild!

    Introducing the limited-edition Diana F+ Zebra, the Diana Mini Leopard and the Fisheye No. 2 Python. Three of Lomography’s most popular cameras are now available in striking animal prints! Check out the medium format Diana F+ in minty green with zebra stripes. Don’t let the petite Diana Mini Leopard fool you, because this little 35mm camera packs a punch! 170° of Fisheye fun is guaranteed with the Fisheye No. 2 Python!

    Ditch the fluff and fancy of a typical Valentine’s day, and show your date the wild side of being a Lomographer! This ferocious bunch is available now at the Online Shop!

  • LC-A Accessories Offer - Extended Until February 1st!

    If you missed out on our mouthwatering LC-A Accessories offer last week, you’re in for some good news – We’ve extended the 20% off deal until the 1st February! So whether you’re after a Splitzer or Instant Back, Wide-angle Lens or underwater Krab, just head to the shop and enjoy an automatic 20% discount. Don’t delay, order your lovely analogue accessory today!

    LC-A Accessories

  • 20% Off on LC-A Accessories Ends Today! Grab your LC-A+ Accessories Now!

    20% Off on LC-A Accessories Ends Today! Grab your LC-A+ Accessories Now!

    Unfortunately, 20% discount must come to an end. But don’t worry, you still have time to squeeze in that last purchase before the time runs out! Just have a look at the accessories we’ve got for your LC-A!

    Steady shots with the LC-A need not be difficult anymore, thanks to the Clamp Tripod and the Small Flex Tripod. The Clamp Tripod can be attached to any object that’s 0.7” (2cm) thick to 2.5” (6.5cm) thick, and it’s sure to keep your trusty LC-A in place. As for the Small Flex Tripod, it’s flexible yet sturdy thanks to its rubberized feet. So you can just pick any surface to place your LC-A on, and shoot away! If lenses are what you’re after, the Wide Angle Lens is the hottest accessory we’ve got. With its 120-degree view and a viewfinder to preview what you’re about to shoot, you’ll take shots you never would have been able to imagine with any other regular lens!

    So come visit the Online Shop and get your LC-A Accessories before the discount period ends!

  • Staff Picks: Tay Shuyun of Lomography Singapore

    Staff Picks: Tay Shuyun of Lomography Singapore

    Today’s Staff Pick is Tay Shuyun from the newly opened Lomography Singapore. Let’s see what she has to say.

    Name: Tay Shuyun

    LomoHome: saysaysay

    What I do at Lomography: Jr. Online Manager for Singapore

    Interests: Animals, crafting, films, traveling and of course Lomography!

    Which Lomography product I’m recommending and why: The classic LC-A+. The automatic exposure feature makes it so versatile for any crazy situation that I’m in, allowing me to “don’t think, just shoot!” Plus it’s so compact that I can fit it in my smallest handbag too.

    My message to Lomographers: Immerse yourself in the Lomography experience and bring your camera everywhere you go! Don’t just use it a few times then leave it aside. Be active in the community too and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the new friends you will make!

    I’ve attached here a picture of myself taken with the Diana F+. I like this picture – after I snapped it, I realized the focus setting was totally off. But the picture actually turned out rather nice! A good example of how you never know what to expect with Lomography.

    Thank you so much, Tay Shuyun. So now that you’ve seen what she has to say, why don’t you head out to the Online Shop and check out her favorite LC-A+!

  • LC-A+:The Dark Knight of Lomography

    LC-A+:The Dark Knight of Lomography

    When darkness descends upon the sky at night, and the little boys and girls are sound asleep, what’s a Lomographer to do? Well, when has darkness ever stopped us from taking awesome pictures? Aside from all the other flash cameras in the Lomography arsenal, one dark knight rises above them all.

    The LC-A+ is by far one of Lomography’s finest cameras, producing photos with vivid bursts of colour that deserve more than just a second glance. But worry not, for at night, this little black camera can be paired with several Lomography accessories that enhance its abilities in the dark. For the brightest flash, the Fritz the Blitz Flash is the way to go! For a wash of perfectly even colour on your subjects, use the Colorsplash Flash or the circular Ringflash. Attach any one of these to the LC-A+ to get some of the most gorgeous Lomography shots! If these accessories aren’t enticing enough, we’re glad to inform you that we’re slashing 20% the price of ALL LC-A Accesories!

    The Lomo LC-A+ and its accesories can be found in the Online Shop, so go have a look!

  • 20% off on All LC-A+ Accessories Until January 22!

    20% off on All LC-A+ Accessories Until January 22!

    Since Monday, Lomography has been giving discounts on LC-A+ accessories! This is only available until January 22, so hurry and take your pick from all the awesome accessories we have at the Online Shop.

    Take your pick from some of our premium lenses such as the Wide Angle Lens. Experiment with the multiple exposure switch by using the LC-A+ Splitzer. Dive into some underwater adventures with the LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing! Want a case to keep your LC-A+ in good condition? The L-Case is definitely a good bargain for you!

    The possibilities are endless with the LC-A+ and its gadgets! So head out to the Online Shop now!

  • Introducing the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder!

    Introducing the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder!

    WIth the hype that followed the release of the LomoKino, Lomographers from far and wide have started making their mini-movies. However, some LomoKino enthusiasts simply can’t wait to see what they’ve filmed. Well, worry no more because the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder is here to make digitalizing your LomoMovies a lot easier!

    So how can you use the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder ? Just attach it to your LomoKinoScope and then attach the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder’s clamps to fit your phone. Turn on the video recorder on your phone and start cranking the lever to instantly capture your mini-movie! It’s fast, it’s easy and with the added convenience of instantly recording your movies, there’s no more need to individually scan your films.

    Get your LomoKino Smart Phone Holder at the Online Shop now!

    Smart Phone not included.

  • Free Shipping for The Chinese New Year!

    Free Shipping for The Chinese New Year!

    Dragons are fabled to bring good luck – this could only mean good news all round so let’s come together to welcome these great fortunes!

    From now until 23rd of January 2012, the luck of the dragon grants free shipping on purchases USD 75 / SGD 95 and above for Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam, HKD 200 / USD 25 and above for Hong Kong, NT 1000 and above for Taiwan, RMB 500 and above for China. Lomography is distributing the lucky treasures direct to your doorsteps!
    Take note of our shipping cut off dates:
    Asia Pacific*: 1 / 20 – 1 /26
    Hong Kong: 1 / 20 – 1/26
    Taiwan:1 / 20 (Transaction made before 2:00pm) – 1/29
    China:1 / 19 – 1 /29
    *Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam.

    Spend your spectacular Dragon year with our cameras, accessories, and film. Visit our Online Shop to see all our Lomographic goodies. And until 22nd January you can get 20% off all LC-A Accessories in the Lomography Online Shop – So don’t delay, fall in love with your LC-A+ today with the right accessories in conjunction with the free shipping offer!

  • Get the LC-A+ Splitzer at 20% Off!

    Get the LC-A+ Splitzer at 20% Off!

    The Lomo LC-A+ is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and dynamic cameras in the Lomography arsenal. With its sharp and vividly tantalizing shots, the pictures you can take can instantly become hits in your portfolio. But of course, to add to the creativity of the community, several accessories are available for you to use and experiment on.

    One of the most clever accessories for the LC-A+ is the Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer. What does it do? With this little gadget attached to the front grooves of the LC-A+, you can slice one image into halves, quarters and eighths. Just take a photo with the Splitzer attached, hit the multiple exposure switch, turn the Splitzer and keep shooting. You can do this as many times as you like for more layers, or you can just do this twice and see a single 35mm print split into two images.

    With the 20% discount on all LC-A accessories, you can get the Splitzer at a cheaper price. So shop now at the Online Store!

  • LC-A+: The Light of Analogue Life

    LC-A+: The Light of Analogue Life

    Any time of the day, the LC-A+ can capture every passing moment. Don’t let those memories slip away, take a wonderfully vivid keepsake to take with you! Enhancing the capabilities of this handy but powerful little camera is made easier, thanks to a wide assortment of accessories. Instant eye-catching shots are made possible with the LC-A Instant Back+ ‘s ability to print your shots in mere seconds! Wide Angle and Tunnel Vision Lenses made specifically for your LC-A can turn a regular shot into a quirky work of art. Of course, the LC-A+ can’t be without protection from rain or shine, so the LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing keeps it nice and safe for underwater shots, while the L-Case keeps it nice and safe on regular days. All these accessories and more are available at the shop with a 20% discount. This discount opportunity is only available until January 22, so hurry and get your LC-A+ accessories!

    The LC-A+ is a ray of warm sunshine in the world of Lomography, and you can get it at the Online Shop!