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  • Save More When You Buy More with these Cashback Coupons!

    Save More When You Buy More with these Cashback Coupons!

    Cutting back on expenses is no easy feat. But here in Lomography, not only are there discounts to enjoy but promos such as the Cashback Coupon Promo! Just spend 100 EUR/USD/GBP in the Online Shop to get 10 EUR/USD/GBP on your next order of 100 EUR/USD/GBP or more. But if you’ve gone on a shopping spree and spent up to 200 EUR/USD/GBP, you get a 20 EUR/USD/GBP Cashback Coupon for your next order of 200 EUR/USD/GBP or more!

    Take your pick from some of our premium products such as the Lomo LC-Wide or the Diana Deluxe Kit. Indulge in a bundle or two such as the La Sardina and Flash Orinoco Starter Pack or the LomoKino and LomoKinoscope Kinemacolor Bundle. Check out other goodies from the Online Shop and save up to 20 EUR/USD/GBP on your next purchase!

  • Lomography Q&A: More Information on the Fisheye Baby 110

    Lomography Q&A: More Information on the Fisheye Baby 110

    Q. Hi! I’m new to 110 photography and I’m wondering if the Fisheye Baby 110 is a good camera for me to start with. I would really appreciate it if you can give me more information on this camera. Thanks in advance!

    A. Hello! Welcome to Lomography and to the world of 110 photography! Many film enthusiasts were devastated when this format was discontinued, but with the release of the Fisheye Baby 110 you can enjoy shooting in 110 again!

    As a beginner, we think you’d have so much fun shooting with the Fisheye Baby 110. With limited controls and switches, you can enjoy fuss-free point and shoot photography. Focus? Simply aim at your subject and get as close as possible! Shutter speed? Just flick the N/B switch in front of the viewfinder. Remember that normal mode is best for daytime shooting, while bulb mode is ideal for indoor or low-light settings. Multiple exposures? Take a shot and shoot as many frames as you want without advancing your film. This is as simple as it gets!

    And did we mention that the Fisheye Baby 110 is super small that it can easily slide in your pocket or disguise itself as a pendant? Load it up with 110 film and you’re set to snap away! And don’t forget to check out our PhotoLabs section to see which developers accept 110 film in your area.

    We hope this convinces you to get your own Fisheye Baby. And if you have more questions we haven’t answered, you can head over to our Fisheye Baby FAQs section. Happy snap-shooting!

  • Staff Picks: Pauee of Customer and Technical Support

    Staff Picks: Pauee of Customer and Technical Support

    Today’s staff pick is one of the many helpers for our users with film and camera problems. She’s probably answered some of your queries before, and she’ll keep doing so until all your Lomography queries are resolved. Let’s see what she has to say.

    Name: Pauee Cadaing

    LomoHome: pauee1617

    What you do at Lomography: I save the community members from their Lomography troubles and their camera’s as well. Customer and Technical Support, in short.

    Interests: photography, flag football, wakeboarding, driving aimlessly and travelling.

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? Diana F+ with the instant back and the LC-A+

    Why? Dont let the girly name fool you. The Diana F+ could transform into a beast when the accessories are added. Its everything you’ll ever need.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture.
    I always wanted a rockstar picture, but never had the rockstar face. I just had the drumsticks. Used a Diana F+ and Kodak B&W CN while playing rockband with my friends.

    Your message to Lomographers: enjoy the roller coaster ride that the analogue lifestyle offers. Get your camera and Sashay Away!

    So what are you waiting for? Hop into the rollercoaster and enjoy analogue adventures like you never have before! Step into the Online Shop and find yourself some Lomography goodies to score!

  • The Tiny Camera that Packs a Punch!

    The Tiny Camera that Packs a Punch!

    Limited to only 100 units for the first batch, this tiny Fisheye Baby 110 Metal fits right in the palm of your hand; maybe you can even fit three! It’s easy to use and a joy to shoot with, since it takes those 170 circular images we’ve all come to love in a Fisheye Camera, and it comes with a PC flash adapter for low-light shooting. Experience a range of photographic prowess when you experiment with multiple exposures and long exposures. It’s a rare treat to find so many features in so tiny a package. Paired with the Lomography Orca Black and White Film, dramatic black and white fisheye shots are now nestled at the palm of your hand, literally!

    Get your Fisheye Baby 110 Metal camera from the Online Shop and be one of the first to revive the joys of taking 110 format shots!

  • Lomography is Having a Baby!

    Lomography is Having a Baby!

    Lomography is proud to introduce the Fisheye camera that fits right in the palm of your hand! We proudly present the Fisheye Baby 110 and Fisheye Baby 110 Metal. Both these little Fisheye Babies are capable of taking circular Fisheye shots, with the added perk of having the bulb and multiple exposure setting! The only difference is that the Fisheye Baby 110 Metal comes with a PC Flash Adaptor for some added light. Load it with the previously launched Lomography Orca B&W 110, and take those circular black and white shots!

    They’re now available in the Online Shop, so get yours and be the first to post shots from Lomography’s lovable little baby!

  • Watch Out! There's a New Lomography Mystery Product on the Way!

    Watch Out! There's a New Lomography Mystery Product on the Way!

    Look out for the latest addition to the Lomography family! There’s an exciting new product to be revealed to the entile Lomography community. You definitely won’t want to miss this! So set your clocks, and make sure you check out the Online Shop when this mystery product hits our stores!

  • Get the Lomography Action Sampler Football Edition at a Discounted Price!

    Get the Lomography Action Sampler Football Edition at a Discounted Price!

    Score a goal with Lomography’s latest promo for the Action Sample Chrome Football Edition! Not only has the price dropped to almost 50% off, but when you purchase it with three packs of Lomography Film, you get another 50% off the now reduced price! So, when you get an Action Sampler Chrome Football Edition camera with three packs of film, it’s like you just got a 75% for this handy little multi-lens camera! Snap away at moving subjects and see each movement captured on film!

    Take advantage of this promo by getting your Action Sample Chrome Football Edition and Lomography Films from the Online Shop today!

  • Ready, Set, Let's Go X-Pro!

    Ready, Set, Let's Go X-Pro!

    Go gaga over gorgeous hues with the X-Pro bundles! Be it medium-format or 35mm, Lomography’s got an X-Pro bundle for you! Check out the beautifully bizarre effects you can get on 120 format film when you get the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 & Lubitel 166+ Bundle or the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 & Diana F+ Bundle. If you’ve got a camera, but you want these fantastic films, get both formats of the X-Pro when you purchase the Lomography X-Pro Film Pack!

    Intense, eye-popping and undeniably dazzling, these bundles are a surefire way to get gorgeous analogue shots! Get your film fix from the Online Shop today!

  • Lomography Q&A: Adding Spice to your LC-A+ Shots

    Lomography Q&A: Adding Spice to your LC-A+ Shots

    Q. Hello there, Lomography! I am an avid user of your cameras and I must say, shooting film adds joy to my day! I have an LC-A+ RL and I always take it with me wherever I go. I kinda feel guilty asking you guys about this, but can you suggest ways on how I can obtain variety in my shots? Don’t get me wrong—I love the vignetting and the colors, but sometimes I want to experiment with my pictures. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to your answer!

    A. Hello there! It’s always fun to read comments from users who truly enjoy shooting with their cameras.

    The LC-A+ is a fine Lomographic specimen. Aside from delivering shots that are beaming with vivid colors and stunning contrasts, this classic boasts features that make analogue lovers swoon. Extended ISO range, simple focus settings, multiple exposure capabilities and compatibility with various accessories—what else would you want in a compact camera?

    If you think you’re getting bored with your LC-A+, we suggest trying out different accessories. This is a fun way to experiment with your camera’s capabilities and get some interesting shots in the process.

    Want to slice and dice your pictures? Try the LC-A+ Splitzer. With this tiny device, you can combine an elephant’s head with your friend’s body! How cool is that?

    If instant gratification is what you want, attach the LC-A Instant Back to your camera. This will yield the same fantastic images, but without the long wait!

    Did you know you can shoot underwater with your LC-A+ Just place it inside the Krab Underwater Housing and you’re ready to dive into the sea with your favorite snapshooter!

    You can also give light painting a try by attaching a cable release to your camera and shooting with laser pointers or colorful flashlights in the dark. If light painting is not your thing but you want to achieve a very vibrant effect, use the Ringflash to throw a burst of colorful light into your shots.

    If you’ve given these ideas a try but still feel like you need more inspiration, you can always go to our Tipsters section and see what other Lomographers are doing!

    We hope these suggestions work for you and we hope to see your photos soon!

  • Staff Picks: Akshay of Lomography India

    Staff Picks: Akshay of Lomography India

    The staff pick of the week comes from the culturally-rich and beautiful land of India. It’s a popular tourist spot and there are lots of sights for Lomographers to capture on film. No wonder our staff pick, Akshay, loves to wander around with his favorite camera. Let’s see what he has to say!

    Name: Akshay Bhoan

    LomoHome: abhoan

    What you do at Lomography: Online Manager India

    Interests: Playing video games, reading and wandering about with my precious LC-A+

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? LC-A+! If you don’t have it then you’ve really not shot with the BEST camera in the world!

    Why? Its non-intrusive, people don’t care if you have an LC-A+, they don’t mind you taking pictures. Everyone is nice and warm. And it’s so small, goes in my pocket!

    Photo: This is my fav picture of me from my LC-A+. I like how it’s changed everything and made everything surreal. And this is also the first roll I ever shot with the LC-A+!

    Your message to Lomographers: Shoot more and more and more! Experiment! We have but one life, don’t hold back! :)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Akshay! All our readers are sure to be enticed by how much you love your LC-A+! Check back next week for another installment of Staff Picks. In the meantime, why don’t you browse the Online Shop for some awesome finds?

  • The Diana Splitztant Kit

    The Diana Splitztant Kit

    The irrefutable queen of surreal has the sort of appeal that transcends all tastes and interests. The Diana F+ has bundles made for almost any effect you want on your 120 film. But for a taste of something different, the Diana Splitztant Kit might just be the bundle for you! With the Diana + Splitzer to make one exposure a mix of two, four, eight or even sixteen shots, and the Diana F+ Instant Back, there’s no telling just what dreamy shots you can create!

    Grab the Diana Splitztant Kit from the Online Shop, and explore the wonders of the certified queen of dreamy hues and mysterious vignettes!

  • Happy Weekend! Free Shipping to Singapore Until Sunday!

    Happy Weekend! Free Shipping to Singapore Until Sunday!

    Singapore, here’s another good reason to enjoy your weekend. We’re giving you free shipping on all orders over S$160! Just hit us up with voucher code FREESHIPSG at the checkout.

    Need some suggestions on what Lomographic goodies to get? Inspire green envy among your friends with the Diana F+ Neptune Green Starter Kit. Get wild with the Singapore-exclusive bundle Diana Mini Leopard Love Package for Her! Or spend your summer in style with the La Sardina Beach Editions!

    There’s something for everyone at the Lomography Online Shop. Take advantage of this great offer this weekend to chase the analogue dream you always wanted!

  • Burst into a Frenzy of Color with the LomoKino MUBI Edition Kinemacolor Bundle!

    Burst into a Frenzy of Color with the LomoKino MUBI Edition Kinemacolor Bundle!

    Create your own movie marvel the old-fashioned way with LomoKino MUBI Edition Kinemacolor Bundle, made for the director/producer/videographer in you! Loaded with three packs of Color Negative 35mm films, the LomoKino MUBI Edition Kinemacolor Bundle practically guarantees movies bursting alive with colors! With no-hassle focusing, easy apperture setting and the easy-to-use advancing lever, making 35mm analogue movies has never been easier! This LomoKino clone also comes with a month’s subscription to MUBI and a film strip from Palme D’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethaku already loaded in the LomoKinoscope!

    Get inspired by the LomoKino clone inspired by a celebrated director, and get your own LomoKino MUBI Edition Kinemacolor Bundle from the Online Shop!

  • The Diana F+: The Medium-Format Modifiable Marvel!

    The Diana F+: The Medium-Format Modifiable Marvel!

    On its own, the Diana F+ is already the plastic queen of versatility. A wide assortment of accessories such as the Splitzer, the Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens and Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens adds to the fun and excitement that comes with using this medium format beauty. Not only can you purchase these nifty gadgets for the Diana F+, you can even make your own with some tipsters from the Magazine section!

    Not yet acquainted with this square-format sensation? Boy, are you missing out! Have a look at the Online Shop’s choices for Diana F+ Cameras and Clones to get yours now!

  • The Diana Mini: Petite Plastic Perfection

    The Diana Mini: Petite Plastic Perfection

    The little sister of the Diana F+, this petite plastic princess shoots both half-frame and square frame shots for some added variety. Available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, the Diana Mini is small, adorable and a definite must-have for every Lomo fanatic! Switch from normal setting to bulb setting for those long exposure shots, which are made easier with the cable release attachment. Take your regular 35mm roll of film and shoot up to 72 shots with the half-frame format! Also, if you’ve already got a Diana Flash, this is also compatible with the Diana Mini.

    Don’t miss out on the seemingly endless picture opportunities with Diana Mini, available at the Online Shop!

  • A Rainbow of Brightly Colored Lomography Cameras!

    A Rainbow of Brightly Colored Lomography Cameras!

    Leave those dull and lackluster moments behind, because here at Lomography not only will your shots be bright and vivid, even the cameras you use can be just as kaleidoscopic! Pick your favorite color, and we’re sure to have the perfect hue for you. With the launch of the latest Sprocket Rocket cameras, four vibrant colours have been added to the Lomography family. And with the Beach Edition La Sardina Camaras, the fabric-clad beauties provide a wide assortment of brilliant patterns and shades.

    Browse the Online Shop today and be dazzled by the whole rainbow of analogue fun and experimentation!

  • Lomography Q&A: Swimming with Your Camera

    Lomography Q&A: Swimming with Your Camera

    Q. Hello there, Lomography Team! I am really excited to take my LC-Wide to the beach this summer. I’ve seen some cool underwater shots around the website and I would like to ask if you have any tips for when I shoot underwater. Cheers!

    A. Hi! We hope you have a fun time on your vacation and please don’t forget to share with us your photos. :)

    The Lomo LC-Wide is a great choice to bring to the beach because it is compact, easy to use and it will capture natural scenery flawlessly. Whether you use it on land or in water, this camera will take one gorgeous shot after another. But before you take it swimming with you, you should absolutely make sure you attach it to the LC-A Krab Underwater Case. Not doing so will ruin your camera!

    What you have to do is get all the settings of your LC-Wide ready and then place it in the Krab. Once inside, you can’t change the settings of your camera anymore. Line up the metal advance cog of your camera with the advance wheel of the Krab. Make sure that you close the Krab door properly to keep your camera safe inside. You can watch the full instructions here.

    We also recommend using higher ISO films (400 and up) to get sharper underwater shots. That way you can be sure your adventures at sea are chronicled perfectly.

    Let us know if these pieces of advice work for you and have a nice time!

    P.S. For readers who do not own an LC-Wide or LC-A+ but are dying to capture underwater fun on film, we suggest getting a Fisheye Camera together with the Fisheye Submarine. No other Lomography cameras and camera accessories can be used underwater.

  • Staff Picks: Arianna of Lomography Italy

    Staff Picks: Arianna of Lomography Italy

    As some of you may remember, we’ve recently released several cameras inspired by the beautiful Italian beach of Capri. Today, our staff pick manages the online comings and going of the lovely land of Italy. Let’s see what she has to say.

    Name: Arianna Damonti

    LomoHome: stea

    What you do at Lomography: I am the Digital Marketing and Online Manager for Italy. I take care of everything related to the web: publishing content in the magazine, keeping the community alive both on our website and on social media, looking for online cooperation and caring about the online shop. How can I do all these things by myself? I can’t! That’s why I rely on the precious help of Laura, our super lovely online intern!

    Interests: Music is my greatest passion! I love to go to gigs and festivals and sing out loud all the songs under the stage! But since I can’t play any instrument, not even the maracas, I just spend my spare time doing the only thing I’m really pro at: travelling! Can’t wait to go to Scotland this summer with my arsenal of Lomography cameras!

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? Definitely the Diana F+!

    Why? It’s so easy to use and versatile. If you love lo-fi pictures and medium format as I do, go for it!

    Photo: The photo was taken by my boyfriend with a Diana F+ and a Lomography Lady Grey Film. I love the way it looks so old-style, it seems one of my mum’s photos taken in the 60s.

    Your message to Lomographers: Shooting with your camera is nothing but pure fun – Simply enjoy those long and exhausting moments before your film gets developed: that’s really the best part of analogue photography!

    Thank you, Arianna, for your words of advice to out Lomography community. Hopefully your enthusiasm for the Diana F+ would encourage our Lomographers to check try out the medium format cameras in the Online Shop and let the storm of sensational shot begin!

  • Get Creative with the Classics

    Get Creative with the Classics

    One of Lomography’s most recognizable cameras is definitely the Lomo LC-A+, the iconic compact camera which started the Lomography movement. Side by side with the LC-A+ is it’s pseudo-twin, the very versatile Lomo LC-Wide. Both capable of mindblowingly vivid colors and mysterious vignettes, these classic cameras should be a staple in every analogue arsenal.

    Get the LC-A+, LC-Wide and their awesome bundles only from the Online Shop!

  • Time is Running Out for the LC-A+ Russia Day Promo!

    Time is Running Out for the LC-A+ Russia Day Promo!

    It’s not too late to get your very own LC-A+ Russia Day camera! Today is the last day to get this limited edition LC-A+ camera at 45% off. There’s no denying its passionate allure and handy features such as the multiple exposure and long exposure option. Compatible with any 35mm film, this classy and compact camera deserves to be a staple in every analogue arsenal. Get your own LC-A+ Russia Day camera from the Online Shop while the promo is still on, or else you might regret it forever!