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  • Around the World with the Lomography Maps Edition Cameras!

    Around the World with the Lomography Maps Edition Cameras!

    It’s in every Lomographer’s nature to want to wander and get lost in the sights and sounds of unknown places. Inspired by this irresistible urge to travel, we’ve designed a special set of cameras that depict the travel-hungry nature of our community. Lomography is proud to introduce the Maps Edition Cameras, featuring four of Lomography’s favorite camera models:

    Diana F+ and Flash Metropolis – A tribute to the emerald city of Seattle.

    Diana Mini and Flash Latitude – The world in square format.

    La Sardina Camera and Flash Copernicus – A slice of heaven in dove blue.

    Fisheye No. 2 Voyager – Seeing the globe in 170 degrees.

    Currently available only in the Online Shop, these clasically designed cameras are yours for the taking!

  • Recipe of the Week: Go Circle Crazy!

    Recipe of the Week: Go Circle Crazy!

    If you’re a fan of Fisheye cameras, this recipe is for you! If you’d like to lomo-fy your walls but don’t want to settle for the usual LomoWall, gather all your friends and go crazy for circles!

    Tons of Fisheye shots
    One Fisheye Circle Cutter
    An empty wall
    Blu-tack or any adhesive of your choice (make sure it won’t damage your walls)
    As many friends as you can invite

    1. Call your friends up and invite them to a “mystery party” on a Saturday afternoon.
    2. Gather all your Fisheye photos and get your circle cutter ready.
    3. When your buddies arrive, let them relax for a second and then reveal the big mystery: they’ll be helping you decorate your home with lots of photos!
    4. Delegate tasks to your friends. Some of them will be cutting circles and some of them will be sticking photos on your wall.
    5. After you finish your wall art, step back and admire your work.
    6. As a sign of gratitude, take your friends out for a beer. (This step is optional.)

    Nutritional Value:
    Better looking house
    Quality time with friends
    Reputation as the best mystery party-thrower ever

    Don’t have Fisheye shots? You can do this with photos taken with different cameras. Or consider getting yourself a Fisheye camera for that distinct circular distortion! :p

  • Staff Picks: Denise from the Magazine Team

    Staff Picks: Denise from the Magazine Team

    Hello Lomographers! It’s time once again to hear from our friendly staff members, and today’s pick of the week is Denise from the Magazine team.

    Name: Denise

    LomoHome: denisesanjose

    What you do at Lomography: Copywriter for the Magazine

    Interests: Scrabble, shoes, cats, cheap thrills, lemonade, Lomography

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? Versatile cameras like the LC-Wide or Diana Mini

    Why? I’m a Gemini so I like cameras that are as “multifaceted” as I am. You can shoot full-frames, half-frames, squares, bulb, flash, no flash, etc.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture.
    On some nights, I’m a DJ and I spin with my friend, Judd. You can read about him here:

    Your message to Lomographers: Real eyes realize real lies.

    Thanks, Denise! May our readers be as drawn to multifaceted cameras as you are. Until next week, stay tuned!

  • Solve the Lomography Film Subscription Mystery

    Solve the Lomography Film Subscription Mystery

    There’s a mystery in the market that’s made only for analogue adventurers. Subscribe to the exclusive Film Subscription Service and you’ll get a package of mystery films at discounted prices. What films are in the box, exactly? That’s the mystery you’ll only be able to solve when you order a Film Subscription Package from us! The wait for your package will be all the more exciting when you don’t know exactly what to expect. But rest assured, these films are top-quality and sought after!

    Be one of the first to piece this photographic puzzle together and head out to the Online Shop!

  • Get an Item Discount for Every Fisheye or Diana Purchase!

    Get an Item Discount for Every Fisheye or Diana Purchase!

    The Fisheye and Diana F+ cameras are in the hot seat, because for every purchase of either of these two Lomography favorites, we’re throwing in a special discount! Get those goggles ready for some underwater fun when you purchase any Fisheye Camera, because this will get you a 25% discount on the Fisheye Submarine. For medium format lovers, each purchase of any Diana F+ Camera gets you a 35% discount on the super convenient scanning aid, the DigitaLIZA 120!

    Promos, discounts and savings are all over the Online Shop, so head there now to grab some Lomography goodies!

  • One Day Only: LC-A Day Accessory Deal!

    One Day Only: LC-A Day Accessory Deal!

    As the sunny weather has made us feel extra generous, we’re giving you a 20% discount on LC-A Accessories! Take your pick from enhancements such as the LC-A Instant Back and the Wide-Angle Lens or protective gear like the L-Case or the underwater LC-A Krab. Just use the Voucher Code LCASUMMERDEAL at the checkout. But hurry, this deal only lasts until the 17th August so you have less than 48 hours to avail of this promo!

    Take advantage of this offer along with the Free Shipping promo we have going on! Head out to the Online Shop and save big bucks on Lomo goodies!

  • Accessorize Yourself with Lomography Bags!

    Accessorize Yourself with Lomography Bags!

    Need a new fashion accessory? How about a Lomography bag ?

    We’ve got a wide selection of fashion bags to suit every analogue lover’s needs. Go for our Cotton Ambassador Bags for a hip but effortless everyday look; make a statement with our grandiose Packrat Bags, or show some serious urban edge with our Sidekick and Hipshot Bags.

    But it doesn’t really matter which style you go for as long as you feel good, confident and fashionably analogue!

    Go get your bag in our Online Shop!

  • Q&A: Free Shipping

    Q&A: Free Shipping

    Q: Hello! I need help with my online purchase. I am trying to take hold of the free shipping while it lasts. However, why is my shipping not free when I’ve already reached the 50 EUR limit? I used 10 piggy points and the remaining 40 EUR will be paid via PayPal. Please help!

    A: Hello LomoFriend!

    Please note that to get free shipping the grand order total must be over the spend limit after you have applied piggy points and voucher reductions. In your case, the free shipping did not apply since the grand total is only 40 EUR after you used your 10 piggies.

    Same goes when you apply your piggies plus voucher, if the grand total is below the spend limit, the free shipping will not apply. Please also take note that not all shops have free shipping so better check our previous Shop News before heading to our online shop. Also check out our Piggies FAQ section before you send a love letter to Mr. Pig. If you need more help, our friendly customer service ( will be ready to help.

    Happy Shopping!

  • Free Summer Shipping: Lomography’s Treat for the Vacation Season

    Free Summer Shipping: Lomography’s Treat  for the Vacation Season

    Until August 26th 2012, we’re offering extra-special shipping deals. Just head to the Online Shop, order the Camera, Film or Accessory you’ve been missing and take advantage of the terrific rates available. We’re offering free shipping on orders over 50 EUR/GBP in Europe*, 75 USD in USA**, 300 RMB in China, 250 HKD in Hong Kong*** – We’ve also temporarily brought down some of our other shipping costs too! Find out more about the special delivery rates.

    Please Note:
    This offer is not available in the following countries: Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Canada and Brazil.
    To get Free shipping, your order grand total must be over the spend limit after Piggy Point and Voucher reductions
    No Voucher Code is needed.
    Europe is classed as the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Färöer, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and UK.
    USA is classed as the 48 Contiguous States.
    Customers in China and Hong Kong – This offer applies to standard shipping only.

  • Staff Picks: Bernhard of Customer Service

    Staff Picks: Bernhard of Customer Service

    Helping out with community members’ questions is no easy feat. Luckily we have people like Bernhard here to help us out! Let’s see what Lomographic advice he has for us today:

    Name: Bernhard Albrecht

    LomoHome: barns

    What you do at Lomography: Customer Service, HQ Vienna

    Interests: As I grew up in an idyllic Heidi-like scenery and always loved being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature and of course bringing my cameras with me. That’s one of the reasons I mainly shot landscape pictures so far. I also love to travel – I lost my heart to New Zealand, where I spent 8 months, travelling around in a shabby, old van.

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? The LC-A+ is solid, easy to use, takes beautiful pictures, you can unscrew it and put it back together easily and it’s THE lomo camera. The Spinner 360° is so much fun and I love how people look flabbergasted, when you spin the wheel and you have incredibly cool pictures in an instant.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture.
    It was taken on a trip to Berlin with my first Lomo camera, the classic Diana F+ – I instantly fell in love with this plastic Lady.

    Your message to Lomographers:
    I know it’s been repeated several times, but TAKE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU, EVERYWHERE YOU GO. Lomo-on!

    You’re quite the adventurer Bernhard! This might inspire a lot of our community members to go on some analogue adventures as well. See you again at next week’s staff picks!

  • Get Even Bigger Discounts with Spinner 360 Bundles!

    Get Even Bigger Discounts with Spinner 360 Bundles!

    Now if the huge savings you get from the Spinner 360 isn’t enough, you should be glad to know that you can get even bigger discounts when you get the Spinner 360 Spinner 360 Leather Edition or Spinner 360 Motorizer bundles! Have a look at some of our Spinner 360 bundles at the Online Shop and check out the discounts that are almost guaranteed to give you 360-degree headspins!

    Don’t miss out on this limited 30% discount offer because it’s going to end on August 11th!

  • Save 30% on the Spinner 360°

    Save 30% on the Spinner 360°

    Now’s your chance to grab the Spinner 360°, Spinner 360° Leather Edition, and the Spinner 360° Motorizer at a very special price of 30% off! The deal is valid in the Online Shop and in Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide until August 11th 2012. Stocks are limited so don’t delay.

  • Q & A: The Sprocket Rocket

    Q & A: The Sprocket Rocket

    Q: Hey there! I’m planning to take my Sprocket Rocket out to a party do you think it’s the right choice?

    A: Hello LomoFriend! That’s a great camera choice to bring to a party. No one will be left out as the Sprocket Rocket can definitely fit all of your friends in one frame with its super-wide lens! Clip on the Colorsplash flash or the Diana flash and be amazed with long and multiple exposure photos which will be great with all those party lights!

    With all the Sprocket rocket colors, you can even choose one that will match your outfit. Have lots of fun dancing with your Sprocket Rocket at the party!

  • Send Some Analogue Love the Old-Fashioned Way!

    Send Some Analogue Love the Old-Fashioned Way!

    Do you remember how it feels like to receive a “paper” letter? The surprise when you find it in your mailbox? The excitement when you tear the envelope apart? The joy when you try to figure out clumsy handwriting? The feeling of being special? It doesn’t matter whether it is a postcard or a ten-page essay, that feeling is priceless. Yes, someone took the time and effort to write and mail it to you!

    We here at Lomography love that feeling, therefore we created a whole range of Lomographic stationery. We’ve got Friendship Cards, Chapbooks, Photo Accordions and Journey frames – waiting to be signed, sealed and delivered! Because we all know that there is only one thing even more special than your greeting: adding your Lomographs to your greeting!

    Go grab them in our Online Shop and send your friends some analogue love!

  • The Pop-Tastic Sprocket Rocket

    The Pop-Tastic Sprocket Rocket

    Get your sprocket-riddled shots with these eye-popping Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Cameras! These unique cameras snap panoramic photos with sprocket holes to give it that cool analogue look. Available in a wide range of colors, the Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! range of cameras has almost every color to fit your personality! If gorgeous greens and cool blues are for you, take a look at the Sprocket Rocket Green, Azure, Blue and Teal Cameras. If you’d like a more tropical or reddish feel, check out the Sprocket Rocket Orange, Red, Pink and Yellow cameras.

    Decadently candy-like and undeniably quirky, the Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Cameras are all available in the Online Shop!

  • Recipe of the Week: Stranger Pies with the Diana+ Splitzer

    Recipe of the Week: Stranger Pies with the Diana+ Splitzer

    Ready to shoot amazing photos that will make your mouth water? Grab your favorite Diana Camera and the handy dandy Splitzer!

    One Diana F+ Camera (any of the fantastic clones will work!)
    One 120 film roll
    One Diana+ Splitzer

    1. Load your Diana Camera with your choice of film.
    2. Attach the Diana+ Splitzer the same way you attach a lens cap.
    3. Head to a park or a city square where there are lots of people and sights to see.
    4. Get your Splitzer in position. For this exercise, we recommend slicing your frames into 8.
    5. Ask strangers if you can take their photos. Remember which part of the frame you have shot already or be totally carefree and overlap images—the choice is up to you!
    6. Have your film processed and think about how many new friends you’ve made!

    Nutritional Value:
    Self-confidence boost
    Lots of new friends
    Amazing sliced-and-diced photos to share with friends

    Try photographing animals for extra cuteness!
    Do this at a family reunion and have cool keepsakes
    Blow up a print and hang up on your wall

  • Diana F+ Instant Memories

    Diana F+ Instant Memories

    Did you know that the Diana Instant Back+ is an easily attachable accessory for any Diana F+ camera, and it lets you shoot nostalgic, soft-focused photos in an instant? Yes, that’s right – with this awesome Diana accessory you don’t have to worry about getting your photos developed, as it happens right before your eyes!

    So exactly how do you get started? Just pick one of our stylish Diana F+ cameras, pair it with the Diana Instant Back+, load it with Fuji Instax Mini film and you are all set! You can also choose to pick one of our Diana Instant Kits, which has everything you need for the instant experience at a pocket friendly price!

    The Diana Instant Back+ and Diana Instant Kits are available in the Online Shop, so grab yours today!

  • Staff Picks: Adrian the Chief of International Websites

    Staff Picks: Adrian the Chief of International Websites

    Handling a website is tough work, and today’s staff pick is one of the people who manages the entire Lomography website. His hard work pays off when every member of the Lomography community is able to navigate through the site while enjoying all the photos and articles we have there. Let’s see what he’s got to say to us:

    Name: Adrian Bilek

    LomoHome: somapic

    What you do at Lomography: Chief of International Websites

    Interests: No matter if Large Format or 110 Pocket Film, analogue or digital, studio or street I love Photography. A day without music is unimaginable for me and scuba diving chills me out like nothing else. The best thing ever – Going on a long trip to a faraway place with a suitcase full of cameras, music and my scuba gear.

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? Well at the moment that would be the LC-Wide Camera since you have endless opportunities to experiment and even also works with the KRAB underwater case so you can literally take your camera everywhere you go. Also it seems to be a really sturdy snapshooter – which is important for clumsy guys like me that constantly drop their cameras.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture.
    The shot was taken by a friend and fellow lomographer gurkenprinz during a darkroom session a while ago. If you´ve never home processed your rolls- try it. No better way to let a nice day of shooting fade away

    Your message to Lomographers:
    Be curious to try new things & brave enough to get your shot!

    Thank you, Adrian! May your underwater adventures with the LC-Wide and KRAB Underwater Case inspire our readers to get out there and take on exciting escapades!

  • Lomography City Guide Vienna - How I Rediscovered the City I Live In

    Lomography City Guide Vienna - How I Rediscovered the City I Live In

    When my friends visited me in Vienna for the first time, I panicked. How am I supposed to show everything I love about this city in the course of two days? I grabbed the Lomography City Guide Vienna to be my rescue – but only to panic again. I have lived in Vienna for quite some time without realizing how much it yet has to offer; that there are still so many unique locations, special events, and charming, “lomographable” spots to discover!

    As my friends’ visit was a great success (thank you, City Guide), now I’m the one with the travel itch. Where I’m going, I don’t know, but I will go with my eyes open, be it a new city or a city I thought I knew and had long forgotten! Until I make up my mind, I have the awesome Lomography city guides to feed my wanderlust.

    Want to make fantastic travel discoveries of your own? Go visit our Online Shop and choose from our selection of City Guides! Or better yet—get all 4 as a bundle!

  • Today is the Last Day of the Lomography Attic Sale

    Today is the Last Day of the Lomography Attic Sale

    We stretched out the Attic Sale for as long as we possibly could, but alas, all awesome sales can’t stay forever. The Lomography Attic Sale is at its last day, so you better hurry and grab as many discounted goodies as you can! Come tomorrow, all the items will go back to their orginal prices, and you’ll have to wait for another promo to come before the discounts come back. But don’t worry, the T-Shirt promo has become permanent so if you’re looking to score some cool apparel from the Online Shop, they’re still at the discounted prices.

    Don’t forget to login to avail of the Lomography merchandise at discounted prices!