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  • The Lomography Beginners Guide

    The Lomography Beginners Guide

    Would you like to get into Lomography, but you don’t know where to start? Or do you have friends who want to try out come cameras but they’re not really sure which camera is right for them? If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, let us direct you to the Lomography Beginners Guide. This section of the Online Shop can help you out by categorizing the cameras by the photos they take or by their price.

    The Ideas by Photo section lets you have a look at the photos each of the Lomography Cameras can produce so you can make a comparison of potential shots you can take. Each photo has the camera underneath so you can easily click the link to make a purchase. If you’re on a certain budget, we can help with that as well. Once you’ve chosen some cameras you’d like, you can sort the cameras by price and pick out the cameras from each budget cluster.

    Shopping for cameras has never been easier in the Online Shop!

  • Kickstart your Lomo Experience with These Starter Bundles!

    Kickstart your Lomo Experience with These Starter Bundles!

    Not sure how to start off your Lomography experience with a new camera? Fret no more, because we’ve got Beginner Bundles made especially for all you excited Lomographers who just want a little appetizer to start off a new camera adventure. Each bundle contains one camera model where you can pick out which clone you’d like to have, your choice of compatible film. Even if you’re a newbie, you can still get to pick out what kind of film you’d like to include, whether you’re into black and white, color negative or slide film. The best part is you’ll get a discount on the film when you get one of these bundles!

    Open the door to more exciting analogue adventures by getting a little taste. A little warning, though: You might get addicted enough to your new camera that you’ll want to upgrade to the Deluxe Bundles!

  • The La Sardina to Commemorate One of the Greatest Renaissance Astronomers!

    The La Sardina to Commemorate One of the Greatest Renaissance Astronomers!

    Do you know what’s special about today? Well, today is the birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus, a great renaissance polymath who formulated a scientific model which places the Sun at the center of the universe instead of the Earth. Though this may be far from more modern findings about the earth, this didn’t stop Lomography from releasing a special edition La Sardina Camera in his name which shows several celestial bodies in the night sky. The La Sardina and Flash Copernicus has a plastic body adorned with various constellations and astronomical illustrations, much like the ones Nicolaus Copernicus himself studied more than 500 years ago!

    Try out the La Sardina and Flash Copernicus and take shots of the night sky with its wide angle lens and bulb setting. It’s available in the Online Shop!

  • Mix and Match with the Diana Deluxe Kit!

    Mix and Match with the Diana Deluxe Kit!

    The Diana F+ is one of Lomography’s most popular cameras because it’s got a wide range of possibilities for all sorts of photo experimentation. As a stand-alone camera, you can try out long exposure shots, pinhole photography, flash photography and multiple exposure shots. With the help of its numerous accessories, you can multiply the possibilities tenfold! Getting your hands on all those accessories has now been made easier with the Diana Deluxe Kit which includes add-ons such as the Diana+ Splitzer, a Telephoto Lens, a Cable Release Collar and much much more!

    Mix and match accessories, try out a different format and pile on the attachments with the Diana Deluxe Kit, available at the Online Shop!

  • 5 Reasons to Try Out the Lomography Film Subscription Service

    5 Reasons to Try Out the Lomography Film Subscription Service

    You may be wondering what the benefits are for the Film Subscription Service. Here’s the list of top reasons to give it a try:

    1. You’ll get great discounts on film an assortment of film bundles.

    2. Shipping is absolutely free!

    3. Some of the films in the Film Subscription bundles exclusively for subscribers.

    4. There’s no sign-up fee or tie-in, so you can be a subscriber for as long or as short as you want!

    5. Get monthly reminders to re-stock your film stash, along with exclusive freebies!

    Reason enough to become a subscriber? Click here and pick your bundle to automatically become a subscriber!

  • Staff Picks: Liane Go-to Gal for Lomo Updates

    Staff Picks: Liane Go-to Gal for Lomo Updates

    Hello Lomographers! Today’s pick of the week is Liane, one of the folks responsible for keeping Lomographers up to date when it comes to all things analogue. Let’s have a look at her responses.

    Name: Liane Ng

    LomoHome: lee07, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lee07

    What you do at Lomography: I make sure you’re updated with the most interesting Lomography-related information through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. I also do some FAQ writing.

    Interests: Other than a lot of Lomography, I love lounging under the sun by the beach, attempt to go surfing and diving, travel within my means whenever I can and do a lot of food-tripping. I like discovering new music and I geek over gadgets and tech stuff. (A love for analogue doesn’t mean one can’t love technology)

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers?
    I’d start off with a Holga or a Diana F+ and eventually use a Lomo LC-A+ as my everyday camera.

    My first Lomography cam is a Holga and I love everything about it (even if my first few rolls had nothing in them). It’s a great way to learn about kinds of film, distance to shoot, lighting, weather conditions and the bulb setting. The Holga taught me to be patient and not to worry about results too much. The output was always so fulfilling when I got the hang of it!
    The best camera for me is still the Lomo LC-A+. It is compact and has given me the best photos that post-processing nor Instagram cannot replicate (and believe me, I love Instagram as well). Given the right slide film, it produces such stunning, high contrasting shots. The vignetting is my favorite. I love the camera so much that I own two LC-As.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture (including the camera and/or film used).
    This is me – a mix of analogue and digital. This is probably one of my first self-portraits with the Lomo LC-A+ years ago. I used an expired roll of Kodak Ektachrome 64 with it, had it cross-processed, and my artist friend Elvin Villar edited it. This is how I see Lomography – fun, free, and full of life!

    Your message to Lomographers:
    Step out into sunlight! One of the reasons why Lomography newbies get dark shots (or none at all) on their first few rolls is that they miscalculate lighting and sometimes shoot indoors. This isn’t such a bad thing – but do step out into daylight if you want those lovely and colorful shots. It’s a world of adventure and life when there’s sun!

    Thanks a lot, Liane! Hopefully the newbies will take your advice and have some fun under the sun!

  • Introducing the Belair X 6-12 Trailblazer!

    Introducing the Belair X 6-12 Trailblazer!

    This special edition Belair X 6-12 Trailblazer boasts the same high quality traits as its three predecessors, but with the added charm of a classic black leather and metal body. It shoots super sharp medium format photos with its interchangeable lenses and is fully compatible with the Belairgon Glass Lenses. Get the full experience by getting the Belair X 6-12 Trailblazer along with films and accessories with the shop’s Belair Bundles!

    This exciting new addition to the Belair Family is now available in the Online Shop!

  • Last Call: The Valentine's Plus One Promo Ends Today!

    Last Call: The Valentine's Plus One Promo Ends Today!

    Whether you’re single, married, in a relationship or just waiting for the right one, Lomography’s still giving you a reason to celebrate this Valentine’s day! You can get an astounding 20% discount on all our cameras if you use the voucher code LOVEPLUS with any purchase above 199 EUR/USD/GBP! Pile up your shopping carts with all the cameras you’ve got on your wishlist to be able to meet the 199 EUR/USD/GBP mark. You can also add some accessories such as camera enhancements, fashion items and books. Today is the last day for this promo so shop now before the day ends!

  • What to Do with 10 Piggies

    What to Do with 10 Piggies

    If you haven’t already spent your 10 Piggy points in the new Online Shop, maybe you’re just having a bit of trouble picking out which Lomo treat you’d like to get. If you’d like to save more, why don’t you use your Piggies on a bundle which you can pick out from the Shopping Guide? With 10 Piggy points, you can get your hands on different kinds of film, whether they’re expired, 120 format, black and white or slide film! Maybe you can use your Piggy points to get some new stationery to send out to your loved ones this Valentine’s day?

    Your 10 Free Piggies will expire on 17th Feburary, so think fast before they slip away!

  • Spread the LomoLove and Earn Some Piggies!

    Spread the LomoLove and Earn Some Piggies!

    As you already know, our Lomography community is getting bigger and bigger every day. Thanks to avid Lomography fans who share their photos, experiences and tips with their friends. As a way of saying thanks, we’ll give you some Piggy treats whenever you refer your friends to join in the fun! With more friends who are into Lomography, you can do collaborations, participate in contests and expand your Lomo network.

    Round up all your friends and convince them to create their LomoHomes so they can also share their Lomography shots with the world! Spread the LomoLove! Don’t forget to use up your Piggy points at the Online Shop!

  • Surprise Your Valentine with a Camera This February!

    Surprise Your Valentine with a Camera This February!

    Get matching cameras for you and your special someone this season of love! All our cameras are up for grabs at 20% if you use the voucher code LOVEPLUS on purchases above 188 EUR/USD/GBP. We’ve come up with some camera pair-ups which you and your partner might enjoy:

    La Sardina Metal Edition Beluga + La Sardina Metal Edition Czar – A sumptuous pair to complement a romantic dinner with caviar and champagne.

    Fisheye No. 2 Pink + Fisheye No. 2 Faded Denim – Matching his and hers cameras to take you on a circular wide-angle adventure. Add some film to reach that 199 EUR/USD/GBP total!

    Diana F+ Love Letters + Diana Mini and Flash Love Letters – Nothing says “I Love You” more than these romantically themed Diana F+ Cameras!

    Get creative, and start stuffing your carts with cameras! Don’t forget to put in the code LOVEPLUS upon checking out!

  • Your Piggies Won't Be There Forever!

    Your Piggies Won't Be There Forever!

    Still hesitant about spending yor 10 bonus Piggy Points? Well, you better decide quickly because they’ll be expiring on February 13th! Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so why don’t you use your Piggy Points to lessen the cost of buying your special someone a brand new Lomography Camera? You can also use your points to re-stock your film stash with some of your favorite films! Feeling a little crafty this season? Some of our stationery items can fit right into your 10 Piggy Point budget, and you can get creative!

    We’ve also got the Valentine’s Plus One promo wherein if you spend over 199 EUR/USD/GBP, you’ll get 20% off all Cameras with the voucher code LOVEPLUS only at the Online Shop!

  • Get Notified When the LomoChrome Purple 400 35mm is Back!

    Get Notified When the LomoChrome Purple 400 35mm is Back!

    Yes, it’s true. The LomoChrome Purple 400 35mm is now out of stock, thanks to all the Lomographers who simply couldn’t wait to get their hands on those rolls. But fret not, another batch will come soon and you can be one of the first to find out when it hits our storehouses! Just leave your email address here and we’ll send over a notification as soon as you can order from the next batch. We know you simply can’t resist ordering this fantastic film which gives infrared results without the hassle of using additional filters.

    For all the 120 Format lovers out there, you can still pre-order the LomoChrome Purple 120 from the Online Shop!

  • Extra-Sweet Treats Await You This Valentine's Season!

    Extra-Sweet Treats Await You This Valentine's Season!

    It’s the month of love, so we’re spreading the love in the form of a huge discount on our cameras! Spend over 199 EUR/USD/GBP and enter the voucher code LOVEPLUS to get 20% off on all cameras. It’s a the perfect analogue treat for your special “plus one” on Valentine’s day. However, if you want to get a camera for yourself and another for your partner, you can get two cameras from a Gallery Store and you’ll get 20% off on your chosen cameras! Why not get this year’s lovable duo by getting the Diana F+ Love Letters and the Diana Mini Love Letters so you have a pair of Diana Cameras in different formats?

    Be as swift as Cupid’s arrow and rush to the Online Shop to make your purchase before the promo ends of February 14th!

  • Introducing the Brand New Lomography Online Shop!

    Introducing the Brand New Lomography Online Shop!

    Feast your eyes on the brand-spanking new Lomography Online Shop, filled with a new look, better navigation and more convenient ways to purchase Lomography goodies. Celebrate with us by checking out our special DIY bundles where discounts are all around, and you can pick your own camera, film and/or accessory combination. You can also save more when you purchase our Deluxe Kits, Experiement Bundles and Flash Bundles which are packed with all the goodies you need for a complete photographic experience! Rest assured, we were able to transfer all the Lomography products of the Old Shop into the new one, so you won’t be missing any of our items.

    Explore the new Online Shop and stumble upon fantastic finds, both new and old!

  • Light Painting with the La Sardina

    Light Painting with the La Sardina

    When the sun’s down and all the lights are off, that doesn’t mean you have to store your trusty La Sardina camera back in your bag. There’s lots more to do with this sardine can camera when the lights are down low. Try your hand at some light painting techniques with the La Sardina’s bulb setting. You can use your mobile phone, a small flashlight or even sparklers to draw figures in the air and watch as your film captures every stroke you make!

    The La Sardina cameras are available in the Online Shop and you’ve got lots of designs and patterns to choose from!

  • Pledge Now on Kickstarter and Get the Smartphone Film Scanner!

    Pledge Now on Kickstarter and Get the Smartphone Film Scanner!

    You have exactly one more day before the funding for the Smartphone Film Scanner ends. Pledge now and depending on the amount you decide to pledge, we’ll give you the Smartphone Film Scanner as well as some awesome Lomography freebies. You can even get a chance to go to the Lomography headquarters in Vienna for the full Lomographic experience including building a LomoWall and a night of partying with the staff!

    The perfect tool for instant scanning and sharing is at the tip of your fingers! So make your move now by heading over to our Kickstarter Page to pledge and make the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner a reality for more people!

  • Staff Picks: Heather of Lomography Korea

    Staff Picks: Heather of Lomography Korea

    Greetings, Lomographers! This week’s Staff Pick may be familiar to our Korean community members as she’s in charge of Lomography Korea. Let’s check out her responses.

    Name: Heather Eom

    LomoHome: Heather_Seoul

    What you do at Lomography: General Manager of Lomography Korea

    Interests: Pop Art, Editorial Design, Hip-hop, Travelling, Scribbling, Clubbing

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? My most favorite camera La Sardina

    Why? Easy to use, Easy to carry, affordable price but charming outcomes.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture (including the camera and/or film used). One relaxed day, I was hanging out with store staff by shooting at LGS Seoul. I asked a cutest guy staff majoring in Photography to take a picture of me. He took the entire roll and even gave directions on my pose. After that, we started calling him ‘The Enthusiastic Shooter’

    Your message to Lomographers: ’Don’t think, just shoot!’

    Thanks, Heather! Until next time, readers!

  • Presenting the Purple Film Revolution!

    Presenting the Purple Film Revolution!

    In the spirit of keeping film photography alive, Lomography has decided to release another exciting addition to its expansive film collection. The LomoChrome 400 Purple Film is a unique color negative film that will sweep your off your feet as it transforms every green element of your photo into a radiant purple. It’s a revival of the psychedelic infrared look of the Kodak Aerochrome. Available in both 35mm and 120 format, this easy to develop color negative film doesn’t require complicated filters and lights to achieve that infrared effect thanks to its 400 ISO.

    The first rolls of the LomoChrome 400 Purple Film will be available in July, but you can pre-order then right now at the Online Shop!

  • LomoChrome: The Brand New Line of Lomography Films

    LomoChrome: The Brand New Line of Lomography Films

    Lomography’s mission is to keep film photorgaphy alive and kicking. To be able to do this, we’ve found an exciting new way to keep your film stocks full of amazing Lomography films. How, you ask? Well, we now have access to a new production facility to produce films at the best prices. Can’t believe what you’re reading? You won’t have to wait any longer because tomorrow we’ll introduce the first in a series of brand new Lomography-developed films! The clue is in this article’s title: LomoChrome. Keep checking back to find out exactly what our new film is!

    In the meantime, why don’t you browse through our film selection in the Online Shop to see what we’ve currently got in store for you!