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  • Three Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Lomography Smartphone Scanner

    Three Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Lomography Smartphone Scanner

    The Lomography Smartphone Scanner was developed to be the most convenient way to scan your films. This gadget bridges the gap between analogue and digital, and it allows you to instantly share your shots with friends on your social networks. Still can’t decide whether you need one or not? Here are three reasons why you should get yours now:

    1. Simple mechanics – The Smartphone Scanner is easy to use; just turn on the scanner backlight, insert your film, take a photo of it using your smartphone, and use your phone’s camera to edit your shots.

    2. Easy Sharing – With its fuss-free process of digitizing your shots, the Smartphone Scanner makes it easier to reach out to your friends and show them your analogue photos.

    3. Utmost Convenience – Android and iPhone compatible, super portable and works with all 35mm films, the Smartphone Scanner makes scanning easy and fun!

    For more information on this product, you can visit the Smartphone Scanner microsite. Ready to get your own? Head to our Online Shop now!

  • Select and Save - 20% off with our DIY MEGA Bundle!

    Select and Save - 20% off with our DIY MEGA Bundle!

    In celebration of all things analogue, we want to offer you some very special deals. Introducing our Mega DIY Bundle !
    Head to the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores and you can build your own bundle consisting of a Lomography camera, a Lomography film pack and a Lomography accessory and you’ll save a massive 20% on EACH ITEM!
    Make sure you hurry though as this fantastic deal will only be valid until March 31st.

  • LomoChrome Purple 35mm and 120 Pre-Order Stock Sold Out

    LomoChrome Purple 35mm and 120 Pre-Order Stock Sold Out

    Yes folks, sadly the first LomoChrome Purple 35mm and 120 stock for pre-order has now sold out. But of course we will be looking to offer more rolls off this awesome new Lomographic sensation as soon as we can. To hear news of the next restock or any extra rolls of 120 and 35mm Lomography Purple Film that are available from cancellations, simply sign-up to our notification form.

    In the meantime, why don’t you browse through our film selection in the Online Shop to see what we’ve currently got in store for you!

  • Follow Us On Facebook and Tumblr For Exclusive Deals!

    Photo by natalieerachel

    We just reached 500,000 Facebook likes – isn’t that awesome? Give yourselves a pat on the back, we couldn’t have made it without you! As a special treat, we’re launching some great deals in our Facebook and Tumblr accounts all week long. These offers are exclusively available to our followers, so if you haven’t added us, it’s about time you do!

    Also, we’d like to remind you that you can now order your Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner in the Shop. It’s perfect for moments when you just couldn’t wait to scan and share your 35mm snapshots!

  • Party the Night Away with These New Bundles!

    Party the Night Away with These New Bundles!

    Ready to have a great time? Make sure you are well-equipped with the right tools to capture all the fun moments of film. Don’t worry, we’ve done the planning for you. With our new Party Bundles, you don’t have to stress over which analogue gadgets to bring to your next bash!

    Choose any of the camera packs below and you’re all set to have a legendary time!

    Colorsplash Starter Pack – Bathe your guests in bright bursts of color with this bundle. Choose your favorite Colorsplash edition and a pack of Lomography 35mm film and save some cash.

    The Supreme Sparkling Set – Bring out the bubbly and capture moments on film with this classy collection. All four Sparkling Edition cameras are included in this bundle.

    Party Paparazzi Bundle – Don’t miss a beat and get all the action on film. This bundle comes with your choice of LomoKino, a Fritz the Blitz 2.0 Flash, a Multilens camera equipped with a flash, and a Lomography 35mm film pack.

    Party Like a VIP Bundle – Choose from the LC-A+ or LC-Wide and pair your selection with a Fritz the Blitz Flash and Lomography 35mm film; this bundle will show everybody that you’re an analogue bigwig.

    While you’re at it, why not stock up on films? We’re still offering 20% discount on Films until the end of today; simply enter voucher code ANALOGUEDAYFILM at checkout.

    Head over to our Online Shop now!

  • Analogue Day Film Deal Is Extended!

    Analogue Day Film Deal Is Extended!

    Didn’t get the chance to shop for your film stash last weekend? Fret not, because we’re extending the deal until tomorrow, 26th March! Add your favorite emulsions to your cart and enter the voucher code ANALOGUEDAYFILM to get 20% discount on your film purchases.

    Please note that this code is not valid for LomoChrome Purple pre-orders. Get shopping now!

  • Have a Blast with Lomography’s Easter Treats!

    Have a Blast with Lomography’s Easter Treats!

    Easter is almost here, and it’s certainly a good time to get out of the house and celebrate springtime by taking some photos. And there’s no better way to start off the season by grabbing Lomography’s Easter Deals!

    If you haven’t tried walking down memory lane and shooting in 110 format, now’s your chance to get any of our 110 Cameras at a discount! You read that right—you can choose from any of the Fisheye Baby and Diana Baby models and get 35% off until 31st March. These tiny snappers surely are pocket-friendly!

    Since spring is also a time to unwind and take a break from your routine, why not experiment with different film formats with the new Baby Bundles. Simply choose a Diana F+ or Fisheye No.2 camera, together with 3 packs of Lomography film, and we’ll throw in a free Baby 110 camera for you to play with!

    Don’t miss out on these deals; they are available only until Easter, so rush over to our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you!

  • Apply for a Lomography Discount for Your Celebrations!

    Apply for a Lomography Discount for Your Celebrations!

    You can save up to 35% when you make Lomography a part of your celebration. Give them away as gifts to your loved ones, or as souvenirs for parties. Since we know that studying in a university can be quite costly, students and teachers can apply for a Student Discount of 35% on selected cameras. Not only do you save a few bucks, but you’ve also got a cool analogue camera to document your experiences. Say “I Do” with Lomography when you hand out cameras to your wedding guests. Make these precious moments more meaningful with the help of friends and family! You can even get a bigger Wedding Gift Discount when you order in bigger quantities! Almost any event has room for Lomography cameras, so for your next office party or reunion, give your guests some analogue love when you apply for a Gift Discount!

    The Online Shop is just overflowing with big discounts and awesome promos!

  • Hassle-Free Lomography Services

    Hassle-Free Lomography Services

    Lomography has dedicated a lot of its time and efforts to keeping the analogue love alive. Not only do we provide cameras, films and accessories for film photography fanatics, we also have lots of services to offer so you won’t have to run around town looking for professionals who can work on your films. Here’s a quick guide of Lomography Services you can avail of:

    Film Subscription Service – Ensuring your film stash is always stocked and ready, this service also grants you access to exclusive freebies and film news!

    LomoLAB Development Service – Our dedicated team of professionals can develop, scan and print your films and deliver them right at your door!* Lomographers in Spain have their own LomoLAB for quicker processing!

    Lomography Shopping Guide – We know just how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for someone special, so we’ve created this guide to help you with your camera connundrums.

    With the Lomography Services, you can now enjoy hassle-free film photography!

  • Everyone Loves the Lomography Film Scanner!

    Everyone Loves the Lomography Film Scanner!

    Still in doubt whether to get a Lomography Film Scanner? Maybe some of our community members who have tried it out can convince you that it is indeed one of the most convenient analogue gadgets you can get!

    Check out some reviews from the community members and you’ll definitely see the convenience the Lomography Film Scanner brings! These are users from all over the world who have tried to scan all sorts of 35mm films used in all sorts of light conditions.

    Once you’re convinced that the Lomography Film Scanner is an essential tool for sharing your shots, run along to the Online Shop and purchase yours!

  • All Your Film Needs are Here with Our 3rd Party Films

    All Your Film Needs are Here with Our 3rd Party Films

    There’s no need to look any further for some of your favorite films because we’ve got loads of them in the Online Shop! Get your hands on almost every kind of you can think of when you have a look at our film category. Want to know what the best part is? Their prices have been Get dramatic with monochromatic photography with the Ilford FP4 plus 135/36. Experiment with expired film like the Fuji Pro 160S 35mm Expired, and get unexpected but fantastic results! Make your Lomographs jump out of the frame when you cross process slide films like the Fuji Velvia 100/36 Slide.

    Get your analogue fix in just one go when you shop at out Online Shop!

  • Staff Picks: Alexia of Lomography France

    Staff Picks: Alexia of Lomography France

    Bonjour! Today’s staff pick hails from one of the most popular dream destinations, probably because they’ve got tons of views of the analogue lover. Let’s meet Alexia from Lomography France.

    Name: Alexia Hocquette

    LomoHome: mmechoux

    What you do at Lomography: General Manager at Lomography France

    Interests: Photography, traveling, diving, partying and just walking around Paris!

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? The Diana F+, the LC-Wide, and all Lomography films.

    I love using the Diana because there is no limit with this camera! You can try so many techniques, overlapping, masks, etc. For everyday life, especially parties, I prefer using the LC-Wide, it is so small, the light-meter is very useful and their are only good surprises with it.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture (including the camera and/or film used).
    The picture was taken with my LC-Wide and Lomography Slide 200 ISO film. Last summer, with the stunning south of France sun, I took a picture of the roses and then of me in the shadow!

    Your message to Lomographers:
    Don’t forget that your Lomography camera is not just another simple camera, it’s way more than that!
    Go see our tips, travel deep in your curiosity, and go out in the sun, go dark in the night and try overlapped half frames, try the light-painting, try any film and cross process it, etc. You will get a life full of surprises and experiences.

    Many thanks, Alexia! We hope the community tries out some of your recommendations!

  • Discounts Left and Right for Different Cameras!

    Discounts Left and Right for Different Cameras!

    With the release of the Sales Section, shopping around for discounted items has become so much easier! But here’s a quick guide if there’s a particular camera you’d like to get your hands on:

    15% category – The Fisheye One Camera for creatively circular shots
    20% categorySprocket Rocket POP for spectacular sprockets
    30% categoryMetal Sardinas are on sale for this week only!
    40% categoryPop 9 cameras for instant pop art!

    Of course, there are more discounted finds in the Sales Section so have a look around!

  • LomoChrome Purple 35mm is Making a Comeback!

    LomoChrome Purple 35mm is Making a Comeback!

    We know how excited all of you are for the second batch of LomoChrome Purple 35mm and we are now proud to announce that the wait is over! That’s right, all you lovers of that infrared effect can finally get your hands on this easy-to-use color negative film from the Online Shop. No more fancy filters or complicated concoctions are needed to get your shots to glow like no other! The LomoChrome Purple 35mm is known for turning lush green views into a majestic magenta fantasy world! Not only that, its 400 ISO also guarantees beautiful shots in almost any weather condition.

    We’ve got a very limited supply of this amazing Lomography film, so get your hands on the LomoChrome Purple 35mm as soon as you possibly can!

  • Rock a Metal La Sardinal Metal Edition Camera, Now at 30% Off!

    Rock a Metal La Sardinal Metal Edition Camera, Now at 30% Off!

    This week, get ready to rock your socks off with our range of Metal La Sardina Cameras which you can get at an astounding 30% discount! Enjoy wide-angle photos and marvelous flash photography with these metallic snappers. Each Metal La Sardina Camera is an work of art in itself, with a sturdy steel body adorned with beautiful engraved patterns. Hurry and grab one of these elegant La Sardina Cameras!

    If you’d like to look for other cameras to suit your fancy, we’d suggest checking out the Sales Section which features all our discounted items.

    *Unfortunately, this promo isn’t available in Brazil.

  • The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner is Now Available in the Shop!

    The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner is Now Available in the Shop!

    Thanks to our amazing backers over at Kickstarter the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner is now available in the Online Shop and in Gallery Stores worldwide!

    With this handy little gadget, scanning your developed films and sharing them with friends is so much easier. The official Lomoscanner App is currently being tweaked to make sure your scanning experience will be 100% hassle-free, but in the meantime you can still use some other applications for the Android and iPhone.

    Get your Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner from the Online Shop today!

  • Staff Picks: Simon from Customer Service

    Staff Picks: Simon from Customer Service

    Hello there! Our staff pick of the week deals mainly with providing assistance to community members who may have a few questions about their cameras or shop purchases. Some of you may have received a couple of responses from him in the past. His name is Simon, and let’s have a look at his responses:

    Name: Simon Vidal

    LomoHome: lavisionmd

    What do you do at Lomography: I am currently working on improving the customer satisfaction.

    Interests: Creativity in general. Photography and Music in particular.

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers? You definitely have to try several cameras to find the one that matches your expectations. But for me the Lomo LC-A+ is the ultimate tool.

    Why? It fits in your pocket, and it is really easy to shoot with. The moment itself is more important than the picture, so keep it simple!

    About the picture: I would use a quote from Diane Arbus: A photograph is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know. I took this photo in Paris with my LC-A+ and a Lomography Redscale film.

    Your message to Lomographers: Quality comes out of quantity, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

    Get creative and experiment whenever you can! Until next time!

  • Drop by the Sales Section and Get Discounted Treats!

    Drop by the Sales Section and Get Discounted Treats!

    Many of you may be familiar with the success of the Attic Sales we’ve had in the previous years. We’ve kept that in mind and created a special place in the Online Shop made especially for Lomographers who are looking to score awesome goodies for less. We proudly introduce the “Sales Section” which is where we’ll be putting all the items we have on sale! This section has all the Lomography products which are on sale, from limited edition cameras to collectible stationery items! We’ll be updating the section every time we’ve got an item up for grabs at a discounted price. And we’re not just talking about tiny little discounts, we mean crazy huge discounts of up to 70% off! This section is now a permanent fixture in the shop, so you’ll always have a place to go when you’d like to get your hands on discounted Lomography merchandise!

    The Sales Section is also in Lomography Gallery Stores, so visit the nearest one today!

  • Lomography Gift Certificates: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

    Lomography Gift Certificates: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

    Sometimes, no matter how well you think you know someone, the idea for the perfect present just slips you by. Luckily, the Online Shop has a no-fail way of making sure your loved one gets exactly what he or she wants! Presenting the Lomography Gift Certificate, the super-convenient way of getting a gift for someone without going nuts over all the choices. It works just like any other payment method, the receiver can still use piggy points and voucher codes. The giver can choose exactly how much they’d like to send out as a gift, ranging from 10 EUR/USD/GBP – 1000 EUR/USD/GBP! These Lomography Gift Certificates are valid for one entire year, and you can purchase as many of them as you’d like.

    Never worry about the gift-giving seasons again, when you can hand out Lomography Gift Certificates!

  • Pocket Sized Cameras for Portable Photography!

    Pocket Sized Cameras for Portable Photography!

    These little snappers are the perfect pieces from your analogue arsenal if you want to take some lomographs while you’re on the go. Lightweight, handy and incredibly easy to use, the 110 cameras will show you that size isn’t always everything! Tiny as they are, the shots they take can still blow your mind, especially when they’re paired up with the right films and accessories. Check out some of our pocket-friendly bundles and explore the world through these little lenses. Underexposed night shots and indoor shots are a thing of the past when you get one of our 110 Flash Bundles which comes with a 110 camera, a pack of 110 film and your flash of choice. Be in complete control of your scanning options when you get the 110 Digitaliza Bundle which makes uploading your shots into your LomoHome so much easier! Want more options with your 110 camera? Go for the 110 Experiment Kit which lets you choose from our wide selection of 110 camera-compatible accessories.

    You can get these adorable analogue accessories and more from the Online Shop!