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  • Staff Picks: Liane Go-to Gal for Lomo Updates

    Staff Picks: Liane Go-to Gal for Lomo Updates

    Hello Lomographers! Today’s pick of the week is Liane, one of the folks responsible for keeping Lomographers up to date when it comes to all things analogue. Let’s have a look at her responses.

    Name: Liane Ng

    LomoHome: lee07, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lee07

    What you do at Lomography: I make sure you’re updated with the most interesting Lomography-related information through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. I also do some FAQ writing.

    Interests: Other than a lot of Lomography, I love lounging under the sun by the beach, attempt to go surfing and diving, travel within my means whenever I can and do a lot of food-tripping. I like discovering new music and I geek over gadgets and tech stuff. (A love for analogue doesn’t mean one can’t love technology)

    Which Lomography product would you recommend to readers?
    I’d start off with a Holga or a Diana F+ and eventually use a Lomo LC-A+ as my everyday camera.

    My first Lomography cam is a Holga and I love everything about it (even if my first few rolls had nothing in them). It’s a great way to learn about kinds of film, distance to shoot, lighting, weather conditions and the bulb setting. The Holga taught me to be patient and not to worry about results too much. The output was always so fulfilling when I got the hang of it!
    The best camera for me is still the Lomo LC-A+. It is compact and has given me the best photos that post-processing nor Instagram cannot replicate (and believe me, I love Instagram as well). Given the right slide film, it produces such stunning, high contrasting shots. The vignetting is my favorite. I love the camera so much that I own two LC-As.

    Please attach a picture of yourself taken with a Lomography camera or Lomography film and tell us something about this picture (including the camera and/or film used).
    This is me – a mix of analogue and digital. This is probably one of my first self-portraits with the Lomo LC-A+ years ago. I used an expired roll of Kodak Ektachrome 64 with it, had it cross-processed, and my artist friend Elvin Villar edited it. This is how I see Lomography – fun, free, and full of life!

    Your message to Lomographers:
    Step out into sunlight! One of the reasons why Lomography newbies get dark shots (or none at all) on their first few rolls is that they miscalculate lighting and sometimes shoot indoors. This isn’t such a bad thing – but do step out into daylight if you want those lovely and colorful shots. It’s a world of adventure and life when there’s sun!

    Thanks a lot, Liane! Hopefully the newbies will take your advice and have some fun under the sun!