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  • Lomography Q&A: Adding Spice to your LC-A+ Shots

    Lomography Q&A: Adding Spice to your LC-A+ Shots

    Q. Hello there, Lomography! I am an avid user of your cameras and I must say, shooting film adds joy to my day! I have an LC-A+ RL and I always take it with me wherever I go. I kinda feel guilty asking you guys about this, but can you suggest ways on how I can obtain variety in my shots? Don’t get me wrong—I love the vignetting and the colors, but sometimes I want to experiment with my pictures. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to your answer!

    A. Hello there! It’s always fun to read comments from users who truly enjoy shooting with their cameras.

    The LC-A+ is a fine Lomographic specimen. Aside from delivering shots that are beaming with vivid colors and stunning contrasts, this classic boasts features that make analogue lovers swoon. Extended ISO range, simple focus settings, multiple exposure capabilities and compatibility with various accessories—what else would you want in a compact camera?

    If you think you’re getting bored with your LC-A+, we suggest trying out different accessories. This is a fun way to experiment with your camera’s capabilities and get some interesting shots in the process.

    Want to slice and dice your pictures? Try the LC-A+ Splitzer. With this tiny device, you can combine an elephant’s head with your friend’s body! How cool is that?

    If instant gratification is what you want, attach the LC-A Instant Back to your camera. This will yield the same fantastic images, but without the long wait!

    Did you know you can shoot underwater with your LC-A+ Just place it inside the Krab Underwater Housing and you’re ready to dive into the sea with your favorite snapshooter!

    You can also give light painting a try by attaching a cable release to your camera and shooting with laser pointers or colorful flashlights in the dark. If light painting is not your thing but you want to achieve a very vibrant effect, use the Ringflash to throw a burst of colorful light into your shots.

    If you’ve given these ideas a try but still feel like you need more inspiration, you can always go to our Tipsters section and see what other Lomographers are doing!

    We hope these suggestions work for you and we hope to see your photos soon!