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  • Capital Ex Locations

    Capital Ex

    Winter is a great time to remember summer, is it not? What is it about this annual exhibition that inspires my love/hate relationship with crowds and cotton candy? If you're a bit confused on what I'm talking about, here's a look at Capital Ex - an annual festival that we get to enjoy - or not, every July.

  • Spinner - 360° Miracle Reviews

    Spinner - 360° Miracle

    As the name implies, the Spinner 360° gets you a whole 360° panorama shot from every point of view. And I thought I'm able to capture a lot with my Fisheye...

  • The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California Locations

    The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

    It's considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and its beautiful and graceful lines stretches between San Francisco and Marin County to the north - in perfect harmony with it's setting. Taken together, the bridge and the Golden Gate framing, the San Francisco skyline is one of the most awe-inspiring sights on earth and certainly one of the most photographed. One can only envy early travelers arriving in San Francisco by ship and what emotion they must have felt.

  • Mini Lomo Pinhole Tipster

    Mini Lomo Pinhole

    The evolution of a keyring.

  • Secret Messages from a Spool. Tipster

    Secret Messages from a Spool.

    A fellow film photographer's birthday coming? Need ideas for the coming festive season? Well giving someone a 120film as a gift just got interesting!

  • Take Your Best Shot Analogue Lifestyle

    Take Your Best Shot

    Have you ever had an idea for an amazing photo and the only thing missing was a model? Don’t panic, you can always use yourself. Here a re a few tips using most of Lomography's cameras!

  • Aqua Pix 35mm Underwater Camera Review Reviews

    Aqua Pix 35mm Underwater Camera Review

    One of the simplest camera ever, I think ! “Just” point and shoot.. Even under the water. It couldn’t be any easier. Aqua pix.

  • Michael Pitt Shoots With a Diana? News

    Michael Pitt Shoots With a Diana?

    One of Hollywood's fast rising stars, Michael Pitt, was recently photographed by world renowned director, screenwriter and photographer Gus Van Sant. And in one of the portraits, Michael is seen holding a Diana!

  • DNA on the Bay! Locations

    DNA on the Bay!

    Singapore unveiled the World's first curved double helix bridge at Marina Bay on 24th April, 2010. The DNA inspired Helix Bridge links the Marina Center to the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts, enabling pedestrian traffic between these 2 locations.

  • Diana Mini - Splitzer Made of Film Canister Caps Tipster

    Diana Mini - Splitzer Made of Film Canister Caps

    You can make this tipster even if you are all thumbs. Within a couple of minutes you can tinker a Splitzer for your Diana Mini!

  • Paper-like Frames Tipster

    Paper-like Frames

    Here are some of my newly brainstormed ideas for some snazzy frames!

  • Film Canister Christmas Lights Tipster

    Film Canister Christmas Lights

    Have you ever had a roll of 35mm film that did not turn out well? Now is your chance to use it! (Or take some shots of different textures.) These are great for your Christmas tree or to put anywhere as decoration.

  • A Solution when Travelling with 5 Cameras! Reviews

    A Solution when Travelling with 5 Cameras!

    I have to admit that when travelling I take usually 4 or 5 cameras. I choose them depending what I want to photograph. At first, I used to put them on my shoulder bag, but the main problem is that they can be damaged, or is quite difficult to take the camera you are looking for. On the other side, the classic Lomo bag allows you only two small cameras...

  • Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific Locations

    Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific

    Bora Bora...a name which evokes a place that is already close to being considered as "paradise". I actually had the chance to go there for a week; sailing in one of the world's most beautiful lagoons, enjoying the marvelous views, and of course, taking lots of pictures.

  • A Colorful Trip to Monet's Garden Locations

    A Colorful Trip to Monet's Garden

    There's nothing like Claude Monet's paintings to get you inspired and start taking photos. Monet's Garden is actually the place where I really started to get into Lomography. The scenery here is just so lovely that it makes you want to keep on taking photos, just to capture every beautiful sight!

  • Hail Mary, Her Photographs are Full of Grace Analogue Lifestyle

    Hail Mary, Her Photographs are Full of Grace

    She is young & talented and talented & young. Her photographs would undeniably justify these reversible descriptions. Seeing her stream of film photos entrances you into a dreamlike fantasy: inspiring, magical, vivid, and sometimes haunting in a lovely kind of way. And just like a wonderful dream, you'll want to go back to sleep again and again so you can dream more and, maybe, assimilate right into the beauty of her color negative stills itself. Mary Robinson, you make our eyes swoon.

  • Your Pinhole Ghost Tipster

    Your Pinhole Ghost

    How does one photograph themselves to be transparent without doing a double exposure you ask? It's simple! Continue reading and find out how!

  • Lomography Gallery Store East London - The Making Of... News

    Lomography Gallery Store East London - The Making Of...

    London's second gallery store opens in just four days. Over the past two months an empty shell in Spitalfields has been transformed into a whole new world of Lomography, here's how...

  • Display Your Photos with Just Your Negatives! Tipster

    Display Your Photos with Just Your Negatives!

    So you just got your prints and are eager to display them for everyone to see. No frame? No problem. You already have what you need in that envelope you got from the one-hour photo. This is an easy way of saying to your non-lomographic friends, "Yes, unlike your photos that are stuck inside the computer, my photos come from an actual roll of film and are already sitting pretty on my shelf."

  • Berlin, the City I Live In Locations

    Berlin, the City I Live In

    It was in 2007 when I first came to Berlin and it was love at first sight! Unfortunately, I was only there for a 10-day vacation. Still, memories of that trip never failed to excite me even as I wandered around in my old hometown. As fate would have it, a year later, I met the love of my life, who, coincidentally, was living in Berlin! So I made the big leap - I got married and moved to Berlin! And to this day, that still holds the top spot as the best decision I've ever made!