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In the selected section, you’ll find a curated version of the news, competitions, event listings, articles, LomoLocations, analogue camera and film reviews, as well as handy tipsters all in one place. Want to see it all? Head on over to the rest of the Magazine.

  • NEW United Lomo Story Analogue Lifestyle

    NEW United Lomo Story

    The United Lomo Story continues - become a part of it and subscribe your images and text courtesy of lyocell!

  • Expired & Instax. Reviews

    Expired & Instax.

    Most of you somehow wanted to take pictures with instant cameras. But, given the very high price few are willing to take risks and buy expired film. I ventured.

  • Cross Processing and Top Fuel Analogue Lifestyle

    Cross Processing and Top Fuel

    Equipped with slide film and a LOMO LC-A+ camera, I documented the sport of top Top fuel racing. Top fuel is a class of drag racing in which the cars run on a mix of nitromethane and methanol.

  • Purifying Photography: Group f/64 Analogue Lifestyle

    Purifying Photography: Group f/64

    The Portland Museum of Art did a showing of photos to display the motives and photographic work of the legendary Group f/64, a powerful collective of photographers who all desired to purify photography, an idea that now has a strange irony to lomographers.

  • Broken Bokeh Tipster

    Broken Bokeh

    Remember the final golden rule? Don't worry about breaking the bokeh rules.

  • My Best Shots of 2010 with Kodak Ektar Reviews

    My Best Shots of 2010 with Kodak Ektar

    Everybody knows that I'm not good at English, but just relax, it's all about time and practice. I'll tell you a few words about my new favorite film-Kodak Ektar 100, no boring story for you!

  • Forget Your Film! Tipster

    Forget Your Film!

    Sometimes forgetting is not so bad...

  • Finer Details and Purchase Guide to Developing Colour Negatives Tipster

    Finer Details and Purchase Guide to Developing Colour Negatives

    Developing labs cost so much now that anything that made it cheaper to get a good result interested me! Here are some interesting resources and a few tips from my experience of developing your own colour negatives.

  • Lemon-Aid Tipster


    For subtle speckles and washes of colour, all you need is a little lemon juice.

  • Lomo Vintage Tipster

    Lomo Vintage

    If you'd like to give your photos a vintage or expired film look, but you've got your fridge full of film that'll take years to expire, this simple tipster is for you!

  • High-Iso B&W Goodness!! Reviews

    High-Iso B&W Goodness!!

    Whether available light photography or just abysmal lighting conditions, high-speed films are something fantastic to get you out of problematic situations!

  • Found: Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard News

    Found: Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard

    Have you ever lost a roll of film and can't remember for the life of you where you left it? Better wish that filmmaker Todd Bieber finds it so that you can still get a chance to see them again!

  • For the Love of Lomo Analogue Lifestyle

    For the Love of Lomo

    A short and snippy little piece about my newfound love of all things analogue and Lomographic. I wrote the original article for my blog and a creative magazine I am the editor of called Chichester Creative Network.

  • Tung Choi Street and Ladies Street: a Mirage-Like Flea Market in Mong Kok, Hong Kong Locations

    Tung Choi Street and Ladies Street: a Mirage-Like Flea Market in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

    On a hot summer's day, most people would prefer to go to an air conditioned mall, but what about you? Would you come to a hot and stuffy flea market like Ladies Street even just for the bargains alone? Whether you're interested in some sightseeing or shopping, Ladies Street in Hong Kong is something that you might want to visit.

  • Just Stickin´ Around Tipster

    Just Stickin´ Around

    Are you afraid of asking people for a picture? Well, maybe after reading this article you will become more successful.

  • My Kodachrome T-Shirt Analogue Lifestyle

    My Kodachrome T-Shirt

    Kodak took our Kodachrome away and I have not even shot a single roll. Since it seems impossible to get a roll and send it to Dwayne's Photo, I decided to create a T-shirt in honor of this unique emulsion.

  • Waterfall Trails - A Journey Through Pondoland Locations

    Waterfall Trails - A Journey Through Pondoland

    One of South Africa's best-kept secrets is hidden along its eastern coast - the Transkei. It remains untouched and is rich in culture, people, and wilderness. With no cellphone signal, internet or electricity close by there's nothing else to do but explore our surroundings and create our own adventures.

  • Magic Doubtful Sound: Is this Norway or New Zealand? Locations

    Magic Doubtful Sound: Is this Norway or New Zealand?

    Exploring the beauty of a Fjord...I thought that this was only possible in Norway but in fact, you can explore the surprising Fjordland in southwestern New Zealand! We went to the Doubtful Sound and despite it's name, there's no doubt that it's one of the most amazing places I've ever seen.

  • Diana Mini in GQ Magazine! News

    Diana Mini in GQ Magazine!

    Look who just voted our miniature Diana as one of the best cameras out in the market in 2011. Amidst a sea of digital cameras, analogue is alive and kicking!

  • Farewell Kodachrome Analogue Lifestyle

    Farewell Kodachrome

    Dear Kodachrome. I know we never met, but I'm sure we would have been great friends. Thanks for your hues and saturation that couldn't be matched. Consider this experimental film my ode to you.