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  • Lomography's Best of 2010 News

    Lomography's Best of 2010

    It has been such a great year on Lomography and we're extremely happy and thankful. We couldn't have done it without the undying love and support, effort, and contributions we have from the greatest community out there! Without further ado, here's the best of the best for the year 2010!

  • 2010's Most Popular Photos News

    2010's Most Popular Photos

    At its most basic, Lomography is all about photos. Its what drew us all here from the start, and what continues to draw us still. We're proud to present 2010's most popular Lomographs!

  • Process Your Film at Home Tipster

    Process Your Film at Home

    I love shooting photos, but hate having to wait for my film to be processed and the cost of getting it processed. There is an easy way to process your own film at home.

  • Dress Your Lomo Tipster

    Dress Your Lomo

    I know we all love our Lomo Cameras just the way they are, there's no doubt about that. But wouldn't it be awesome to have your own personalized camera?

  • Just like Bruce Banner, GO GREEN ! Reviews

    Just like Bruce Banner, GO GREEN !

    Don't be afraid, using this film won't expose you to gamma rays and turn you into a huge green super hero who would probably follow an anger management course... You'll rather be surprised by the green smoothness this film has to offer.

  • Long Exposure Any Time of Day Tipster

    Long Exposure Any Time of Day

    Are you addicted to long exposure shots? don't limit yourself only to night time. This guide will show you what you need to take those blurry motion pictures even on bright day.

  • GLOW Eindhoven 2010: A Photographer's Dream Locations

    GLOW Eindhoven 2010: A Photographer's Dream

    Imagine a walk through downtown Eindhoven at night, killing half an hour to get to the cinema. Suddenly, you see light being projected from one end of the market square to the other and vice versa. Words were being projected on the ground and on buildings. Abstract shapes being projected over people - everything. When I looked down, I felt the ever-ready LC-A+ in my hands, which means there's only one thing to do now: SHOOT!

  • Lomo LC-A+ vs ЛОМО ЛК-А Reviews

    Lomo LC-A+ vs ЛОМО ЛК-А

    During this summer, I used both my Lomography LC-A+ (loaded with Lomography Redscale film) and my soviet ЛОМО ЛК-А (loaded with Agfa Precisa film). I thought it would be interesting to shoot some photos with both cameras and compare the results.

  • Lubitel 166+ Reviews

    Lubitel 166+

    Yet another review of this awesome TLR!

  • Mama, Don't Take My Kodachrome Away! News

    Mama, Don't Take My Kodachrome Away!

    Attention Lomographers and Kodachrome enthusiasts in the USA! Here's your chance to get a slice of history!

  • The Sky Tower of Auckland Locations

    The Sky Tower of Auckland

    One of the main attractions in Auckland (New Zealand's biggest city) is the Sky Tower. The Sky Tower allows you to have amazing panoramic views over the whole city and is as well a great photographic subject to shoot from outside.

  • Kodak EKTAR: Saturated Color. Reviews

    Kodak EKTAR: Saturated Color.

    It seems incredible that even in a digital world new products appear on the market for photographic film. Kodak surprises us all with an innovative and quality emulsion.

  • The Strobe Effect: Not Only Clubs Like It. Tipster

    The Strobe Effect: Not Only Clubs Like It.

    Have you ever wanted mad multi-exposure, strobe-like, shots? well, here you go!

  • The Facebook Photo Upload Challenge News

    The Facebook Photo Upload Challenge

    Got a new album you just had the lab processed that you want to share or just want to upload an oldie but a goodie, Lomography's Facebook page is the destination of choice to go to!

  • All-around panorama - Horizon Perfekt Reviews

    All-around panorama - Horizon Perfekt

    Who can resist from her 6 aperture settings, 7 shutter speed with 120 degree ultra wide angle?

  • Ephesus: A Walk Through Time Locations

    Ephesus: A Walk Through Time

    Some of the best preserved Roman ruins (which aren't even in Italy); as seen through the plastic lens of a Diana F+. Let me take you on a trip through time in Ephesus. I was lucky enough to get on a cruise tour where my Diana F+ and I soaked in the culture and the sights and sounds of this historical site.

  • Fisheye and an Explosion of Colours Reviews

    Fisheye and an Explosion of Colours

    One accessory Fisheye 2 owners can't do without is the Colorsplash Flash!

  • Capital Ex Locations

    Capital Ex

    Winter is a great time to remember summer, is it not? What is it about this annual exhibition that inspires my love/hate relationship with crowds and cotton candy? If you're a bit confused on what I'm talking about, here's a look at Capital Ex - an annual festival that we get to enjoy - or not, every July.

  • Spinner - 360° Miracle Reviews

    Spinner - 360° Miracle

    As the name implies, the Spinner 360° gets you a whole 360° panorama shot from every point of view. And I thought I'm able to capture a lot with my Fisheye...

  • The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California Locations

    The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

    It's considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and its beautiful and graceful lines stretches between San Francisco and Marin County to the north - in perfect harmony with it's setting. Taken together, the bridge and the Golden Gate framing, the San Francisco skyline is one of the most awe-inspiring sights on earth and certainly one of the most photographed. One can only envy early travelers arriving in San Francisco by ship and what emotion they must have felt.