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These are the reviews we selected because we feel you just can't go without reading them. Need more firsthand product knowledge? Head to the main Review Page.

  • The Olympus Trip 35: An Amazing Find

    The Olympus Trip 35: An Amazing Find

    Just a few words from me about a pretty little camera called the Olympus Trip 35. The Olympus Trip 35mm was born between 1967 and1984 (mine was born in May 1980). Over 10 million were produced and sold, so by no means is it a rare camera, but I do highly recommend getting one if you spot it going cheap!

  • Olympus Trip 35 - Trip The Light Fantastic!

    Olympus Trip 35 -  Trip The Light Fantastic!

    “Oh no!! Not another Olympus Trip review?!” Well, if you may indulge me this one time, I’d like to tell you how the Trip helped me reawaken my love of 35mm photography.

  • LC-Wide – Just Amazing!

    LC-Wide – Just Amazing!

    When I received this amazing camera, the first thing I thought was “This will be perfect for street snapshots!” - My second thought was “The mechanics are awesome!” - And my third thought was “Should I sell some of my cameras?”

  • Poor Man's Leica , FED 5B

    Poor Man's Leica , FED 5B

    Wanna feel how rich people owned and snap using a Leica? If you don't have much money and feel the same way like I do, what if you owned a FED 5B. It's very cheap camera as you can get a very affordable price at the flea market but the ability is really awesome!

  • Canon Photura - an interesting blip in 35mm evolution

    Canon Photura - an interesting blip in 35mm evolution

    In the early 90s, Canon thought it would be a good idea to try something different. It turns out it wasn't such a good idea.

  • FujiChrome Velvia100 - The Power of Red.

    FujiChrome Velvia100 - The Power of Red.

    A few days ago, I had the sudden urge to go to Malaysia's acclaimed travel destination cum the only legal casino, Genting highlands. I felt like going there to experience some wind and taking a break from the sweltering heat. 

  • Sprocking and Rocking!

    Sprocking and Rocking!

    Just a few days ago I received my Sprocket Rocket, and I have to say that it's spectacular. The great side of it is that you can take beautiful and panoramic photos with it, with or without sprocket holes, and the negative part is that you have to use a high ISO because otherwise your photos will come out dark and a little color dead.

  • Recesky DIY TLR

    Recesky DIY TLR

    An exciting camera that's fun to build and fun to use.

  • Kodachrome: The Legend Concludes

    Kodachrome: The Legend Concludes

    Kodak introduced the first commercially available color film—Kodachrome—in 1935, and processing for the by-then-legendary film ceased on December 30, 2010. It was a film engineered for quality and archival stability. But it ended up capturing the gamut from the most famous photographs in the world to snapshots on family vacations. I even managed to capture a few frames in the spirit of Lomography...

  • Belomo Vilia

    Belomo Vilia

    Meet the BeLomo Vilia, a cheap, sweet looking camera with a surprisingly good lens.

  • Return To Squares

    Return To Squares

    Have you always been fascinated by square pictures? Do you want to get a medium format camera but you're scared that they are too expensive and complicated? Do you have a 100 USD? Do you want to walk into a event / party with the camera and have everyone look at you? If you answered yes, then you are the perfect master for Yashica D

  • Lomo LC-A review

    Lomo LC-A review

    I think all of us here know the famous Lomo LC-A? Am I right? Well you sure should! Its pretty much one of the cameras that started all of Lomography! That old Russian beauty!

  • Juice Box Camera

    Juice Box Camera

    Don't be fooled with what you see because this Juice box camera does not carry juice inside. Once you opened this camera, it contains film and takes great pictures!

  • Diana Mini at Night!

    Diana Mini at Night!

    This little gem, although small, can give you an amazing night experience. There's already plenty of Diana Mini reviews around, so I'm going a bit different. I'm going to review the Diana Mini as a night camera!

  • Lubitel 166+: The Lomographers Swiss Army knife

    Lubitel 166+: The Lomographers Swiss Army knife

    If you like to shoot with 135 and 120 in several formats, don’t like to carry too many cameras or can’t make up your mind if you want a 120 or 35mm camera, this is the perfect camera for you: The Lubitel 166+.

  • Diana Mini First Impressions

    Diana Mini First Impressions

    This is my first impressions review of the Lomography Diana Mini White, bought for me as a present for my birthday in February 2011. A test roll was shot in Nottingham, England and processed the same day. Read on for my review and see what I made of this mini marvel.

  • Diana Mini-My personal key of life

    Diana Mini-My personal key of life

    For me, Diana Mini is like a “Key”, her tiny body with the bags, you can open your door of eyes whenever you go.

  • Double Your Pleasure with the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200

    Double Your Pleasure with the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200

    Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 film derived is from the Agfa RSX emulsion and is wonderfully balanced for cross processing, with result giving high levels of contrast and beautiful grain. It comes in 2 flavors, 120 and 35mm, my sample photos below will be of the latter.

  • The Canon EOS 650

    The Canon EOS 650

    Chunky, clunky, but really quite funky. I have lots to thank Lomography for - but letting me rediscover my analogue soul is top of the list. Through Dianas and other toy cameras, I reconnected with the joy of film photography once more.

  • Diana Mini Review

    Diana Mini Review

    I got the Diana Mini when it was first released and I have so much fun shooting with it. Compact and light, this little camera is more than a scale down model of the very popular Diana F+. The Diana Mini loads 35mm film and comes with a built in lens.