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  • Lomopedia: Pop 9

    Lomopedia: Pop 9
    Don't be surprised if this camera gives you an analogue art attack—the Pop 9 will blow you away with mosaic-like captures with its nine magnificent lenses! In this case, more is definitely more and you'll get a bang for your buck with this plastic fantastic Lomographic shooter!
  • A lovely lomo tale, featuring Pop 9

    A lovely lomo tale, featuring Pop 9
    This is a personal story about my little love affair with the Lomography Pop 9 camera, and how I have spread that love around, and hopefully introduced someone to the wonderful community here at Lomography.
  • Pop 9 - The Unique 9

    Pop 9 - The Unique 9
    Take 9 pictures in one frame at the same time. Who can do that? That’s Pop 9. Easy to handle, light to take around, and the most unique thing is give you the perfect 9.
  • POP9: Bright POPtraits

    POP9: Bright POPtraits
    The Lomography camera that has the most number of lens that yields 9 times the fun and excitement in every click of the shutter. Its built-in flash makes it very compact and reliable to use especially in indoor events and activities. With its produce of identical images in one frame I say that POP 9 is best with portraits! Do you agree?
  • Lomography POP9 is a Fun Art

    Lomography POP9 is a Fun Art
    A simple camera that simply makes art simple. A party darling for the pop-art obsessed.
  • Nine Times Fun

    Nine Times Fun
    This lillte golden Baby was my first lomographic camera and it really changed the way i look at things and it also changed my life....cause i got heavily addicted!
  • Pop9 Makes Your Pictures Go POP!

    Pop9 Makes Your Pictures Go POP!
    The POP9 is the ideal party camera, hands down. With its integrated flash, even difficult lighting situations can't prevent you from magically transmuting one motif into nine slightly different pictures on the same film frame !
  • The Versatile Pop 9

    The Versatile Pop 9
    Some people give up a bit too soon on this little gem. With a little bit of effort this could be one of the most flexible cameras in their bag.
  • Lomography Pop 9 - Do you POP?

    Lomography Pop 9 - Do you POP?
    I think the Lomography Pop 9 takes beautiful passport pictures! Haha! But seriously, this plastic camera takes special pictures.
  • The Pop 9: Golden* 9Eye is Watching You!

    The Pop 9: Golden* 9Eye is Watching You!
    There are lots of plastic beauties featured with four lenses, even with eight lenses, which show you moves and bring some action into your life. Among all these plastic fantastic cameras there is one with a little eccentric touch – the golden 9eye! She’s the static queen and pictures a moment of calm 9 times. This means that to shoot one object looks like a fantastic design and that’s why it is almost impossible to mess up a photo. It is often a big surprise to see the results of your film – even when you think that you took some shots which do not live up with your high expectations.