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Sprocket Rocket: a Great Camera for Your Beach Life!

If you are looking for a panoramic camera to document your adventures on the beach, you should try the Sprocket Rocket. It's easy to use, cheap, and can get you amazing results! In this article, you can see how I used this camera to document a short vacation in Liguria, from Varazze to Alassio. Take a look after the jump!

Sometimes pictures can say much more than by using words. As in this case, I used my pretty Sprocket Rocket camera to document a short vacation in the western coast of the Liguria region, in the north of Italy. I like to call this place the “Italian West Coast.” I’m particularly fond of these places because I spent most of my summer holidays during my teenage years here.

The first three photos were taken in Varazze, just a few kilometers away from the capital region of Genova. As you can see, the very large panoramic format allows you to reshape the photos with different aspect ratio. In the next photos, you can see a photos of the small village of Noli taken in vertical mode.

Photo by sirio174

As you can read on the film border, I used a roll of Fuji Superia 400 film. For this camera, a 400 ISO film allows you to overexpose up to 3 or 4 stops, and you can use it even in low light or cloudy conditions like in the photo above (I set the camera on the “Cloudy” aperture.) I also used a 200 ISO film speed only in bright sunny days. I prefer the more universal 400 ISO film.

To take these photos on the small beach of Noli, I set the position on Sunny and obtained great vivid colors. These scans were made by the excellent LomoLab service! As you can see, this beach is home many fishermen boats. For this reason, I consider it the most beautiful beach in the North of Italy! And the panoramic format of this camera makes it even more beautiful!

Photo by sirio174

The “Diana effect” is present and pleasant. In the photo above, the vignetting effect forces the eye to the center of the image and the blur towards the edges adds an artistic touch to the photo. So this camera is a great alternative to my Horizon Perfekt when I want to add a touch of pictorialism. Few kilometers in the West direction will bring you in the town of Albissola Marina, a small village famous for its handicrafts (ceramics manufacture.) Here, the beach is quite ordinary. With umbrellas rather close to each other, I find it unappealing. But once again, the eye of the panoramic Sprocket Rocket allowed me to photograph it in a more interesting way than usual. Gotta give credit to the sprocket holes of the Sprocket Rocket.

The promenade of Albissola Marina is decorated with colorful tiles. The photos acquired a greater sense of depth thanks to the panoramic format and to the wide-angle lens of this camera:

The public beach (second photo above) is nestled between rows of booths belonging to the private bathing establishments. They are seen framed by both the cabins themselves with matching sprocket holes.

The last two photos of this article were taken in Alassio, a famous seaside city on the Ligurian coast. In the first picture, I purposely tilted the camera to get a curved horizon, making the environment of the private beach a little surreal. In fact, spots under the umbrella is very expensive. Frankly, I find it a bit absurd especially when it is during the peak season. People agree to pay crazy sums of money for a day at the beach. The second photo, with a view of the life on the tiny public beach (in the foreground) was composed in the traditional way. Try this camera, it is a great everyday carry for your summer trips!

written by sirio174

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