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And I Fell in Love With the Sprocket...

My Lomographic heart is HUGE with no doubt. There's so much place for so many cameras! And the last one that has conquered a place on it, is the wonderful Sprocket Rocket. What an incredible camera!

First of all, I want to thank makny and Lomography Gallery Store Madrid Argensola for lending me an amazing Sprocket Rocket for my trip to Formentera.

This love story wasn’t a “first sight” one, Sprocket Rocket took its time to conquer my heart. It always seemed to me like an interesting camera, but as I owned already a Diana with 35mm back and a Horizon Perfekt, personally I wasn’t that attracted by this panoramic camera with the little negative holes. Then, of course, you get to see amazing pictures from it and you say to yourself: “I have to try this”.

Ultimately the day arrived. I was going to a trip to Formentera, a turquoise blue paradise with beautiful skylines that were waiting to be shot in panoramic pictures. Horizon would have been a great option but I wanted something lighter, quicker and less sophisticated for my easy-going days to come: Sprocket Rocket! Those sprockets were going to frame the island with a special Lomographic charm.

I wasn’t wrong! It was a perfect companion and my first experience with Sprocket was awesome.

Speed is fixed to 1/100 and it has two apertures (cloudy=f/10.8, sunny=f/16). It’s a great weapon of choice with sunny circumstances. But you also have a B mode, for long exposures and a hotshoe in case you want to shoot indoors, though I didn’t use any of these options.

You can do amazing double exposures with Sprocket Rocket, shooting twice or rewinding your film and shooting again that last frame. It’s one of the greatest features of this camera, you can wind and rewind anytime you want!

Photo by susielomovitz

We have two focusing positions (0.6 – 1 m y 1 m – infinite) so you can switch it very easily from sharp portraits to beautiful landscapes.

Its wide angle lens allows you to capture beyond what you can think of and you can take advantage of that rule: approach your object of desire. Get closer! Don’t be afraid, it’s my advice. Pictures will turn out with so much more powerful.

Even though panorama pictures make you think in horizontal, don’t be afraid to flip your camera! These pictures will also have two rows of sprockets, it won’t let you down!.

What’s gonna be the next stop for this rocket?

Photo by susielomovitz

La Sprocket Rocket is the first wide angled camera with sprockets. Easy to rewind, so you can easily do multiexposures, there are no limits to your analogue creativity with this rocket. Check it out Sprocket Rocket in our shop!

written by susielomovitz and translated by le_ors

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