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Walking in the Park with a Refurbished LOMO LC-A

A few days ago, I purchased a LOMO LC-A Refurbished on the Lomography Online Shop. The camera arrived in perfect condition, like new, and I immediately wanted to test it! And the best way to do this is to go in a nice park, where you can relax, walk, and take pictures with this amazing toy! Read more!

In this article, I want to write a review of my new LOMO LC-A Refurbished, which I tested for the first time on a beautiful spring day in the public park of Como. I have written in the past of other reviews on my LC-A and LCA + RL cameras, and in these articles I spoke of sharpness, color rendering, tips of use, and other technical details. In this article, I want instead write a review of this camera from the point of view of its “force of attraction”. This camera is able to create “a communication channel” with the people you meet.

Photo by sirio174

This series of photos was taken at the public park of Como, near the wonderful lake, on a beautiful day in late May, one of the few with sun and mild temperatures after many days of rain and cold weather. On this day, many people like me have taken the opportunity for a sunbath!

On this beautiful day I have “thrown my socks and shoes in the lake”, and I have had the pleasure of an hour of a nice sunbath in the company of a good book and my Lomo LC-A! Not far from me, there was a girl that was reading a book. I have seen her in the classic relaxed pose with his legs lifted up, with the soles of the feet facing upwards, detaching her legs from the grass still damp, to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun!

Photo by sirio174

When I approached her, she had lowered her legs. I showed her my LOMO, with the classic smiling face logo. This little face always arouses curiosity, and many people are attracted by this camera, which has a different shape from modern digital cameras, and with its unique stylized logo! I asked her: “Excuse me, I would like to take a picture symbolic of this spring, can I ask if you can lift your legs and allow me to photograph the soles of your feet kissed by the sun, with the lake in the background?”.

The great communicative-ness of this camera allowed me to get immediately the permission, as you can see from these three pictures! She left me enough time to photograph with calm, and she even slightly changed the angle of its legs during her pose, as I requested!

Photo by sirio174

A few steps farther, I saw a cute little dog that was running back and forth, without pause! I asked the boys who owned this dog the permission to photograph it… I asked them: – Can I photograph your dog … because for a play on words I would like to call this photo: “Who says that there is never a dog around?” -. Once again, everything was easy. Indeed, with a lot of patience they have “convinced” the dog to stop for few seconds (since it preferred to run back and forth, playing in the grass with full happiness!!).

Photo by sirio174

When I took this picture at the Monument to the Dead Soldiers, a couple of Russian citizens living in Como recognized my LOMO, so they approached me and with a smile they said (in Italian): “Look, it was like our old photo camera!” and then they asked to where I bought the camera!

Photo by sirio174

The fun of shooting with the LC-A is also due to the fact that many people are curious. They ask, and even like to be photographed! After all, the charm of film photography has remained unchanged, and many people still possess beautiful analogue cameras, often unused from many years, that they collect as a fond memory. The most common question is often: “How is the picture?” followed by “Where do you find the film rolls?”

Photo by sirio174

To the first question I answer: “I publish it just after being developed on the Lomography web site, in my home page …”, while to the second my answer is: "If your photographer does not sell more films, take a look at the Lomography Online Shop, where there are always new films, in addition to the classical ones in various formats! "

written by sirio174 and translated by sirio174

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    The scenery is full of sun worshipers and youth! May it last a lifetime!

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