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SuperSampler: A Sunny Companion

Though its low price and toy-like appearance make this a really accessible camera, it does take a bit of practice and a few pointers to actually get great results. Often, my pictures are merely meh, but when they are good, they are REALLY good.

Photo by stratski

This four lens toy camera is one of the classics of Lomography. The 20mm lenses can fire in two speeds: 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo), with focus from 0.3m to infinity.

I have mixed feelings about this one. Every once in a while I try another roll, but never get quite the amazing results I see elsewhere on the Lomography site. Usually, about half the pictures in a roll are fairly drab and dull, the other half are sort of okay, and if I’m lucky one or two are pretty cool.

Still, that one gorgeous pic per year keeps me trying.

I guess this camera is more fun if you visit the beach or other sunny locations often, and if you have friends or kids who like to fool around, jumping and dancing for you. I that case, it can give you some super cool pictures. Just remember to stay close, the small strips work better in close-up than as wide shots when capturing action.

Also, it needs light. A lot of it. I tried fooling it with higher iso film, but in the end, what this camera really wants it sunshine and bright colors (though I’ve seen some pretty great black and white pictures from others as well).

It’s also fun to shoot architecture with this camera. It can make sort of stretched out buildings, or more abstract repetitions.

A fun extra when you upload your Supersampler pictures here, is the possibility of making a minimovie. It’s like an analogue Vine. But if you want more people to enjoy these minimovies, I’d advise to fire up Photoshop (or something similar), snap your image in 4 separate frames, make a movie in Windows MovieMaker or something similar, and upload it to Vimeo. That way your friends will actually get a notification about your movie. Another minimovie tip: you don’t have to stop at 4 frames. Scramble away for a longer film, like this one here.

written by stratski

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