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Lomography Belair X 6-12 Globetrotter: A Review of Sorts

With a sleek design and various shooting formats, the Belair Globetrotter is one versatile camera. Read more about how awesome it is after the jump.

Photo by feelux

I got really excited as I was unboxing my Belair Globetrotter. The first thing I did was load it with film and shoot at first light with the 6×9 mask. I got too excited that I forgot to check the zone focus; I was still holding it by the base of the camera as well. Thus, the first roll was a pretty mess.

Then, I read up and saw how to properly hold the Belair (by holding the camera near the shutter button/lever). Got back up and shot a second roll.

In my opinion, shooting with the Belair is pretty easy since it’s an Aperture Priority camera. Choose from one of the two aperture settings, and all you need to worry about is the zone focusing! Oh, and don’t forget to extend the bellows haha!

Photo by feelux

The first mask that I used was the 6×9 mask since it’s wide and it doesn’t eat much film space as the 6×12.
I find it pretty nice since it’s wide enough to create really nice photos. It’s also easy to frame since the markers in the viewfinder isn’t that hard to miss.

The next mask that I used was the 6×6 mask since I was low on my medium format film stock.
It’s pretty tricky to frame square shots since you have to remember to frame your shots within the viewfinder marks for the 6×6 format. Some of my first few shots were a bit off, but some are pretty nice, if I may say so.

The third and final mask is the 6×12 mask. It’s pretty much a double edged sword; It’s wide enough to get a huge area on your frame, but it’s really wide that it’s pretty challenging to frame your subject since you’re getting such a huge area and you might get some unwanted objects in your frame.

As for lens quality, the bundled lenses (58mm and 90mm plastic lenses) are of good quality.
If focused at the right distance, you can get a sharp image with a really nice depth like this:

Photo by feelux

The viewfinder needs some getting used to, though. I’ve been a victim of parallax error a couple of times already; It isn’t that hard to get used to it though, so it isn’t much of a problem.

The Belair is pretty known for making good portraits, and I agree! It also does good when shooting at night, provided that you have a tripod.

Since it’s a medium format camera, you can also try shooting with 135 film!

Don’t forget about shooting multiple exposures!

Overall, the Belair is a really versatile camera! Portraits, Squares, and Panoramas all in one camera! For the Globetrotter, the design is a really huge bonus! I couldn’t let it go for the first few days (weeks, really).

Photo by feelux

So, What are you waiting for? Take your Belair for a spin! If you don’t have one yet, then you should really consider getting one!

written by feelux


  1. walasiteodito


    nice review @feelux great photos! namaster mo na belair!

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  2. feelux


    @walasiteodito ahaha salamat! Lol malayo pa ko dun :)) Ang dalas ko mag-parallax error eh :)) Laging excited magshoot :))

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