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Lomography Sunset Strip: the Go-To Slide Film for Night & Flash Photography!

When it's dark out, let Lomography Sunset Strip illuminate your night-time shots! With slightly subtle, yet incredibly present saturation and contrast, Sunset Strip is definitely the choice film for amazing evening shots!

Photo by noe_arteaga

Dear Fellow Lomographers,

My name is noe_arteaga and I am addicted to cross-processing.
YES, I admit it! The color shifts that color our photographs so boldly make my heart skip a beat! The intense saturation that brightens up our world makes me swoon! And contrast? There is never enough!

Good news of us, Lomographers, for I have found a true gritty slide film to fulfill my Rock N’ Roll lifestyle! This film is edgy! It captures warm vibrations and spits them out in glorious colors! Now, you might be thinking, what does this slide film have over any other? Well, if you like your shots to look cool, crazy, colorful, and full of contrast, you can use most any slide film, but I can guarantee that no other film plays this nicely at night. It is none other that Lomography’s Sunset Strip film!

Lomography Sunset Strip lives up to its namesake. The Sunset Strip in beautiful Los Angeles is known for its vibrant, rock n’ roll nightlife. How appropriate, because Lomography Sunset Strip film truly shines when used at night! Whether you choose to use a flash or whatever available ambien light, this film captures it all and harmonizes the most spectacular photos you’ve seen!


Flash or not, Sunset Strip really has a way of capturing the warm tones of the moment. The saturation isn’t overbearing, and there’s just enough contrast to let your audience know you live on the wild side of the slide!

Let me just give you this warning!!! Sunset Strip is, after all, a slide film. That means, that like most slide films, it requires as best possible exposure as possible to reach its potential! And, like all other slide films, over exposure can happen if you’re just even 1 inch too close!

Next time I see you guys on Sunset Blvd., my friends, I hope to find you armed with your analogue cameras, loaded with some Lomography Sunset Strip!!! Don’t get in too deep, though! I almost had to check in to BHS Hollywood Recovery Center (on Sunset Blvd., ironically) for Xpro Addiction!!!

See you on the wild side of the slide, LomoAmigos!!

written by noe_arteaga


  1. guanatos


    I totally agree @noe_arteaga and when paired with Fritz the Blitz it's amazing!

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  2. istionojr


    after seeing your pictures in here seems like sunset strip really cool to shoot at night.
    nice review! :)

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  3. grazie


    hahahahha love this article!!!! oh don't forget your idea

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  4. clownshoes


    Nice, some wild stuff there.

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  5. noe_arteaga


    Thank you @clownshoes, @boobert, @atria007, @robertofiuza, @vicker313, @ricoinbrooklyn, @bebopbebop, @kneehigh85, @neanderthalis, @saidseni for checking out my article!!!

    Have any of you guys also tried this film before? If you have, I'd love to see some photos!!
    @guanatos I tried looking for your album of Sunset Strip + Fritz Blitz but couldn't find it! Link please!!

    And lovely @grazie THURSDAY!!! hehehehe

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  6. saidseni


    It is the next in line! Love the expression "wild side of the slide"! :D

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  7. guanatos


    @noe_arteaga I don't have a full album, but some pics on this one are using a La Sardina with its Fritz http://www.lomograph(…)os/17567985

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  8. noe_arteaga


    @saidseni Let me know as soon as their up!! (i'm still not getting notifications on my feed if other people upload new albums!)

    @guanatos those were some great shots, even they day time ones!! Maybe my next Sunset Strip Roll will be in the day! =O (still xpro, of course!!)

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  9. guanatos


    @noe_arteaga thanks man! I want to try it with early morning light to see if I get more of that orange tone... let me know how it goes :)

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  10. herbert-4


    Good article and photos. I have some slide film. It's in the fridge, but if cross processed, it turns a kind of dark pink even if overexposed 2 stops, It's 120 200 ISO, the box says Fortunate Fast Superslides with no expiration date, and made in India. I bought it in Chinatown about 3 years ago. I might try again.

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  11. noe_arteaga


    Thanks for the kind feedback, @herbert-4 !!!! You should let me try 1 of those Fortunate rolls!! hehehe =)

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam
  12. andrus_n


    I think I should give the Sunset Strip a try - thanks for the article.

    almost 2 years ago · report as spam

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