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The Postman Always Rings Twice...with an LC-A+ RL for Me! (1/2)

This is the first of two articles dedicated to the review of two awesome cameras. Here, I write about my new LC-A+ RL which joined my two "old" Russian LC-A cameras. Read about it after the jump!

From the Online Shop of Lomography I bought somw weeks ago a Lomo LC-A+ with Russian lens (the RL model), which became a new “friend” of my two trusty LC-A that I bought at the beginning of the ’90. The LC-A+ allows me to work up to 1600 ISO speed. This camera is a great companion for my two LC-A cameras, because I can use a different ISO range.

Photo by sirio174

I was amazed with the extreme sharpness and for the great saturation of the colors of my LC-A+ RL, more sharp and more vivd with respect to my other two LC-A cameras, maybe because the LC-A+RL is equipped with the “last generation” Minitar 1 lens!

Because I love colors, the Fun Fairs of Varese and Como (Italy) were two ideal places to test this wonderful camera!

Photo by sirio174

As you can see, the camera is very reliable, and the exposure is always well-balanced!

Photo by sirio174

The wooden box is really well though of, with a wonderful book inside. It’s a book rich with some inspiring examples for everyone, and very intuitive to read. There are some interesting technical notes about some simple repair tips. For example, when I take with me my LC-A in my bicycle tours across Europe, sometimes I have a loose screw…and this book helps you make these simple repairs — very little and rare inconveniences that can happen with any camera!

Photo by sirio174

In the package (which was delivered very quickly), I found a package of three Kodak Gold 200 rolls, a beautiful khaki bag (great for my cameras!), and a pair of film rolls (maybe made by Ferrania) inside two fantastic aluminum cans that are beautiful and collectible!

I love very much the extended ISO range of this camera, together with the possibility of multiple exposures. With respect to the LC-A, you do not have the indications of the focusing distance inside the viewfinder (this is not a problem, is only a question of practice) and the frames to show the borders of the photo (but even here it’s just a matter of the eye and you’ll soon get used to the new viewfinder). I do not feel the lack of manual choice of the diaphragm with the flash, which I seldom use.

Photo by sirio174

Together with the camera, I found (in a special offer, together with the camera) a wonderful Colorsplash flash, which I will surely test at the first opportunity! It’s another nice accessory which helps complete my set of cameras!

Photo by sirio174

So, take an adventure with your LC-A+! Always bring it with you—it’s very reliable and usable in all light conditions, thanks to its extended ISO range!

The Lomo LC-A+ RL has all the features we know and love, authentic Russian lens, and a back that’s now interchangeable with the Instant Back+. Explore analogue possibilities with the LC-A+ RL!

written by sirio174 and translated by sirio174

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