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Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Angle Lens

The Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens is how I see the world! Everyone has their perfect focal length -- you know, that camera vision that matches your own? Well 38mm on the Diana+ is mine.

While the standard 75mm plastic fantastic makes dreamy results, I see the world just a little bit wider. The Diana+ 38mm Accessory Lens for Diana+ fits my view of things. It’s sharp enough in the center, dreamy around the edges, and takes in just enough view in front of the camera to feel like I’m standing there looking at the scene.

Photo by russheath

Unlike the even wider Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, the 38mm is wide without being obviously distorted around the edges. Just the right focal length for full length portraits.

Photo by russheath
Photo by russheath

Or capturing something on the ground right in front of your feet.

Photo by russheath

The construction is solid for a plastic lens. The focus mechanism has a little smoother resistance to it than the original 75mm lens, and you grab the outside ring rather than a center dial. A definite improvement in my book.

Photo by russheath

If you want careful composition, the included viewfinder gives a realistic approximation of the 38mm field of view. The sun flare is quite nice, too.

Photo by russheath

And when you don’t want to waste time — it’s perfect for those on-the-fly hip shots, as most everything in front of the camera will be on the final image.

Photo by russheath

Perhaps my favorite way to use the 38mm lens is as a closeup portrait lens.

Photo by russheath

So to see the world in a more “normal” perspective, the 38mm Super-Wide lens is THE accessory for my Diana F+! It rarely comes off my camera.

The classic super-wide perspective is a favourite of street photographers and photojournalists the world over. Make your images scream with detail and get the distinct Diana+ look of vignetting and dreaminess with the Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Angle Lens! Don’t wait – get your own Diana+ lenses in our Shop now.

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our “Online Shop”: http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/diana-f-cameras/diana-f-cameras.

written by russheath


  1. wuxiong


    Nice review. great photos. I also like the Diana38mm lens combine with 135 films, and make sprocket holes, it's quite fun..<:)

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  2. kakikamera


    :) i'll get one.

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  3. stouf


    Super shots !

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  4. bonetpunya


    solution for using 35mm bacck right?

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  5. reddeviltj


    I bought the wide angle lens for my Diana F+ last month and haven't used it yet. I'm also going to put trade out the backs to the original 120 because I have lots of 120 film and only one camera that will use it. Now that Lomo is helping us find those labs the options are endless.

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  6. russheath


    Thanks all!!

    @bonetpunya -- Yes, a lot of people have told me that the 38mm on the Diana+ gives a field of view on 35mm film similar to the original Diana lens on 120 film. I don't have the 35mm back myself unfortunately, so I can't verify.

    @reddeviltj -- You'll love it when you start using it!

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  7. 1minute1second


    I have all the lenses for the Diana but have yet to really delve into this one until recently. I haven't got my pictures back from lomo lab but I'm curious to see how they turned out! I'm definitely interested by this lens. Great review!

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  8. domo-guy


    I too have a 35mm back but with a fisheye lens and a 38mm lens and i have troubles choosing one over the other :'( But I mostly use my sardina for wide angle shots.. (Sorry lensy >.<)

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  9. buckshot


    Good article, russheath, and very nice sample shots. I too love the 38mm super-wide, which I've only used with 120 roll-film. I particularly love the viewfinder adapter that comes with it - everything just looks so much better through this than when using the standard built-in viewfinder, plus its off-centre position just adds that extra bit of unpredictability when shooting. I also have the 75mm, 55mm and close-up lenses. They all have their uses, but the 38 is the one I fit by default when heading out with my Diana F+.

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  10. freyfrey


    I have been tossing up about whether I should buy this for ages. Diana is my only lomo camera and my grandparents gave me a very ancient canon with a huge array of lenses but for some reason I never really use it. If I have film in my diana I always shoot with her instead. Maybe I shall expand what I can do with a new lens because in all honesty I don't know if I want another camera just yet. As beautiful as some of the others are I know I can only shoot on one and a time (unless I grow a second head!)

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  11. russheath


    Thanks again everyone for all the feedback about this. I'm glad some are finding the information helpful.

    @buckshot -- I agree with you about the viewfinder, it's bright and helpful. Thanks!

    @freyfrey -- If you're a Diana lover, you won't be sorry with this lens! ;D

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  12. j_robert


    love the 4th one down. great article

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  13. cherieamour


    nice photos! love the lying down on picnic mat shot (:

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  14. camsydt


    I love the picnic shot! Great article, too. I have a question, though... If I use the 38mm lens with my 35mm Back, should I frame my shot with the built-in viewfinder or through the 38mm's external viewfinder? Thank you!
    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  15. russheath


    @j_robert -- Thanks, my friend!!

    @camsydt -- I think it makes more sense to use the built in viewfinder on the Diana when you have the 35mm back in place, as it will more closely approximate the field of view. Note: I haven't tried this myself yet because I don't own the 35mm back! :D

    over 3 years ago · report as spam

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