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When bad things happen to good film.

As the opposition leader of the Australian Government said recently, "Sh*t happens!". Yes, sometimes it does. Although I like to think that something good can come out of something that has gone a little sh*tty.

I give you the “creatively” over-processed film that I picked up from the photo lab yesterday. The film was a Rollei Crossbird 200 ISO slide film to be developed in C-41 colour negative chemicals…clearly something went wrong because instead of beautiful deep colours like this:

I got back washed out black & white photographs like this:

Now… the best thing to come out of this is that thanks to the genius that is my LC-A the photos are still lovely on the most part. My favourite is this one, which despite the black & white shade still glows with the beauty of a Melbourne summer’s day.

So yes, sh*t happens, but thankfully it doesn’t happen too often & when it does, sometimes something beautiful results.

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written by milkandmiel


  1. coldkennels


    I'm almost willing to put money on the fact that the lab you took it to just didn't know how to scan it. Look at the negs - if they've got any colour at all you should be able to get them rescanned and get proper x-pro colours. It's best to do it yourself in most cases - lab scanners are often confused by the x-pro film, and technicians can also perceive the wild colours to be a mistake.

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  2. milkandmiel


    @coldkennels I was hoping this was the case when I first got the film back, but unfortunately the negatives are black & white... and quite over-exposed. :-( Thanks for the tip though!

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  3. aradiel


    I don't understand how a tale of wrong processing constitutes a review of the film. Nice going on the shameless self-promotion, too ;P
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  4. kribbzor


    the pics are cool, but it sucks that it happend to such a great film :/

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  5. milkandmiel


    @aradiel I don't think I even submitted it as a review... but as a analogue lifestyle article. *shrug* You can see my review of Crossbird film at http://www.lomograph(…)d-35mm-film & there are others at http://www.lomograph(…)incarnation , http://www.lomograph(…)ked-greener & http://www.lomograph(…)em-the-bird :-)

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  6. natalieerachel


    Ahhhh so disappointing :(

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  7. eva_eva


    it's still looking good, even when sh*t happens :)

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  8. coldkennels


    @milkandmiel - I hope you went back and complained, then! Slide film is too expensive for your lab to be ruining like that.

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  9. andrewhope


    I once bought a cheap Kodak b+w film (I was desperate for a b+w film and its all I could find) once I received it back from the lab it had imperfections all over the negs,which was no fault of the lab. I was extremely disappointed,only got a few good photos from them.

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