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The Agfa Clack camera was produced from 1954 until 1965. It uses 120 mm film and is part of the Agfa box series – several kinds of cameras designed like a box which were inexpensive and easy to use for everybody. After I had unpacked my Agfa Clack camera I almost had to laugh because of its unusual and somehow funny look – it is the big black teddy bear among all my other analogue cameras. I found it on an online auction for 8€.

Because of the fact that I use to have a big hoard of 120 film and the sun was shining I was able to try it immediately after it arrived at my home. But I had to solve a problem first. I did not know how to open this strange camera. There is a lock on the bottom of the camera and you need a key to open it. But the seller did not add that key to the camera. So I took a small screw driver and it worked somehow. I removed the case and now I was able to recoil the film. For my first try I took 200 ISO film because I did not know any better. But the Agfa Clack cameras are built for 50 ISO films because the shutter speed is about 1/35s. I found out about this fact later when I read something about this camera.
On the back of the camera is a little window which can be opened. There you can see how far you have to turn the filmtransportation wheel to the next shot.
The release-reset does not work automatically. You have to do it yourself. That was also a little bit unusual to me. Also the format is extraordinary: First I wondered that it was only possible to take eight shots with one 120 film. I found out that the format is 6×9cm. This is really special and looks great. But it is also a disadvantage regarding the little number of pictures you get out of one film.
A big surprise for me was that such a “cheap” camera has connections for cable release and tripod.
The Agfa Clack also has a B setting (which I did not try yet), and you are able to do multiple exposures.
Maybe you are wondering about the name of the camera – Agfa CLACK: Push the button and you will not wonder anymore.

written by agrimony


  1. superlighter


    interesting review, bought one today on ebay, I'm very curious and excited at the idea to use this "clumsy" black brick!
    I like the shot n°6, fantastic!
    mmmmmm....1/35s isn't fast at all, now I understand why most of your shots are so...blurry, I think this camera should do the best at "sunset" or at night using the B time!

    over 6 years ago · report as spam
  2. agrimony


    @superlighter: i'm curious about the shots you will take with this camera... tell me when you have some! maybe you could give me some tips.

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  3. superlighter


    for sure! I'm just hope that the camera is in good working order!
    however I take the decision to buy it after I've seen some nice clacky shots on flickr.
    You should have a look :)

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  4. stinketier


    I have an agfa clack at home, it was my first medium format camera ever and i like it very much.
    Theres a small agfa clack album in my lomohome at the beta side.
    I should make some new shots with this lovely thing.
    It's great, and it's big!
    I didn't have any problems because of the shutter speed. I also can change from sunlight to cloudy and "semi-cloudy".
    For real good photos i think a real bright day is needed, but if you cross your pictures then they have also a bit more brightness or am i wrong.
    It's also very cheap i bought my also from ebay for 1 euro and the CLACK works perfect.

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  5. graefin


    Oh great!
    I've also submitted a review for this cam ;)

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