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Requested Posts for September 2014

Lomography Magazine offers you the perfect platform to reach an international audience! Have something to say? Submit to the Lomography Magazine for a chance to be heard. Whether you are a seasoned writer, or a motivated beginner, we want to hear from you. Read on and discover what type of articles we are looking for. Remember, writing for the Lomography Magazine earns you Piggies!

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Requested Posts are what we are looking for and will earn you 15 Piggy Points. If there’s something you want to write about that fits the submissions guidelines but is not on the list, submit it anyway, you will get 5 Piggy Points!

We’d also like to remind everyone that your submissions to the Magazine should contain only the photos you’ve taken, unless you’re writing about a specific artist, photographer, project, etc. that you’d like to share with the Community. If you’re going to use photos from other websites, remember to secure permission and cite your sources.

Check out our requested posts for the hot and eventful month of August.


Tips are considered articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured. Shoot us an e-mail at, and you will be credited for every approved/published tip!

Analogue Lifestyle

  • Your Autumn Story: In a matter of days, the season will change, and autumn will be upon us. Aside from the dramatic colors and enchanting scenery, what makes autumn special for you? Do you have an autumn memory worth sharing, and were you able to preserve it in photos? Share your autumn story with the rest of the community, and show the beauty of fall in photos.
  • Lomo Lookbook: While human mannequins are ruling the runways in London, New York and other places for Fashion Week, how are you keeping yourself in style? This is not just for the sassy ladies with #OOTDs out there; this is for anyone or anyone who’s got a personal sense of style worth sharing. If you don’t want to share your lookbook, why not share a gallery of someone else’s fabulous fashionable style cred through photos that you took?
  • My Day in Analogue: Whether you’re a student who’s going back to school or a nine-to-five-guy who’s back from vacation, we’re interested to know about what a day in your life is like. We’d like to take a peek into what a day in the life of our fellow lomographers, so we’re encouraging you to make an analogue photo diary. Using your analogue cameras and favorite films, document your daily routine, activities, hang-outs, haunts, friends, colleagues — anything that would show us a slice of your life — and write a little something about them.
  • Happenings on Film: Whether it’s a concert, exhibit, sports event or even the upcoming gay pride celebrations, share it with the rest of the community through pictures and let them know what’s happening on your side of the world.
  • Fresh from the Lab: We’re always curious about what our fellow lomographers have been up to. So, if you’ve got a new set of beautiful photos, fresh from the lab, that you’re itching to share with us, tell us about it in this new series!

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  • The World’s Fashion Capitals: Do you have the passion for fashion? Then we bet you have some favorite style spots in the following fashion capitals: Milan, New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Rome, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Antwerp, Johannesberg, Hong Kong, and Sydney. If you’ve ever been to any of them, do share with us your lomographs and stories about your favorite shopping spots. You can even make a street style post featuring some stylish people you’ve spotted!
  • Campus Tour: Whether you’re one of those students who are back in school for some learning or you just happened to drop by your alma mater, we encourage you take photos around campus and tell us about the special place that’s preparing you or has already prepared you for your future.
  • Reel Locations: Is there a place in your city or town that was used as a location for a movie, TV show or music video shoot? Start snapping at away and tell us about that reel-worthy spot. Oh, and don’t forget to mention what was filmed there, too.
  • Lomography Day Trips: Over the past year, we’ve been sharing with you our itinerary recommendations for day trips around the world’s biggest cities. This year, it’s time for you to take charge and show us around your town or city! What are some of the must-visit spots that we should head straight into, if we only have a day to see the sights in your town? Tell us, show us, guide us!

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  • Fashion and Glamour Photography Tips: We’ve been seeing quite a number of style mavens in the photos that you’ve been uploading in your lomohomes. Why not share some tips on how to achieve those chic and classy, unusual and outrageous, fashion-themed and glamour shots? Tell us about lighting, poses, and everything else taht will help an aspiring fashion photographer and model make the cut. And please, show us those Vogue-worthy photos!
  • Lomography Petzval Lens Photography Tips: If you’re one of the lucky owners of the New Petzval Lens and if you’ve been playing around with it for a while, you have most likely discovered some nifty ways on how make the most of your brass wonder. Share those nifty tips and tricks, will you?
  • New Russar+ Lens Photography Tips: What about the Russar+? Are you one of the blessed owners of this wide-angle marvel, too? Be a darling and share the techniques you’ve picked up so far.
  • Film Experiments: Do you love to tinker with your film rolls to come up with off-kilter photos? Do you use concoctions, film soup recipes, and chemical cocktails for creating funky effects on your film photos? Tell us about your film experiments, and show us what you can do!
  • Extreme Camera Modifications: It’s one thing to tinker with your beloved film cameras for cool effects, and it’s another to modify them permanently whether in form or function. If you’ve ever tried making extreme camera modifications, we’d like to know how you did them. Who knows, some of our fellow lomographers may be brave enough to try them out!

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Regular Contributions

Additionally, if you’re interested in becoming one of our regular writers, read these new guidelines and we’ll be waiting for your responses! If you’d like to discuss the possibility of becoming a regular contributor, feel free to email the editor. Thank you!