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  • Testing Kodak Ektar by did

    Testing Kodak Ektar by did
    As you might already know we are celebrating the launch of the "Kodak Ektar!": which might be the world’s finest grain film yet produced!
  • A Valentine Pair

    A Valentine Pair
    Pink is the color to be these days! And word has it that our own "Diana clones": have teamed up for this year's Valentine day. And who did our lovely ladies choose? Well Mr. Pink of course!
  • My Lomo Story

    My Lomo Story
    My friendship with Lomography was a very logical step in my life. It could have started earlier, but luckily it began just in time. All my life I was very interested in old stuff. Old pictures in my grandparents' album interested me more than new technologies with the digital photography ahead. After school I joined Vilnius University, to take my Bachelor's Degree in Archival Science, when one day, we had a trip to the audiovisual archive of Lithuania. I was so touched with all these old photos - they made a deep impression that I decided to try to do some "retro" pictures by myself.

    Today’s "Snatch!": offer features a reproduction of a 60s classic, and a pocket-sized 35mm camera.
  • Fill In Your Meta Data

    Fill In Your Meta Data
    There would be no fun at Lomography if we could not share our photos with each other, get inspired and become eager to shoot more ourselves. So lets say that you are considering trying out a new film – and you want to find some good examples of what results this film can do. So you head on over to "photos": and you type in the film that you are searching for only to find that the results are limited even though you know that people have uploaded this film to their homes.
  • Who Said That Legends Were Born, Not Made?

    Who Said That Legends Were Born, Not Made?
    At the Lomography Film shop, we strive hard to keep analogue photography alive and kicking with constant reminders of how utterly wonderful and inspiring it can be! We live up to our promise by keeping you in the loop with new film developments as well as unearthed long-lost emulsions.
  • Your Shots Needed!

    Your Shots Needed!
    You're already enjoying the much improved Lomography Beta site that we have been updating over the last few weeks! With added features such as the very cute-sy avatars, new "homes": and "photos": it is not the easiest thing to log out. If you need yet another excuse to stay online then you might want to consider uploading some more photos!
  • Beta Lomo Home of the Day

    Beta Lomo Home of the Day
    Congratulations to "superlighter": for winning today's "Beta Lomo Home of the Day": ! But what does this mean? Do you get a badge? Some piggies?
  • Camera Review of the Week

    Camera Review of the Week
    Congrats to "maxpinckers": for adding camera review of the week to his growing list of Lomography awards! The review in question is his critique of the "Fujifilm GA645 Professional": camera, a medium format camera with an automatic focus system.
  • Doubles With You - PauloDuarte and Kuasimudo

    Doubles With You - PauloDuarte and Kuasimudo
    In this weeks "doubles with you" we bring you the first collaboration of two Portuguese Lomographers, "PauloDuarte": and "kuasimudo": . Pairing up a "Smena 8m": and a "Fisheye": these two managed some great results. Here's what they had to say:
  • Lomography In New York - A Recap of an Analouge Revolution

    Lomography In New York - A Recap of an Analouge Revolution
    January 2009 was a huge month for Lomography in New York City. The first month of ’09 saw the grand opening of the ultimate Big Apple Lomography destination, the Lomography Gallery Store NYC! There is finally a place in New York where Lomographers can pick up any Lomographic product, or haul away rucksacks full of film before exploring our photogenic city.
  • When Two Lubitel Lovers Meet

    When Two Lubitel Lovers Meet
    I was so excited! The new "Lubitel book": , the FIRST Lubitel book! I immediately placed an order and ordered a copy for Melanie (graefin), too. I received the confirmation mail and shortly afterwards another email that my package had been sent.
  • The LomoGirls' Valentine Wishlist

    The LomoGirls' Valentine Wishlist
    Yesterday, the guys at the Lomography office in Vienna shared with you the Valentine's treat that would tickle their senses. This time, it's our dear fair ladies who'll get the chance to share the Lomographic love toys they'd like to be presented with come the 14th! Do their choices mirror your lovebird's desires too? If so, it's not yet too late to place an order for that '100% analogue romance' gift to be delivered in time for Valentine's Day!
  • Life through a blender - Feed your multiple exposing desire with the new Pinhole Blender Cameras!

    Life through a blender - Feed your multiple exposing desire with the new Pinhole Blender Cameras!
    Looking for a new way to see your world? These compact and easy to carry cameras, have the power to make brilliant blended images with the ease of pinhole photography! Each magical metal can uses a convex film plane to multiple expose and blend your subjects into a collage panorama, leaving you with stunning and perfect images at every controlled turn of the advance. And now to introduce you to the entire family!
  • The LomoGuys' Valentine Wishlist!

    The LomoGuys' Valentine Wishlist!
    Love is definitely in the air at the Lomography HQ in Vienna. We got to thinking about what could be the perfect Valentine's gift - and while chocolates and flowers are fine for some, we think nothing says 'I lurrrrve you' like a shiny new Lomographic treat! (We could be biased ;) So we asked some of the LomoGents what one Lomographic present they would like to get from their sweetheart this Valentine's Day. Take a tour d'amour into the minds of a few of our LomoStuds. Who knows, you just might get a gift tip or two for your beloved! Or why show yourself some love and pick yourself up a nice present!
  • The Scarecrowman x Diana F+

    The Scarecrowman x Diana F+
    Make way for another Japanese limited exclusive! This special edition features The Scarecrowman from the Japanese animation of the same title. From the movies to your shutter-happy hands, The Scarecrowman is inching his way to your analog heart by collaborating with the medium-format darling, Diana! Hopping alongside the "Scarecrowman Diana F+": is a bevy of Japanese cameras and films that will keep you snapping up like crazy.

    Nocturnal Snatcheroos, take note! Our latest "Snatch!": offer features an action-lovin’ plastic shootbox and a pocketable, wide-angled 35mm camera!
  • Pandre's Shopping Guide

    Pandre's Shopping Guide
    Welcome to February and welcome again to pan_dre's shopping guide.
  • My Friend Charlotte

    My Friend Charlotte
    **You’re fairly new to Lomography, so tell us a little about you?**
  • Film-Review of the week

    Film-Review of the week
    Let me tell you something about headache, it’s something inside your head. It drives you crazy and there is nothing you can do. You can not concentrate and you don’t remember what your colleague were saying five minutes ago. You might be curious why I’m telling you all of this? Well, last Friday it would have been time for the new FILMREVIEW OF THE WEEK but there was no such blog entry, no winner, no nothing…