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A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 4

It's the fourth day of clues for our mystery product. This time we'll be introducing you to a few of our character's close friends ...

We will be unveiling our newest product on April 10th and it’s safe to say, we’re incredibly excited! So far we’ve given you some facts relating to this new character – today it’s time to meet some of its close acquaintances…but what have they got to do with the new Lomography product?

Voigtlander Bessa R – Image Credit: shardsofphotography.blogspot.com
Leica M6 – Image Credit: www.mir.com.my
Leica M9 – Image Credit: www.kenrockwell.com
Sony A7 – Image Credit: Imaging-resource.com
Fuji X-Pro 1 – Image Credit: fstoppers.com
Olympus PEN – Image Credit: www.dxomark.com

Still not sure what it could be? If you missed the previous clues we have given you, check them out!

If you’d like to meet our new character before anyone else in the world, please sign up to our special list and we will send you the news as soon as it drops

written by hembot


  1. guanatos


    uooooo this is getting exciting!!!! Are you telling me I still have to wait for two full days!!!! :S

    10 months ago · report as spam
  2. sandravo


    @guanatos And I guess after that we'll have to wait for an even longer time for it to get here... Maybe pre-order or kickstarter I think. But I agree, definitely looking excited!!! :-)

    10 months ago · report as spam
  3. guanatos


    @sandravo let's wait and see but this 4th clue is pretty interesting!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  4. sirio174


    A bayonet mount 58/2 Helios tilt shift!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  5. abecd



    10 months ago · report as spam
  6. cabreb


    Nothing cheap for shure. :-(

    10 months ago · report as spam
  7. aranmanoth


    I guess it will be some sort of lens but at least this time it seems we could use it in analogue cameras as well. Not like the crappy movement they did with those lens for only digital cameras.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  8. sirio174


    @abced Maybe for Zenit 122k or for digital cameras... But I hope in a M42 mount!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  9. herbert-4


    How about a tilt-shift Petzval on M42 mount???

    10 months ago · report as spam
  10. francois


    One thing that would be nice is an anamorphic lens like they use on movie cameras to shoot in cinemascope.

    I just hope it's going to be affordable.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  11. herbert-4


    Or, looking at variety here, something on T-mount with adapters????

    10 months ago · report as spam
  12. micky_s


    i think a tilt shift adapter... for all sorts of lenses... what with the goat thing, and them being able to see the horizon whilst they eat grass and all that.... shifty tilty stuff

    10 months ago · report as spam
  13. sudhakar

    I think its a wide angle lens like the limited edition MIR 1, which received a prestigious Grand-Prix Award during the Brussels World Fair in 1958

    10 months ago · report as spam
  14. objectionableconformity


    The Zorki or FED?

    10 months ago · report as spam
  15. dannykeighobadi


    Ooob, interesting. Note how all of the cameras have no lens, trying to hide something perhaps?

    10 months ago · report as spam
  16. clickiemcpete


    Hmmm, so it fits Leica M Mount, LTM and mirrorless...sounds cool. It's not a tilt shift lens because that would require an SLR setup, you couldn't use it on a rangefinder.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  17. frauspatzi


    10 months ago · report as spam
  18. wonderdude


    Yeah, I bet it's a MIR-1 37mm 2.8 lens, available in the following mounts: Screw, Leica M, Sony FE, Fuji XF, and Micro 4/3

    10 months ago · report as spam
  19. darkride73


    Russian FT-2 Panoramic camera?
    10 months ago · report as spam
  20. alienmeatsack


    I got all excited when I saw the Bessa R and then the M6 and M9, I thought LTM/M Mount lens! I've been hoping they'd do their experimental lens kit for other mounts. 2 days until we know. And then poo poo the idea because whatever it is is too expensive and or has a loooong waiting time.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  21. marcosxfx

    Maybe im wrong, but all this cameras have something really special about their viewfinders or at least the introduced some alternate way to view, the same as the goat in the previous clue which has a wide angle of vision, and on the previous one certain astronomer observed the moon, etc.. That's my guess, a viewfinder that can do Lomographic magic!
    10 months ago · report as spam
  22. jaybees80


    For me it's a recreation of a M39 mount ! Maybe a new type of lens based on FED rangefinder. Really love to see an all-in -one lens with a touret rangefinder

    10 months ago · report as spam
  23. guy-debored


    I'm guessing our character might be Laika, the Russian space dog. 1958 was the year Sputnik 2 was last seen in orbit.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  24. iamtheju


    I think it might just be a goat that is really into photography. And he can talk. And he is the new face of lomography.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  25. draekko74


    yup, something you can use with those cameras. A lens, or a mount, or both. And has to be panoramic, wide angle. And rectangular. And it will be called Goat-58.

    10 months ago · report as spam
  26. raylemon


    I am guessing maybe a rangefinder or something. Lomography already has point and shoots, slrs, tlrs but no new rangefinder design yet

    10 months ago · report as spam
  27. chethong


    Just a mx capable wide angle lens for m43 I think

    10 months ago · report as spam
  28. ihave2pillows



    10 months ago · report as spam
  29. scootiepye


    Hmmmmm so my guess is a lens adapter for the Petzval so you can use it on these cameras ...

    10 months ago · report as spam

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