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Top Photo Likers of January 2014

With the number of stunning Lomographs uploaded in our Community everyday, we are not surprised these people are on a Liking frenzy!

Whether hitting that like button is a crazy compulsion or a genuine gesture of appreciation, we would like to take our hats off to the Top Photo Likers of January 2014!

rik041 (30,814 likes)

Photo by rik041

atropaworkshop (20,008 likes)

Photo by atropaworkshop

jeanhuang (13,476 likes)

Photo by jeanhuang

mafiosa (10,971 likes)

Photo by mafiosa

tsingtao (10,179 likes)

Photo by tsingtao

yago56 (10,063 likes)

Photo by yago56

alexyz (8,509 likes)

Photo by alexyz

clownshoes (8,373 likes)

Photo by clownshoes

dopa (7,621 likes)

Photo by dopa

he-mo (7,513 likes)

Photo by he-mo

simonesavo (7,290 likes)

Photo by simonesavo

fadjaradiputra (7,276 likes)

Photo by fadjaradiputra

naiseta (7,209 likes)

Photo by naiseta

koduckgirl (7,120 likes)

Photo by koduckgirl

clickiemcpete (7,052 likes)

Photo by clickiemcpete

robertofiuza (6,605 likes)

Photo by robertofiuza

why-yu (6,592 likes)

Photo by why-yu

fotohelmut (6,276 likes)

Photo by fotohelmut

bnjmn (5,970 likes)

Photo by bnjmn

chourique (5,922 likes)

Photo by chourique

To everyone included in this list, thank you. We hope you never get over the Liking frenzy!

written by icequeenubia


  1. hervinsyah


    Jempol mang @fadjaradiputra 8D

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  2. fadjaradiputra


    yang ini baru saya bangga kang @hervinsyah haha :D

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  4. icequeenubia


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  5. dopa


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  6. mafiosa


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  7. clownshoes


    very cool!

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