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Coming Soon: Analogue Vibes for Digital Lovers - Part 1

Oh yes, it’s true. Lomography is coming up with an exciting new product. And this new fantastic item will spread analogue vibes throughout the digital realm. We’re thrilled to share our first hint on what this one-of-a-kind innovation will be. Read on and take your guess!

What’s coming soon?

If you love experimenting and have a thing for wonderful surprises, you will simply adore the package we are preparing. It will allow you to instantaneously exercise your creativity, and see more than meets the eye, beyond pixels and megapixels.

And so the big clue is that this exciting, ingenious product will be a source of analogue vibes for digital lovers out there. Can you take a wild guess and tell us what you think it is?

Share your predictions in the comments section below.

written by jillytanrad


  1. saidseni


    But... do we care for digital lovers?

    11 months ago · report as spam
  2. tomas_bates


    @saidseni - This is something fun and experimental - that's what we care about most :-) And please get ready to be surprised as this is a product which will be something analogue for something digital. We can't say much more yet, but get ready to be surprised!

    11 months ago · report as spam
  3. stratski


    Sounds like the Impossible Instant Lab...

    11 months ago · report as spam
  4. jourdanlynch


    I hope not... the thought of taking screenshots of your iPhone on film completely ruins the concept of analogue photography for me.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  5. djramsay


    and me

    11 months ago · report as spam
  6. segata


    Its not the digital sensor insert that a bloke came up with is it? I saw the vid on Peta pixel with it stuck in a SLR and whilst it seemed reasonably good to some extent it didnt really seem to have the features to justify the price.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  7. dermanu


    I'm not really sure about this. What could there really be new in this sector, crossing analogue and digital. We have Instagram filters, we have effect lenses for smartphone cams, there is the Impossible Instant Lab. Besides, I'm still waiting for that long-ago-promised "new " accessories for the Lubitel 166+. And what about the exchangeable lenses for the Konstruktor?

    11 months ago · report as spam
  8. saidseni


    @tomas_bates: I am surprised already.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  9. guanatos


    mmm we'll have to wait and see then :)

    11 months ago · report as spam
  10. barocio


    smh @people who feel personally victimised over the possible enjoyment of others.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  11. snoop


    @dermanu: We are working on the first accessories for the Konstruktor for late 2013, early 2014. For the Lubitel we had the 35mm set right from the start. As with any of our cameras we think how we can improve or add things to it, but as of now, there are no new accessories for the Lubitel in the near future.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  12. stratski


    @barocio: +1

    11 months ago · report as spam
  13. dermanu


    @snoop thanks for the info, excited about the new Konstruktor accessories right away ;-)

    11 months ago · report as spam
  14. carsten-schmitt


    Some time ago I saw an enlarger that uses an iPhone as a source similar to the Impossible Instant Lab but this time using "normal" photographic paper. Maybe something like that?
    Those people complaining about the "digital" should take a step back and realise where they read this (right here, right now) and discuss. It ain't a book. I'll give you a hint... it might be something digital. Most of the users here share their images digitally. How many of us do their own prints in a darkroom? So get off your moral high horse allright.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  15. pearlgirl77


    could be like the polaroid instagram thing?

    11 months ago · report as spam
  16. the_anderman

    I have absolutely no idea what it could possibly be, but I'm excited!
    11 months ago · report as spam
  17. 4br0k3n3rr0r


    The Nikon Fisheye lens?

    11 months ago · report as spam
  18. jupigare


    @carsten-schmitt I agree with you entirely. Doing analog doesn't make a person any "better" than someone who does digital. They're both different ways of the same art form, with their own benefits and quirks. I for one do both, and I respect and enjoy both film and digital cameras for separate reasons. We as Lomographers shouldn't be holier-than-thou because we happen to enjoy analog. I'm sick of seeing that attitude. Also, I do think that Lomo's going to start selling the Impossible Instant Lab or something similar.
    11 months ago · report as spam
  19. metobi


    I hope it's not a program to make your photos look like they're shot on LomoChrome Purple because that's already possible...

    11 months ago · report as spam
  20. metobi


    I really hope it's not just software.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  21. biblicalshower


    Will it be an announcement of an actual product that will launch, or an announcement of another kickstarter for a new product?

    11 months ago · report as spam
  22. chethong


    An Instgram co-branded film scan-filter-share device perhaps? That'll irk some people though.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  23. tomas_bates


    @biblicalshower - This will be a product immediately available for purchase. Not a Kickstarter or pre-order.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  24. alix-mansell



    11 months ago · report as spam
  25. aguillem


    I don't think it's the right place, but @alix-mansell mentioned a Lomo app.
    I'd enjoy a lomography app on my smartphone, to look at pictures, articles, notifications, etc. when I'm in the train for instance. A kind a lomography.com adapted to be used on a smartphone.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  26. gavclifton

    Diana Digital. with no review screen and no menu's just a power switch and a shutter
    11 months ago · report as spam
  27. sykotiko

    An instant "analog" printer for Instagrams?
    11 months ago · report as spam
  28. abecd


    petzval lens?

    11 months ago · report as spam
  29. gky


    Sound like a lomography application for smart phones?
    11 months ago · report as spam
  30. khess

    It's probably another lomo lens like my Holga for Canon DSLR or my Diana lens set for my Canon DSLR. What more Lo-Fi effects could we handle? I liked photography before Photoshop--just camera, film and a darkroom for creative exploration. These days any nimrod with a smartphone or photoshop can create all kinds of effects. Kind of taking the fun out of it.
    11 months ago · report as spam
  31. alexkon


    I think that getting to work a regular digital camera as a lomo camera is much more interesting.

    11 months ago · report as spam
  32. khess

    Nope, I was right. Lomo lenses.
    10 months ago · report as spam

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