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The New Lomography News Section: Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the new hub of the Lomography Magazine for news, current information and coverage of all things to do with analogue photography and important updates on the latest from Lomography! Check out our newest guidelines and earn Piggies!

Photo by: cyanwater


This is the hub for news, current information and coverage of all things related to analogue photography and important updates on the latest from Lomography. Learn more about the newest analogue products, read about projects from the community and analogue enthusiasts the world over, watch videos and stay in the know. Once logged in you can also rate and leave comments on articles and even submit your own. See submission guidelines.

News Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines have been prepared for you to see what it is that we look at before we publish a piece in the News section. We want to encourage personal freedom but also point out that there are several things to remember, such as making sure that the content is relevant to the section (have a think if your submission can be considered as news to readers). To keep in mind before you submit a work for this section (and consider if there is a more appropriate section to submit to) there must be a timely aspect to your submission. That means that news is first and foremost, new. As well as this it is fact based on information, not opinion or narrative. For this reason, please cite as many resources as possible to support your text.

Photo by: anarchy


A News entry should give the reader insight into a current trend, happening or event that is ongoing in the world of analogue photography or as covered with an analogue point of view. This could be among professionals, groups, or other active people. We want to explore and expose the many ways in which analogue and analogue photography is growing, happening and in the now. In other words we are bringing the news front and center that, “The Future is Analogue”. Below are some of the things that you should consider including when you write a piece for the Lifestyle section. Try to include at least 2 of the following:

Please try to think of what the main subject is in your piece for the title.

The summary is the text that appears with a teaser box and gives a potential reader a quick overview of why they will find this piece interesting. You should try to answer the basic who, where, what, why and when questions in about 40 words or maximum 3 lines. This text should also appear at the top of every entry above the header photo.

Content: (Should be 100 to 300 words)
In the case of news there is no need for a personal introduction from the writer. Instead, focus on the subject of the piece you are writing. If your coverage of a story includes an interview, please give a brief third person introduction to the interviewee. If it is a product or event on the other hand, some background or context should be provided.
It should be clear in your submission that your piece is in fact a story about a “news worthy” issue / event or topic. If not obvious this too should be made clear in the introduction to your piece.
Whenever possible please reference other sites when you are using information provided by another person or commenting on the works of someone else. It is also a good idea keep specifics in mind while writing. Remember to mention any cameras you are using and refer to items with the correct full names.
The end of your submission can be a conclusion but in the case with news, the subject or topic is generally ongoing. Next steps for the subject, where to get more information, see more content or when will the product be available and if there will be a follow up should be the final note.

Links & References:

If you use information from another site please mention this.


There is a minimum tagging requirement of 5 tags per entry. Tags are meant to make it easier for another reader to find your piece. Below you can find some questions to ask yourself when thinking about what are the main and most relevant points of interest in your submission.

  • Context
    - What are some related issues of interest to your post or is there a greater filed. For example, design, education, cinematography, art history…
  • Theme
    - Which words can you use to suggest the overall theme of your projects or story? This could include winter sports, teenagers, family…
  • Specific camera, film type or techniques used.
  • Locations, venues, events even people that are relevant.
Photo by: ftwentytwo


As we are Lomographers and writing about analogue news, pictures must be included. For a News piece a minimum of 4 pictures have to be included. Please keep in mind that for the News and Lifestyle sections you may either choose to have in your post a photo gallery or individual photo dividing text. Please consider this while you write and decide what best suits your piece.

Typical News Post Format

1. Main Message Title
2. Summary (2-3 lines would be best)
3. Header Photo (your favourite shot from the set)

4. Body Text

5. Closing Lines
6. Source Links/References (if any)


News Buzz: Tv shows, magazines, blogs and analogue outlets any analogue lover would want to know about.

The Mijonju Show

Current Event: Covered from an Analogue Perspective

Pool Parties at the Cannes Film Festival by Miss Marion

Tate Modern Voyeurism Exhibition Photography

New Analogue Products:

Psychedelic Kodak Brownie Renders

Spotted: Celebrity sightings with a Lomography camera or notable coverage in the press

Audrey Tautou Snaps with the Lomo LC-A+

And Remember! Any submission that fulfils one of the monthly topics listed in Requested Entries will receive 10 Piggy Points for published articles!

Got any comments, questions or feedback? Anything to help us make the Magazine better is welcome! Hit up a comment on this post or contact Aaron / Jane if you want to discuss something in detail!

written by kazarareta


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    i have one question then. this used to be "blog" before it was news. so where do things that are more blog-ish go to nowadays? for example - "doubles with you"?

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    submission links are on their way! in the mean time please send me an email if you would like to publish something jane.collison@lomography.com

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