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8,8 Pieces Project: Awareness & Action for the Earthquake in Chile

Read about Chris Leskovsek (nadameanschris) 's story about the project that he created during the recent earthquake in Santiago, Chile, and download the visual book for free.

Chris Leskovsek (aka nadameanschris)
8,8 Pieces (http://nadameansnothing.com)

So as most of you have heard/read/saw there was a huge earthquake that rocked the central-south part of Chile back on February 27th. Well, this is my story about this little project i did during the earthquake in Santiago, Chile.

I remember I was going to bed at 3am after a good friend visited me and had some drinks. My cats were acting weird and I thought they just wanted to go outside as most nights when they sleep inside the house. So after I took them out, my bed started shaking (3:34am). I was relaxed and stayed calmed, just thinking it was a small typical quake (which is normal to happen here in Chile), but this thing was not stopping and I started hearing things falling down in my kitchen. So I jumped out of the bed and went to see if my girlfriend’s daughter, that was sleeping in her room was ok. I woke her up, but as she was totally sleepy. She didn’t even notice how huge the earthquake was. Right after 2 or so minutes, the whole quake stopped but was followed by a whole blackout that left us without any type of communication with friends and family.

I woke up at 7 the next morning and turned on the tv, and local channels were not transmitting anything at all, so I jumped to over CNN and there it was, our (now) ex-president Bachelet, saying that this huge earthquake was a national emergency and half of the country was on the floor. In that very moment I knew that this was huge. I thought that maybe this is something you live through only “once in a lifetime” and I needed to document this somehow. So I jumped off the bed, grabbed a bunch of cameras (film and digital) but then I thought that since I needed to be quick, carrying a huge digital slr wouldn’t help, ‘cause people will get scared, and i needed “honesty” in my pictures. So I grabbed my ol’ ‘84 Lomo LC-A and a bunch of film, and went around the whole city for 3 days in a row shooting, to build what you are now about to see (download book).

This is a small visual book. I’m giving it away for free (to download), and I’m working on getting printed versions of it, to get all proceeds to the Red Cross. My intention with this small book, is to make people get up and help. We all have some talent in what we do…but that’s the start. DO things…

Download Chris Leskovsek’s 8,8: http://nadameansnothing.com/blog/88-pieces/
View the album: http://lomography.com/homes/nadameanschris/albums/chile-earthquake

written by shhquiet


  1. nural


    Really nicely documented...

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  2. makeyuu


    good pictures. i think this terrible happening got way too little attention.

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  3. coca


    good pictures....as a chilean i'm used to quakes, actually this is my second earthquake, but this one was really really strong, but Chile is strong too!! will be ok....FUERZA CHILE!!

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  4. iaki


    In this album I have earthquake photos too http://www.lomograph(…)m-kodak-ebx

    I want to write about this, I have the LC-A from the race in this moment. But this note is very nice :)

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  5. iaki


    oww the link is broken
    but the album is The great Lomo LC-A race third film kodak EBX

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  6. vicuna


    terrible what happened to Chile... great documentation of this earthquake!

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  7. -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-



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  8. paramir


    wow. strong. very powerful book you made. well done!

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  9. ipdegirl


    glad you were OK and impressed with your idea. Way to go!!

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  10. nadameanschris


    thank you guys for the comments and support to my idea!.
    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  11. lcburke


    ¡Fuerza Chile!
    These pictures are beautifully communicative of the destruction in Chile. Sometimes numbers and statistics aren't enough; photographs help portray the damage in a way that is much more relatable.

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  12. genialosa


    I hadn´t courage to come out to take pictures back to the damaged sites after the earthquake, it wasn´t fun!!!
    Yo no tuve valor de salir a tomar fotos lomo a los lugares dañados tras el terremoto, no era divertido!! /

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  13. genialosa


    pero te felicito por hacer el registro.

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  14. jblaze823


    great work in documenting such a horrible tragedy

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  15. stouf


    Amazing report on a terrible event ! And nice project too.

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  16. panelomo


    very well done.

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  17. lomoteddy


    superb work, thoughtful, thank you

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  18. disdis


    Ojala no hubiera fotos de ese terremoto... significaría que no pasó nada... aunque una vez pasado es bueno que lo veamos los que no lo vivimos. Gracias!

    almost 5 years ago · report as spam
  19. redbohemia


    Amazing job you've done here...

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