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My LomoStory by cinzinc

This is my story of how I got started with Lomography and the journey it took to go here.

Once upon a sunny afternoon, I met up with my friend for a good coffee session, this was back in 2008. We said our hellos and hi’s, then in her bag, she pulled out a strange plastic thingy. It was the Lomography Actionsampler Flash! She snapped away while I was still figuring out what was in her hands. It was really cool: a camera with four lenses, capturing you consecutively in four frames. She told me it was a Lomography camera, and what struck me the most was that it uses film. It was pretty crazy to me, in a good way, because it was a new and fun way of taking pictures, and it had something legendary, film photography!

Photo by cinzinc

After doing my research, I wanted a Fisheye 2. The pictures that I saw from the camera were all cool, crazy colors, getting so close to the subject you just had to back away from its intensity. A week after my experience with the Actionsampler, I got my very first Lomography camera, the Fisheye 2! I was so excited about, handling it very carefully because it was brand new and had no clue yet as to make it work.

Photo by cinzinc

I’ve had so much fun with the Fisheye 2, and decided it was time to acquire a new camera to the family. Also, I got my brother to join in on the Lomography craze. We share the Holga 135BC, and a Supersampler. I really enjoy shooting with the Supersampler, swinging my arms away, waiting for subjects to swing past me, but it had to be handled with a lot of care because we all know its somewhat fragile. The journey was/is great, because not only is the camera fun, but the film as well. Like using black and white film, expired film, slide film, and using them in different ways as taught by the labrats! There is just way too many styles of playing with Lomography! And I never got bored! Oh, the friend that introduced me to Lomography, I’ve taken it seriously while my friend has her camera collecting dust =( To each their own!

In 2009, my birthday, I was able to get a good deal on a mint Lubitel 166B, it wasn’t the “+”, but the 166B which was within my reach. My first medium format camera, it gave me squares, sprockets, and a brand new way to take pictures, always shooting from the hip!

There was another camera that I knew what I wanted, I had to ask it from my parents because I’m a student and can’t afford such a high priced camera: the LOMO LC-A+! My folks gave me the green light, I headed to the Lomography embassy store, looked at the LC-A+ like it was a mercedes-benz! Then I told the saleslady, I want that one!

Photo by cinzinc

Oh dayum, it was such an excitement to finally own one of these! The lady was about to unbox everything for me, I told her to stop! Because I’m purchasing it and I want my time alone with it! I grew more and more passionate about Lomography, everyone around me can see it. I’ve been a part of 2 exhibitions, at Ukraine and Indonesia, it makes me proud to be a Lomographer, and to see my Lomographs being taken on a higher level. I won’t be stopping my Lomography journey, I’m addicted, and there is no substitute.

Let’s fill this world with Lomography! Spread the lomo love!

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written by cinzinc


  1. nural


    nice story :))

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    nice story oom chino!! yeaaah yeaah yeaah!!

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    Great story and great shots! Lomo on cinzinc!! :))

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    hey chino. nice story and pics dude...

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    nice story chino

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    nice one chino!spread the lomo love!!!!!!!

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    Loved this story :D

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  8. cinzinc


    thanks fellow lomographers! =D *cyber-lomo-group-hug*

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    So very-super-nice !

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    I like photo number 5. i'm sure it would look nice in Oktokino.

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    cute story ;)

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