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My Friend Eggzakly by Anarchy

Let's start the year with a new friend! Meet eggzakly, an architecture student, as interviewed by anarchy.

Please introduce yourself to the readers, who’s the woman behind the nickname “eggzakly”?

I am a shortish person with random hair colour and I have a thing for tattoos. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and study architecture.

How did you get into lomography and which camera did you have your first Lomographic experience with?
It would have to be the Christmas when I was 7 or 8 and my mom gave me this plastic camera. It was red and had a picture of a tomato on it. The following summer I came back from summer holiday with 22 pictures of sheep.
Later on as an adult, I simply grew tired of how perfect the pictures from my Canon EOS 300V came out. Decided I didn’t want to document reality anymore, but create my own. I went out and got a Supersampler and the rest is history. (The other story is so much cuter, though!)

Tell us about your funniest, weirdest, or perhaps even scariest, moment with one of your cameras…
Once a guy wearing a suit of armor jumped out of nowhere and started chasing some girl around me with a sword in his hand… Don’t believe me? I have the picture to prove it!

I really enjoy reading about your film/camera experiments, you seem to be able to dig up the most obscure gems, never afraid of trying out crazy ideas. Which one of your experiments so far are you the most satisfied with?
Usually the latest one! At the moment it’s this roll of Superia 1600 I’d had lying around for a while – I had kind of forgotten where it came from and that it was probably outdated, so I popped it in my camera, shot it at 1600 and sent it to the lab to be cross processed. It came out ridiculously underexposed, but here’s the good part: When scanning the film as a positive, my poor scanner got so confused by the orange mask that all the shadows came out bright yellow. So now I have this insane bunch of pictures with bright yellow shadows and blue and purple highlights!

What inspires you?

Pop Art, randomness in life (as well as in art – glitch, idm, databending).

If you could compile a soundtrack to a day in your life, what would it sound like?

  1. Morning commute: Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Honeybear”
  2. At the drawing table: i broke my robot “why did you have to make it hurt” or Soma FM’s “cliqhop idm” radio station
  3. Afternoon commute: PJ Harvey “Water”
  4. Doing the dishes: Soma FM’s “Illinois Street Lounge” radio station (Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow.)
  5. Dancing or generally jumping around: The B52s “Rock Lobster”
  6. Getting ready to go out: Joy Division “Transmission” (The live version from Les Bains Douches)
  7. Getting down: Southern Culture on the Skids “Camel Walk” or The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Wail”
  8. Going to sleep: Mouse on Mars “Wald FX”

Do you have a dream Lomolocation?
This is going to be the most boring answer ever, but it would be the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in Bilar on the Island of Bohol in the Philippines. Mostly because it’s run by my friend Cristy who I haven’t seen in years! And because last time I was there I didn’t have a decent camera.

For our traveling Lomo buddies, do you have an absolute “must-see” or “must-do” when visiting Denmark?
I most definitely do! I only discovered this place recently myself, but if you’re into dark and grisly things, this is the place to be: Museion of Medicine, a tiny museum of medical history run by the University of Copenhagen.

If you could pick some specific parts from different cameras and combine them into a totally new camera, which parts would you use and what would you call this new creation?
My Frankenmonster would be a manual medium format camera with the lens of my Penti II (including all the little specks of dust), the side ratio and the crookedness of my Penti II’s mask, and its gold-coloured metal body as well – but it would have to be a folding camera. It would have the light meterr of my Zenit (but with modern batteries) and film speed settings from 12 to 1600 iso. The uncoupled film forwarding of Holga – oh, and let’s throw in the f1.4 – f/22 apertures of my Porst lens and the swirly bokeh of my Helios 44m lens! And of course Diana’s ability to convert to pinhole. And… and… and… sigh

Thank you Simone for taking the time to answer my interview. If you have any last words of wisdom, now’s the time…
I’d like to leave you to reflect on this message: Maintain with Alien in the center at mankind peace.


written by shhquiet


  1. disdis


    Inspiring interview! and really beautiful gallery! I love eggzkly's pictures. Well chosen anarchy!

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  2. -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-


    anarchy, you have a fantastic friend...the gallery is super and the interview too...I really enjoyed it

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  3. panelomo


    nice interview - didn't realize i have a fellow architect in @eggzakly.


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    love the gallery!

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    awesome interview! thank you for sharing:)

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    Fantastic interview!

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    the interview is great!! and the gallery awsome...nice work

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    great interview and your selection of images is awsome! congrats on both of you, simone and andreas

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    Simone, you rocks, such an inspiration and what a great music taste...

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    What a good start for today! Getting in the office, starting the computer, check and read this great interview + watching a inspiring gallery! Thank you.

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    Gorgeous gallery! I think I love every single picture! It's waaaaaaay too hard to pick a fave. Thanks for bringing us this interview and gallery anarchy and eggzakly!

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    great interwiew and fantastic gallery!

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  13. stouf


    Ahh ! The great chemical experimentalist ! You already know I'm your fan! I love all these shots, and I'm very happy to discover N°14 and 17 ! Oh, and I get similar results with your Superia 1600 with Fuji Reala ! Anyway, great post ! Congrats to both of you !

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  14. grenoouille


    Great interview and fantastic gallery!!! Very interesting universe!

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    Wohooo, great =) Eggzakly rocks!!!

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  16. eggzakly


    Thanks everybody - and thanks, Andreas, for picking me. It was a lot of fun! :)

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